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86 Chapter 86, Ratings And Naming
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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It was Yang Taiping who wished Luo Yiming to come.

     In the back, the topic gradually became a little sensitive.

     Yang Taiping is a businessman.

     The naming right of who is the hero is taken by Baojie Company, and who is the hero he sponsored is just a small head.

     He can benefit from the hot show and promote his brand.

     However, it is not just a little away from the advertising benefits created by other name-branding companies.

     Yang Taiping has a long-term vision. If other channels have popular variety shows, or if Mango Channel wants other variety shows, Yang Taiping can make his advertisement bigger.

     "Xiao Luo, you tell Uncle Yang, just talk about this variety show, a variety show that started with a rating of 2, what is the naming fee in general?"

     Yang Taiping looked at Luo Yiming highly.

     If you are just new to this circle, where will you know the ratings and naming fees?

     But after having a happy conversation with Uncle Yang, Luo Yiming also let go of his defenses.

     "Ordinary TV stations generally start at 5 million for programs with 2% ratings. Every time the ratings increase by 01%, they will continue to increase, and if it exceeds 25%, at least 10 million will start."

     Yang Taiping frowned.

     He didn't know that the naming fee for this variety show was so expensive.

     Luo Yiming knew Uncle Yang's doubts.

     He said: "Let's take last year's Supergirl on Mango Channel. The exclusive naming fee for Mengniu is 14 million, but with the popularity of Supergirl, subsequent Mengniu has added 70 million in fees."It seems that the naming fee of 84 million yuan is sky-high. Mengniu is crazy? But Mengniu has achieved the same industry nobody can compete with because of this naming and his brand benefits and market share."

     "This effect makes Mengniu's influence and value soared even in the major events of CCTV's Biaowang and Shenwufeitian, and its soaring influence and value are not as good as the cooperation with Supergirl."

     Luo Yiming said that the CCTV standard king, Yang Taiping has heard some friends say.

     That was after the broadcast of CCTV network news, the first advertisement was Biaowang.

     Biaowang’s advertisement is 15 seconds, but that 15 seconds is 110,000.

     "I understand."

     Luo Yiming didn't say specifically, Yang Taiping, a businessman, couldn't analyze it thoroughly.

     Combined with Luo Yiming in the circle, Yang Taiping confirmed that he would take the path of advertising.

     Including, Luo Yiming's image is very good. Yang Taiping has also recently started producing menswear brands. He hopes to cooperate with Luo Yiming and let Luo Yiming be his clothing spokesperson.

     This time with 3 million yuan, Yang Taiping can find a place to sponsor the clothes for the show. He has already picked up the cheap.

     The deal is probably because Mango Taiwan wants to make more money.

     After lunch, Yang Taiping and Yang Hui went to school.

     Luo Yiming went to find Zuo Yan, and director Wang Li, also an oral broadcast of Peacebird Women's Wear with a side scene.

     When doing variety shows on TV, all the income depends on advertising.

     The audience rating is valued by the TV station, but also because a program with a good audience rating can attract more advertisers to pursue funding.Let's talk about two recent shows on the station.

     The Super Girl's draft has directly increased the advertising revenue of Mango Channel by 50 million, and the indirect revenue has increased by more than 100 million.

     The direct revenue of SMS is about 30 million.

     Shining new anchor is slightly worse, it also received 30 million advertising revenue, and indirect revenue is also 40-50 million.

     An emerging variety show, how can advertisers invest in you?

     One is your platform.

     Mango, that is a big platform.

     Then is yours resource, your producer and your host.

     Luo Yiming just hosted Who is the Hero, just as a producer on the show, immediately attracted Yang Taiping's investment.

     Director Song is undoubtedly very happy with the money that can be delivered to the door despite only three million.

     If he wants to have a more stable foundation and a more say in Mango Station, Luo Yiming needs to attract more advertising investment.

     To put it bluntly, it means to make the ratings even more irritating.

     After finishing shooting, Luo Yiming went to the editing center and replaced a few shots.

     After all these things are settled, they have arrived at half past six.

     The setting sun took a little gap and the horizon was beautiful. After leaving the platform to go to the dormitory, Luo Yiming felt happy even though he was tired.

     Looking at the watch, it was almost seven o'clock when I got downstairs, and I was very hungry. Luo Yiming asked Wu Xin to come down to dine with her.

     Working side by side with Wu Xin in the shining new anchor, in the end, the two joined Kuaben as the champion and runner-up.

     Now, only waiting for the final notice from Luo Xin, they can enter the base camp.After the call was connected, Wu Xin's tired voice came: "Hey, who is it."

     After winning the runner-up, Wu Xin's tight nerves relaxed. From the afternoon, she has been sleeping until now.

     "Wu Xin, I said you haven't woken up yet! The sunset is shining!"

     Wu Xin's lazy sheep glanced at the time, and when she saw the display at seven o'clock, she also felt inconceivable.

     "Gosh, I actually took a nap for more than four hours."

     "Sister, I said you can really sleep. Why, you can indulge yourself when you get the runner-up. Girls who eat and sleep, don't exercise, will easily get fat."

     Wu Xin's previous life also became thicker after entering Kuaiben.

     In 2006, Luo Yiming urged her to keep her slim waist and body.

     Without him, Luo Yiming just couldn't understand the children of Moths who later entered the Mango Channel. If Wu Xin wins, the two new anchors will appear on the Happy Camp.

     "I'm a little slack, then I'll get up right away, where are you, shall we run and run every night from now on?"

     "Running? Do you still need to run for a male god like me with a perfect body?" Luo Yiming teased Wu Xin.

     The relationship between the two is like a sibling, sibling?


     Anyway, neither of them can tell, in short, it is not the kind of lover's admiration.


     "Calling you this is to ask you to come down and have dinner with me. I will treat you and only give you ten minutes. Ten minutes will arrive and I will pay the bill. If you are late, you can buy it yourself."

     "Okay, what you said. I... come right away."When Wu Xin heard Luo Yiming's treat, she immediately got off the bed and combed her make-up. Wu Xin went downstairs.

     The two had beef noodles downstairs.

     The taste is quite authentic.

     In particular, the owner of this store is very enthusiastic. He is also a loyal audience of Luo Yiming and Wu Xin.

     Seeing that the boss likes himself so much, Luo Yiming also reminded him that who is the hero tonight will be aired as early as 8:20.

     If the store is not busy, you can watch his show on TV.

     The boss's answer also surprised Luo Yiming.

     The boss who is busy all day long and confused and disoriented, but knows who is the hero, this period starts at 8:20.

     He was already prepared.

      At 8:20, I turned on the TV in the store and switched to Mango TV to see who the hero is tonight with the customers.
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