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    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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In the previous life, the China Got Talent Show was a variety show that was at the forefront, and the strongest brain was later powerfully created by Litchi TV and introduced the German version of SuperBrain.

     The strongest brain is looking for the strongest brain in China. The show also reveals a group of strong people.

     Because Zhou Wei, the Chinese rainman, looked stupid on the surface, after he showed strong brain power, he caused a media boil.

     Changzhen Village in Donglei Township, Wutai is Zhou Wei's hometown.

     After getting out of the car, Luo Yiming and Tao Xiaoliang, who carried the camera, entered the village.

      Over half an hour’s drive, when we arrived at Changzhen Village, it was already over eight in the morning.

     People in the mountain village get up early, at 8 o'clock, on the road in the village already have many villagers get together and chat.

     Seeing Luo Yiming and Tao Xiaoliang carrying a camera enter the village, the villagers who hadn't been on the TV immediately joined in the fun and looked towards this side.

     Luo Yiming did not contact Zhou Wei when he came rashly this time. Luo Yiming did not know the address of Zhou Wei's house.

     He and Tao Xiaoliang approached the villagers, with smiles on their faces: "Hello, who is the hero program group of Mango TV. I want to ask, do you know Zhou Wei?"

     When it comes to Zhou Wei, the villagers have a lot to say. An aunt said immediately in the next second: "Oh, that fool you said."

     "He seems to have an abnormal brain, stupid."

     Another aunt said: "Many people say he is a genius."

     "He has a lot of responses, faster than our computers."Some uncles who were still tying the firewood were around, but talking about Zhou Wei, he was full of energy, put the firewood down, the uncle came up and said: "You are from the TV station, then you can take him. Realistically. He was pretty dumb, but actually he was pretty shrewd."

     "His math is something no one else can do."

     "There is no this kind of person in our wt county."

     The uncle was very excited and seemed to regret this kind of genius, "I always tell people that there is a genius in our village."

     "It's a shame not to get out."

     The villagers agreed with the uncle's words. This would be a slightly younger man who said: "The family thinks that he is ill and keeps letting him stay home. Young people like him should be in the big city. "

     "It's a pity that such a smart kid stays in our village."

     Tao Xiaoliang's camera has been shooting, Luo Yiming's simple chat with the villagers, all entered Tao Xiaoliang's lens.

     If Luo Yiming still suspected that the strength of the Chinese Yuren was deliberately produced by the program team before, the villagers felt sorry for him when he walked into his hometown.

     Luo Yiming knew that Zhou Wei might be a genius.

     "Hello, I would like to ask, where is Zhou Wei's house?"

     The aunt enthusiastically pointed to the end of the road and said, "Zhou Wei is there. You walk along this road and see a Jiajiafu supermarket next to his house."

     "He doesn't like to go out, he always stays at home. You just need to go and find it."

     "Ok, thanks."

     Leaving the crowd, Luo Yiming and Tao Xiaoliang continued to move forward.When he came, Tao Xiaoliang still didn't believe that a fool could be a genius.

     But when he approached the village and listened to the villagers, Tao Xiaoliang was looking forward to seeing this Zhou Wei.

     The sun slowly rises, a sunlight shining on the earth, the chill in the morning is not bitter, rare, it is still sunny today.

     On a sunny winter day, Tao Xiaoliang and Luo Yiming walked for ten minutes, and they saw the Jiafu supermarket that the villagers were talking about. The red-letter sign was very conspicuous. There is only one house next to Jiajiafu supermarket.

     "Luo produced the film. This is what the villagers said."

     The house is not big, with blue tiles and red bricks, it is old.

     Judging from the dilapidation of this house, the conditions of Zhou Wei's house are not rich.

     "Well, I think this is it. Let's go and see."

     The fence gate is open, and inside is a small courtyard of 100 meters square with two locust trees in the courtyard.

     It is deep winter now, the leaves of the locust tree have long since faded away, and the bare trunk has a solemn desolation.

     Before entering the main room, a woman walked out of the room. Seeing the person, the woman's face was full of surprise: "You are? Who are you looking for?"

     Judging from the woman's face, she was only about 30 years old. Luo Yiming remembered that Zhou Wei's sister accompanied him to the show in his previous life.

     "We are looking for Zhou Wei. We are from Mango Channel who is from the hero program group. You are Zhou Wei's...?"

     "This is sister Zhou Wei. Who are you from the hero program group?"

     Zhou Xin recently asked who is a hero to sign up, so she wanted to help her brother sign up for this variety show.Then my mother called excitedly.

     Who knows, before saying a few words, the other party hung up the phone, and refused.

     But without one day of time, who is the hero program group came again, which made Zhou Xin feel like a roller coaster.

     "Yes, we are Mango, who is in the hero program group. I am Luo Yiming, the producer and host of this section." Luo Yiming introduced.

     "Oh, you are the host of the show. I said you are a bit familiar with you. It turns out to be a celebrity."

     "I am not a celebrity, just like you, but also an ordinary person. When your brother signed up, a colleague of mine was in charge. She didn't communicate well with you at the time. Today, I am here to conduct an interview with your brother. "

     "If possible, we will bring your brother, who is a hero on our show."

     Luo Yiming is very sincere, this kind of sincerity makes Zhou Xin feel warm.

     In fact, as Zhou Wei's older sister, Zhou Xin also felt sorry for his younger brother since childhood.

     Especially when she sees her younger brother holding a calculator every day, she feels that the family owes him a lot.

     Now, his younger brother Zhou Wei has powerful mental arithmetic ability. Whoever is a hero happens to be looking for a hero, Zhou Xin wants his younger brother to try.

     "Come with me, my brother is inside..."

     Follow Zhou Xin into this slightly dim room. There is sunshine outside, and it doesn't feel cold, but after entering, there is a swishing chill.

     Zhou Xin hurriedly said: "I haven't burnt the boiler in the morning. It's a bit cold. I'll go and burn the boiler. It will be warm in a while.Zhou Xin was about to go to the kitchen, Luo Yiming directly reached out and stopped him: "No, really no need, we there’s no problem."

     Luo Yiming glanced at Tao Xiaoliang, who had also been to many harsh environments, and this cold house was not so difficult to stay.

     Turning back to his field of vision, through a door, Luo Yiming could see a slightly rickety back in the inner room. This man was sitting on the bench with a calculator in his hand, his head turned to the left for a while. In the future, it was like meditation.

     "My brother is playing with a calculator. Since he was young, he used that computer every day."

     "Except for eating, just press there, one press is one day."

     Perhaps it was the far-sighted share of the previous life. Luo Yiming knew that Zhou Wei had created the sensation and movement in the strongest brain.

     Seeing that Zhou Wei is so obsessed with computers at the moment, a whole day's work is spent here.

     Luo Yiming's heart suddenly became sour.

     A "fool" used his tenacity and persistence to explore the calculator, and then became best friends with the latter.

     But who knows how much effort he has put in which ordinary people cannot achieve.
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