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87 Chapter 87, Two And Three Matters Of Two Women
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Finished. Next, Wu Xin and Luo Yiming left the beef restaurant.

     It's about to start to see who Luo Yiming is a hero. The two returned to the dormitory to enjoy the first episode of Luo Yiming's series.

     The two came to Wu Xin's room. Anyway, this is not the first time to watch TV with Wu Xin. Luo Yiming himself is bored.

     Wu Xin washed the apples for Luo Yiming, and when he came up, Luo Yiming also bought melon seeds at the supermarket.

     Comfortably, the two waited for the show to start.

      At 8:15, after an episode of the Korean drama My Love Is Sunny in the Golden Eagle Theater, the advertisement for who is the hero has begun to dominate the screen.

     The first episode of Who is the Hero was broadcast immediately, saying that Luo Yiming didn't feel nervous before, but as a producer of the show, after his status changed, Luo Yiming had an unspeakably emotion.

     Not particularly anxious, but a little nervous, but also mixed with excitement.

     "Boom boom boom."

     Just two minutes before the show started, Wu Xin's door was knocked.

     "So late, who is looking for you?" Luo Yiming is very vigilant. If Wu Xin has a boyfriend, he will be embarrassed here.

     Wu Xin also had a circled expression on her face, scratching her head and saying, "I don't know either."

     "Don't you know? Then I'll come."

     Luo Yiming got up, he went straight to the door and looked out through the cat's eyes. Luo Yiming saw the face of a girl with fairer skin.

     Adjust your sight a bit, yo, isn't this Zhao Liang?

     Zhao Liang, her previous life was later renamed Zhao Ziliang.In 2006, after Li Xiang left, he was like Yang Leer, one of the leading female hosts of Mango Terrace.

     Why did she come to Wu Xin.

     Since it is a colleague, there is no reason not to open the door.

     Luo Yiming didn't think much, and opened the door easily.

     When Zhao Liang saw Luo Yiming in Wu Xin's room, her eyes and mouth suddenly widened, so she covered the mouth with her hands so as not to make strange noises.

     " are here with Wu Xin, I... did I bother you to rest?"

     "Puff." Luo smiled at once.

     "I rested with Wu Xin? Where did you think of it. After a while, didn't you know who the hero is? I was in the dormitory and watched it boring, so I watched with Wu Xin."

     "Sister Jing, what are you doing to Wu Xin?" Luo Yiming asked.

     Zhao Liang was a little embarrassed, because she had misunderstood.

     The next second, Zhao Liang smiled dryly, because she also wanted to see who the hero was.

     By the way, chat with Wu Xin who has just joined the Mango Channel.

     "I'm also watching the show. If you two don't mind, let's all three together."


     Zhao Liang hadn't eaten dinner yet, and as she spoke, she let out a low cry in her stomach.

     "Sister Jing, you haven't eaten dinner yet?"

     Zhao Liang touched her belly, shook her head, and became even more shy: "It was too busy this afternoon. I just went back to the dormitory. No, the show will start right away. I didn't eat it, but I brought this."

     Zhao Liang didn't know where she came from and found a bag of instant noodles.

     As a host, the infield host and the location host are all energetic and bustling all day long.Sometimes when I come back at night and don't want to cook, I will buy instant noodles.

     Luo Yiming took Zhao Liang's noodles, and the gentleman said, "I will boil some water and I will give you something to eat below."

     "Thank you, Luo Yiming."

     Luo Yiming eats it for herself, Zhao Liang is a little happy, because she can watch TV well.

     There were not too many furnishings in Wu Xin's room, and one stool was left for Luo Yiming, and Zhao Liang and her sat on the bed.

     He stretched out his hand and ravaged Wu Xin's puppet bear. When the show started, the two quickly got into the TV.

     Cook noodles for Zhao Liang and watch TV in Wu Xin's room.

     Luo Yiming smiled dryly while cooking the noodles.

     If it’s a previous life, staying in a female star’s room, the paparazzi will definitely be photographed the next day, and there will be some breaking news about second genius leaving.

     And what about 1 male 2 female in the room, what will happen in pairs, 3p.

     In the entertainment circle, there's nothing about it pure friendship, even if you say that you are innocent with Wu Xin, there's nothing about it py transaction, you can say it, probably no one will believe it.

      men and women, isn't that just that.

     Luo Yiming can’t accept men and women who are married and go cheating, but unmarried men and women have physical needs. If you have a need, you can go against the deep desire of your own body and hold back. That’s really true. as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming can understand those "scumbags" in the entertainment industry.

     Why they become old drivers, can't say that is their own wishful thinking, mainly because the car is willing to drive him.The so-called scumbag is just that he drove fast, accelerated on the overtaking lane, was stopped by the traffic police, and revoked his driver's license. That's it.

     When Luo Yiming was cooking noodles, Zhao Liang and Wu Xin were watching TV.

     Familiar voices came from the TV. Luo Yiming, Guo Degang, and Teacher Gao Xiaosong opened with joy and introduced the new gameplay of the show, and then the first player came on stage.

     The contestants' performance began.

      At the same time, tens of millions of TV viewers across the country are also assessing the head and discuss the feet.

     This episode of the program is the first episode of Luo Yiming's Who Is the Hero Series.

     Fans who like Luo Yiming, in order to support their idol, stayed in front of the TV on time, watching the show, chatting and chatting in the star space set up for Luo Yiming on Mango Channel.

     The first player is Gao Yifeng.

     In 1990, he founded Dajinyuan Culture and Entertainment Limited Company. In 1996, he appeared on the stage of "CCTV Spring Festival Gala" for the first time and sang "September 9th Wine." It was also that year that unfortunately he went bankrupt due to improper management, and his hair was all white within a few days.

     In just a few years, he changed from a "rich man" to a "negative man".

     The multimillionaire went bankrupt, but he did not give up on himself, to return in a swirl of dust, from running a motorcycle, opening a rental, and later running his own bun shop.

     The inspirational life of Gao Yifeng moved the audience very much.

     After listening to Gao Xiaosong’s question, why isn’t your hair dyed back, he replied, "I don’t want to dye it black, because I want to see myself in the mirror every day after getting up, the audience in front of the TV Friends praised Gao Yifeng's actions.It gave the audience a lot of emotion, and then he sang "Coming Back Anew" with tears, which completely ignited the stage.

     His life experience of having ups and downs became a hot topic among netizens in an instant.

     "The story of Brother Gao is so touching! He sings straight to people's hearts!"

     "The company went bankrupt, and Brother Gao lost a family fortune overnight, and he also carried all the debts of the company. He Coming Back Anew, selling steamed buns, I can't imagine this huge gap. Brother Gao is a real man."

     "Yeah, yeah, if I were him, I might really have fallen."

     From rich to negative, that kind of memorable mental torture is hard to get rid of. Gao Yifeng did it, and many netizens admire it.

     Not only are they moving.

     Some funny netizens also compared Gao Yifeng's photos with those of Liang Chaowei and Hua Tsai, and concluded: "This big brother is like my idol."

     When netizens posted the photos, many netizens also liked it.

     Everyone found that his typhoon was really close to Hua Tsai, and the sadness of reveals between his brows was quite similar to that of Wei Tsai.

     "As expected of the boss of the entertainment city, the typhoon is steady, and the singing is professional!"
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