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91 Chapter 91, Recording Mission, Departing From Changzhen Village
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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What he can do is to let his host get deeper into the hearts of the audience on the Mango Channel.

      Happy Camp has been recorded until the Spring Festival shooting. Luo Yiming and Wu Xin will not be able to record the show until after the new year.

     In the early days, Luo Yiming had no chance to perform at the moment. He was able to show himself on the stage of heroes.

     The first episode of the show is very hot, and the second episode will continue this week.

     In the second period, Liu Wei, the boy with a broken arm, was the champion of the first season of the talent show. Luo Yiming does not doubt that the ratings of the second period will drop.

     To maintain the continued popularity of the show, the key to the third and fourth episodes must not be sluggish.

     When Guo Xiaoke's interview information was given to Luo Yiming, Luo Yiming also carefully selected among these players.

     After seeing some players, Luo Yiming selected several candidates for the third period.

     However, the entire three phases and four phases will be recorded, and the reserve of players is still a bit less. Luo Yiming feels that the other players who came to the scene for interviews are still not so ideal.

     Do a show, you can’t to play the yu 竽 mouth organ to make up numbers.

     As a producer, Luo Yiming must ensure that those who participate in the show are masters who stand out from the masses.

     "Xiao Ke, are there only these players?"

     In the first two episodes, Gao Yifeng and Liu Wei's stunning performance may not be able to be replicated, but if the level of the players is too poor, Luo Yiming will not be able to keep the show hot.

     "Basically that's it, but there are still a few I haven't interviewed."

     Guo Xiao has gone through all the information of the contestants. From the registered contestants, she notified people to come for an interview.In addition to these players, there are really a few who were eliminated directly without an interview.

     Among them is a dwarf girl, there is still one from the countryside, saying that her stupid son will count.

     For such a player, Guo Xiaoke felt that the show was also selling badly.

     To sell badly, you must first have talent.

     What is so amazing about a silly boy who knows arithmetic, there is still one dwarf girl, she doesn't think what kind of.

     "What kind of player did you not interview?" Luo Yiming asked curiously.

     "One is a silly boy from the countryside, called Zhou Wei. Basic language communication is not good. His mother said he can arithmetic. Our show must not let a silly boy who knows arithmetic come on stage. eliminated."

     "Also, that little dwarf girl, it seems that nothing else can be done."

     "What? You mean a stupid boy from the countryside?" Luo Yiming was shocked because he felt that this stupid boy was probably the same person as the Chinese Rain Man he admired in his previous life.

     "He, which village is he from?"

     Luo Yiming's slightly exaggerated expression made Guo Xiaoke a little confused.

     "He seems to be from Wutai, Changzhen Village, Donglei Township."


     That's right.

     When hearing this familiar address.

     Luo Yiming knew it was him.

     That's right.

     If this person remembers correctly, his name is Zhou Wei.

     He has a language impairment and was diagnosed with "moderate brain disability".But the biggest brain he participated in the first season in his previous life, through the difficult mental arithmetic three super-complex calculation problems, and finally advanced to the next round with a perfect score of 150.

     Zhou Wei's bumpy experience and shocking performance moved the audience.

     The judge teacher at that time burst into tears, and the always serious doter Wei was excited with incoherent speech.

     After the show was broadcast, Zhou Wei's story was hotly debated on the Internet. Some were moved to tears, some praised his extraordinary ability, and some repented of his past behavior of "mocking friends".

     After passing the challenge, he still performed well in the China-Germany match.

     Unexpectedly, in this life, without the strongest brain, Zhou Wei's mother still helped him sign up for a show about who is a hero.

     When a show becomes popular, it will surely attract many talents.

     Zhou Wei was a strange person whom Luo Yiming admired very much in his previous life. He didn't care to say anything else, and immediately got Zhou Wei's address and contact number from Guo Xiaoke.

     Luo Yiming was very excited when he called the public phone.

     If it is possible to invite Chinese rain people, Luo Yiming believes that the third episode of the program will continue to burn, and with the content of this episode, Luo Yiming can also release a more exciting host.

     He was looking forward to it, but the call was out for a long time, but no one answered.

     Seeing that Luo Yiming was so eager for the phone to ring, Guo Xiaoke had to pour cold water into the water and said: "Luo Producer, when his mother reported this call at the time, his mother said it was a phone in the town. They didn’t have a mobile phone at home. Now they can’t get through. It may be that the phone is no longer used or for some reason."

     The phone cannot be reached.The third and fourth filming will also be carried out in these two days.

     Luo Yiming put down his phone, and after pondering for a few seconds, he said to Guo Xiaoke: "Xiao Ke, who is the hero, the recruitment of players will continue. You can also invite the dwarf girl to interview ."

     "If she can't, you can ask her to recommend people in their circle who are more multi-talented. I think I respect the disadvantaged groups like them and can shine in the show."

     "I'll go to Wutai. If you hurry, come back tomorrow."

     Luo Yiming couldn't sit and wait anymore.

     Who is the hero is a column he made.

     Today, there are three new variety shows in the stage.

     The three variety shows, whether they are producers or presenters, are in competition.

     Wang Han and Yang Leer’s husband and wife file, Li Hao and Du Haitao’s young pioneer, and Li Xiang and Zhao Liang’s love cube.

     Three programs, each with a talented host, will be broadcast on the weekend's prime time. They and who are the heroes will be Intensified on weekends.

     If Luo Yiming is not perfect sth that is already outstanding, and work harder on the show, he will definitely be tortured by these shows.

     Wutai is located in Shanxi Xinzhou. Xinzhou's mountains are vertical and horizontal, and the landforms are diverse. Wutai is even more a poor ravine.

     When Luo Yiming arrived in the county, he took the bus for several hours again, and when he came to Donglei Township, it was already night.

     It was not early, and the last bus to Changzhen Village had already started. Luo Yiming had to live with the cameraman of the program group in a health clinic in the township.

     Go to the countryside this time.Luo Yiming also came with the cameraman Tao Xiaoliang, mainly because Tao Xiaoliang would go to Zhou Wei's living place to take some footage.

     Including the understanding and evaluation of Zhou Wei from neighbors and villagers.

     In Luo Yiming's view, this is very important.

     What kind of environment he grew up in and how people in the village viewed Zhou Wei will be reflected in the broadcast of the show. Luo Yiming is good at that kind of contrast.

     He is not only for sensationalism, but also to better restore a hero, a genius, and his daily life.

     The windows of the health clinic were not strong, and it was windy at night. Although it was not big, it was hard and hard. They didn't sleep well all night. The next day, Luo Yiming and Tao Xiaoliang got into the car to Changzhen Village with the camera in their arms.

     In the early morning, the air in the mountain village is quite fresh, and you can hear the cuckoos in the valley, together with the sound of spring water, which is very beautiful.

     When the car entered the village, the old brick houses, rows and rows of alleys made Luo Yiming fall in love with the environment.
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