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94 Chapter 94, Sharp Host (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Sudden change in painting style.

     The audience didn't know that this was Luo Yiming's arrangement. When Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong had just quarreled with each other, the No. 1 contestant on stage let them both lose convinced in heart and by word.

     That's right, Yu Huadong was the first to stand on the stage.

     The height is less than 4 feet.

     The eyebrows didn't have the elven energy at the beginning, and they looked a little tired.

     At this time, Yu Huadong is wearing the costume of the native grandson of the year, but because of the passage of time, his appearance can not be reminiscent of the cute little god who will escape from the earth and sacrifice for love.

     The glorious past is gone, and four years of oblivion have brought Yu Huadong back to an ordinary person's position.

     Starting again, his posture is very low.

     Standing there, the audience looked at him with different from ordinary people's eyes, and he totally accepted him.

     He is a disabled person.

     He needs a stage to find his lost strength again.

     "I think you are a bit familiar. You seem to have seen this costume somewhere."

     When Yu Huadong stood in the center of the stage, Guo Degang spoke first.

     "Yes, my costume is the first character in the scene I filmed."

     "What drama?"

     Yu Hua moved: "Feng Shen Bang."

     "Oh. to think of it." Guo Degang patted his head and said: "Are you playing that native grandson?"

     "At that time, the Fengshen Ranking was very popular, and you, the native grandson, were also very popular with the audience, but why have you been there in the past few years? I don't seem to have heard of your story."

     Guo Degang points to Yu Huadong's sore spot.

     Four years ago, after his last play, Cricket King, he faded out of the screen."Yes, after I finished filming a film four years ago, I didn't make another film." Yu Huadong's voice was filled with regret. I am afraid that he came to the stage this time. It was the first time he was exposed on TV after many years. on.

     Luo Yiming didn't speak in front of him. After Guo Degang asked, Luo Yiming's body suddenly leaned forward.

     He looked at Yu Huadong, who used to be very strong in the performance, and now has a lifeless conversation with Guo Degang, expression was serious: "Teacher Yu, once you were the most famous dwarf star in China. I think you have used your hard work to rewrite your destiny. Let us see a real giant."

     "However, today, you who are standing here seem to be a different person. Your spirit is gone."

     Yu Huadong said solemnly: "It's all over, it doesn't make much sense to mention those."


     Yu Huadong’s decadence made Luo Yiming an angry expression: "Teacher Yu, it’s past? It doesn’t make sense. Then I don’t know, why did you come here? As far as your current state is concerned, I think you should take it off. Clothes."


     Luo Yiming's previous hosts were relatively warm, sensational, and humorous.

     Suddenly it became sharp, like a fierce hurricane, shocking the audience caught off guard.

     Yu Huadong was also stupid.

     For the show, he was recommended by others.

     In fact, Yu Huadong himself doesn't know at all, what he can do here and what he can do.

     Those who were designed by Taiben asked him to pull oneself together again, just like the entrepreneur who turned his head all night, taking the route of rising.

     But he himself has no confidence."Teacher Yu, I remember that you did not come from a science class, so when you acted, you looked for two words, ‘Desperate’."

     "Dare to fight in acting" has won many opportunities for you.

     "Small Sword", "The End of the World, The Three Brothers...

     6 years from 1985 to 1991.

     You starred in 11 film and television works.

     On average, 2 works come out every year.

     Because you dare to fight, you are honored by the overseas film and television industry as: "The No. 1 Dwarf Star in the Far East"

     You were voted the most famous dwarf star by the audience.

     "I liked watching your scenes at that time."

     "It can be said that you used your acting skills and your spirit to conquer me and the audience."

     "You used your personal experience to tell everyone that some people are short, but they can stand tall."

     "I hope that the one standing here is the one you used to be, the one I like, and the respected teacher Yu. Can you return to the past?"

     Yu Huadong's emotions could not be brought in, even if he had a notebook, he could not cheer up.

     Four years or more of decadence, Yu Huadong is about to forget his former glory.

     However, today, Luo Yiming's words once again made him overwhelmed by emotions.

     He remembered childhood. The theater and the Jianghuai Theater are at his doorstep. These places often show "Tunnel Warfare", "Plain Guerrillas" and also perform Lu Opera. "

     I don't have money at home, so I often follow others to "scroll" the show.

     Because of his short stature, he tends to cling to other people's legs when no one is paying attention, and get in with his head retracted.At that time, he learned to sing and perform with the people on stage. This interest also became the motivation for for oneself to move to the screen.

     Then, there is the Fengshen Bang, he drilled a pit more than one meter deep.

     Different pits are connected to each other, drill in from this pit, and then out of another pit.

     Sometimes, the water seeping under the pit made a head, and it was cold and uncomfortable, and I often ate the soil.

     I tried this lens dozens of times.

     At that time, it was really fighting hard.

     It's in the past? Does it really pass forever?

     Do not.

     Luo Yiming's words made Yu Huadong decide to pull oneself together in the next second.

     Decided to be the rising "dwarf star".

     "Audience friends, the three judges and teachers, my emotions were a bit wrong just now, but please believe that I have adjusted it. I want to bring a tunnel warfare and plain guerrilla performance at this stage today."

     The "performance" of Luo Yiming and Yu Huadong in the front has heated up the venue.

     The sense of expectation in the hearts of the audience was also pulled high.

     Everything is under control.

     Luo Yiming would say: "Please start your performance."

     Unconsciously, the stage has already completed the setting of the props.

     On the stage, there are several small rollers and two wooden chairs.

     Tunnel warfare.

     Plains guerrillas.

     Yu Huadong played the role of the Eighth Route Army.

     He put on his clothes, he was four feet tall, squatted down, and performed a real battle in the drum.The diameter of the drum is only less than 30 centimeters. Yu Huadong not only needs to get out of the tube, but also perform a performance against the enemy inside.

     After standing sentry, shooting, and rolling out of the ground, he continued to drill two chairs, and finally stood on the wooden chair, raising his arms high, shouting for the advancement of New China, the audience responded with warm applause.

     The audience understands that he is performing the anti-Japanese war story.

     And a person in his forties, who can roll, drill, climb tube, and somersault, is so devoted to a performance.

     Although not so exciting, his spirit has already won the admiration and appreciation of the audience.

     "This performance, I think it's a little too close. I'm sorry, I can't give it to you." Guo Degang commented first.

     Gao Xiaosong said: "Here is the hero to be selected. The performance just now was really not enough."

     Luo Yiming said: "Today, you may not be a hero, but I think you can be a hero after you go down. Your last superb performance touched me. I think you can use your optimism today and the spirit of not giving up. To help many people."

     "Goodbye. Good luck!"

     After sending away the actor Yu Huadong, the next one is Zhou Wei.
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