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95 Chapter 95, This Is Not For Fun (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Zhou Wei wore a light blue top with a pair of black silk pants, which looked quite plain.

     Standing beside Zhou Wei and leading him on stage was Zhou Wei's sister Zhou Xin.

     Having never faced so many people before, Zhou Wei was a little timid. With the support of her sister, she could slowly walk to the stage step by step.

     "Hello, Zhou Wei is good."

     In order to welcome him, Luo Yiming left the judges' seat and walked to the two of them.

     Zhou Wei is different from everyone else.

     When Zhou Wei took the stage, it also caused heated discussion among the audience.

     Look intuitively.

     The audience can judge that Zhou Wei is not a normal person.

     In his two eyes, not how many brilliance, have a lifeless look in one's eyes, next to his sister, the audience is curious, this kind of person, what can be performed on the stage of who is a hero.

     "Say hello to everyone, okay."

     Luo Yiming spoke to Zhou Wei, but the latter did not respond.

     Luo Yiming continued to look at Zhou Xin: "Hello everyone, can he say it?"

     Zhou Xin said: "He can only tell everyone with a smile, he said hello to you."


     Before, the audience might still think that this boy is not necessarily a fool, but Luo Yiming asked him to greet the audience. He smiled silly and couldn't say anything.

     The audience knows now that the one who is on the stage is a fool.

     "Sister, let me introduce you to everyone." Luo Yiming knew that many questions must have appeared in the audience's mind. This curiosity and expectation is what Luo Yiming hopes.Zhou Xin bowed apologetically to the audience, then looked at his brother and said, "This is my brother Zhou Wei."

     "I am Zhou Wei's sister, Zhou Xin. My younger brother is 17 years old this year."

     When Zhou Wei introduced Zhou Xin, he just raised his head and looked at the ceiling.

     He has never been to the so big stage, he is full of interest in all unknowns.

     "I think Zhou Wei is very curious about everything. He has been looking in all directions. Zhou Wei, take a look at our judge teacher."

     In the materials in the hands of Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong, Zhou Wei's skills were introduced in detail.

     When I first met Zhou Wei, Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong were also unbelievable.

     As far as this kind of intelligence is worrying, a young boy can do everything mentioned in the information.

     "Hello, Zhou Wei, I am Guo Degang, the best cross talk in the country." Guo Degang is still continuing his popular stalk.

     "Next to me is Gao Xiaosong, who sings the best folk songs in the country."

     "Do you know cross talk?" Guo Degang asked.

     Zhou Wei shook his head, meaning he didn't know.

     "What Zhou Wei likes to do most."

     When Zhou Wei heard this, his sad expression suddenly lit up: "Computer."

     "What's so fun about computers, can you tell me?"

     "Arithmetic." Zhou Wei's communication was very difficult. He stupidly said the word arithmetic, and the audience's expectations faded a lot.

     Arithmetic, just like Zhou Wei's intelligence?

     Calculate addition and subtraction, it may be considered powerful.But who is the hero's stage here? Is there no one, so please a fool to perform?

     The audience didn't buy it, but Luo Yiming was still intently communicating with Zhou Wei on stage.

     "Arithmetic, he said computers can do arithmetic."

     Gao Xiaosong would say: "I want to ask this sister, our player today is not quite the same as ordinary people. Can you tell us that when he was born that's all?"

     "He was very healthy when he was born. At 6 months old, suddenly my dad threw a pillow next to him."

     "Then I knew it all, and I was shocked at the time. His eyes were so wide that he cried, and then he got a strange disease.

     "Did you show it to the doctor later, what is the doctor's diagnosis?" Gao Xiaosong asked curiously.

     "I watched the People's Hospital and Xiehe Hospital in Beijing for a long time. My mother borrowed everything she could borrow at the time. Later, she was diagnosed with moderate brain disability caused by intractable hypoglycemia.

     Zhou Xin was always reluctant to recall those years. Those years were the hardest time at home.

     Fortunately, their family survived.

     Now, the whole family hopes that when everyone's eyes look at their younger brother, they will not ridicule and ridicule.

     Their whole family hopes that Zhou Wei can also be regarded as...a normal person.

     "Zhou Wei, how many grades have you been in, school?" Luo Yiming's expression was a bit solemn.

     "Fifth grade."

     "Do you like going to school?"

     "I don't like it." Zhou Xin said firmly."Why don't you like going to school? I think Zhou Wei is easy to learn."

     Zhou Xin said: "He was laughed at by many people when he was in school."

     "Because he didn't seem quite the same as a normal person at the time."

     "After he got better, he was older than others."

     "So the school is not willing to accept him."

     "My mother ended up looking for a lot of people because of this, and he eventually became an auditor."

     "But even so, other classmates won't accept him. He still gets laughed at by classmates every day."

     Speaking of this, Zhou Xin glanced at his younger brother.

     She was still very strong at first, but when she glanced at Zhou Wei, Zhou Xin suddenly choked up as if she remembered something.

     "Sorry, host..."

     "I felt very heavy when I heard Zhou Xin said this paragraph. Actually, I personally went to their hometown to interview Zhou Wei. I brought Zhou Wei to the show. I know that Zhou Wei has a different behavior from others. That is he likes to watch the sun."

     "He is different from others. When others look at the sun, they dazzle their eyes.

     "He can keep watching."

     "For example, the sun at noon is very poisonous, and we normal people cannot watch it for a few seconds."

     "He doesn't dazzle the eyes."

     "He can keep looking like this."

     "Maybe this may be a bit exaggerated, but I think the sun represents hope for him. He keeps looking at the sun, but in fact there is always hope in his heart."

     Luo Yiming's words made many people ashamed.Most people may not bully the disadvantaged groups, bullying fools with intellectual problems like Zhou Wei. But neither of them more or less looked at this kind of person in a normal way.

     Always, he felt that this kind of person was inferior to himself.

     "Yi Ming, I admit that watching the sun all the time is a unique skill, but he is on the stage of who is a hero today, isn't he performing watching the sun?"

     After Guo Degang finished speaking, Gao Xiaosong immediately said: "Yes, what is his show today?"

     The front is almost there.

     Then came the moment of wonderful performance.

     The expectation of the audience followed, and Luo Yiming no longer sold Guanzi: "I really know this. The show he performed today is just arithmetic for him."

     "For many of our audience friends, I feel that arithmetic may not be a particularly complicated matter for him."

     "So, can my sister come and tell us what kind of super long ability he has so that he can stand on the stage of who is a hero and perform arithmetic."

     "The number of digits he can count is extremely large." Zhou Xin's confident first sentence drew everyone's appetites.

     "Extremely large? Is there more than that computer has more bits?"

     "Yes." Zhou Xin replied affirmatively again, and the audience was surprised again.

     Just him?

     Zhou Wei, a man of low intelligence, can't keep up with his ordinary intelligence. Perform calculations in which the number of mental calculations exceeds the calculator.

     Just kidding."That is to say, the computer can't press it. He can still count." Luo Yiming emphasized, and he built the audience's surprise to the maximum and the strongest.

     "That's right. Moreover, he is not the addition and subtraction that we generally understand. If he wants to calculate, it will be the power and the root sign."

     "In our terms, it is a square root and a square root."

     Zhou Xin's explanation once again made the audience feel like thunder is rolling.

     Especially meow, this is blowing.

     An idiot who can't even speak, only reads the fifth grade in elementary school, and only learns the basic operation in junior high school. You say he can.

     This is not for fun.
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