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99 Chapter 99, Press Conference
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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As the New Year's atmosphere grows stronger.

     The twelfth lunar month of the Southern New Year's Eve 24

     The Year of the Dog Spring Festival Gala at Mango Terrace will be held.

     In the past few days, Taili has been actively mobilizing star resources to accumulate energy for the Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Dog.

     The first communication confirmed is the super girl resource.

     The stage is thinking of arranging six super girls to perform in the main venue.

     A supergirl semifinalist will perform in the branch venue.

     Compared with the Spring Festival Gala in previous years, Mango Terrace paid special attention to the branch venue this year.

     The super girl in the branch venue is going to choose from Li Yuchun and He Jie who have the best stage control.

     From 2005 to 2006, "Shenzhou VI" and "Super Girl" were keywords with high click-through rates on the Internet.

     This time, Mango Channel connects Shenzhou VI and Super Girl together, which is also a wild ambition, and wants to create the most beautiful Spring Festival Gala in the provincial TV.

     Created the highest ratings of the TV Spring Festival Gala in recent years.

     Of course, in front is the big brother of CCTV.

     No matter how powerful Mango Channel is, it can't surpass the CCTV Spring Festival Gala broadcast throughout the city.

     However, to create a top provincial TV Spring Festival Gala.

     For Mango Station, it is also determined to win.

     Different from CCTV Spring Festival Gala all-inclusive and all-embracing, performances with a reportage nature.

     This year's Spring Festival Gala of Hubei Satellite TV will have its own characteristics. It will make programs that audiences love to watch and like, and at the same time, it can also promote its own family's artists.

     In 2005, Mango Taiwan created two drafts.

     The former super girl, Li Yuchun won the championship.

     The latter shines as a new anchor, Luo Yiming, Roaring Across the Horizon.In this evening party in the station, I also wanted to give Li Yuchun and Luo Yiming the opportunity to perform.

     The "Super Voice Girls" event had just ended when God 6 was launched, and Li Yuchun's announcements were very dense these few months.

     However, I learned that this time the Hubei Satellite TV set the Spring Festival Gala branch in Jiuquan, and it was between myself and He Jie who went to the branch to perform.

     Chunchun immediately stated that she was willing to go to the branch venue.

     In addition to the Super Girls lineup, the local comedians will also appear in the Spring Festival Gala of the Hubei Satellite TV.

     However, this year, as the top comedian who must be on the Spring Festival Gala in Lake Province every year, he encountered a strong rival.

     This person is Guo Degang, who became popular in the Who Are the Heroes show.

     Since he didn't participate in the Who's the Hero's show, Guo Degang's growing popularity can't be compared with the soldiers.

     However, who is the hero's lead film in two episodes, plus the first and second episodes of the main series.

     Guo Degang's reputation has already risen.

     In particular, after the second episode of Who is a Hero was broadcast the night before yesterday, the ratings broke three, with a score of 3015, which also refreshed the previous record of 289 who is a hero.

     Sought after by several major websites.

     All people follow.

     The explosion of who is the hero has caused Luo Yiming, Gao Xiaosong, Guo Degang, and Zuo Yan's Internet search index to rise in a straight line.

     Click on Luo Yiming and Guo Degang on the Internet, and they will also jump out when they were in the pilot film, in order to alleviate the awkward atmosphere on the scene, they said that they were selling hanging tickets.

     The number of web hits for this joke, from its release a week ago, has already broken 3 million views.

     Because of this cross talk.Guo Degang is hailed as the person who can speak cross talk most in the 21st century.

     And Luo Yiming was also rated as the best crossover actor in this cross talk performance.

     In Chang, people continue to pay attention to Guo Degang.

     I found Guo Degang's cross talk.

     Mango Channel also officially sent an invitation to Guo Degang, inviting Guo Degang to perform a cross talk at the Spring Festival Gala in Hunan Province.

     Guo Degang agreed.

     It's just that the candidates who talked to his partner about cross talk, including the content of the Spring Festival Gala, are kept secret in the stage, and Guo Degang has always been lips sealed and not saying anything.

     Super girl, comedian, big soldier, Guo Degang.

     With just these lineups, Mango Taiwan’s Spring Festival Gala can be played.

     The Spring Festival Gala on Mango Channel has not been broadcast yet.

     After a long rest, there was not enough preserve and nurture one's spirit. On the afternoon of the 16th, Luo Yiming received an announcement from the station.

     Tomorrow he is going to a press conference.

     Luo Yiming probably knows that the editor-in-chief of the Hubei Satellite TV will hold a press conference tomorrow.

     It is also the final media mobilization of the Spring Festival Gala.

     At this reception, Mango Channel invited all the "leaders" of the Spring Festival Gala program group.

     Then there was Supergirl's runner-up Zhou Bi sing, but Luo Yiming never expected that he would also have the "champion" of this shiny new anchor.

      Unconsciously, Luo Yiming's influence on Mango Terrace gradually expanded.

     If you start with the championship halo of a shiny new anchor, more or less a bit is not enough, but who is the hero of the second episode of the explosion of ratings.

     His dual identity as a producer and host has helped him gain a firm foothold on the Mango Channel.At nine o'clock in the morning on the 17th, Zhu Wengling, director of the editor's office, director Zhou Yong, and Lin Kun co-hosted Luo Yiming with the mango stage rookies, and the supergirl runner-up Zhou Bichang attended the reception on time.

     At the beginning of the reception, reporters from the major media rushed to ask about the highlight of the Spring Festival Gala this year.

     Every year, Mango Channel will officially hold a press conference to promote the Spring Festival Gala.

     Zhu Wengling, who sits in the middle, is also very confident in this year's Spring Festival Gala.

     "Our program group is now actively preparing for the Spring Festival Gala."

     "Speaking of highlights. Our branch venue is located at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. This is an unprecedented in history. We will take a look at the place where history is created on the spot, and provide a wonderful evening party for so many people who create miracles."

     "Secondly, the Super Girl will be helping to sing on this spring evening. Our candidate for the Jiuquan branch is currently already finalized by Li Yuchun, and the host of the branch is also our newcomer emerging as a new force to be reckoned with in the hosting industry recently. mc Luo Yiming."

     Speaking of the front, Luo Yiming still does not know why he invited himself to the reception.

     But Director Zhu Wengling's words betrayed him.

     Dare to be here.

     Originally, he did it quite leisurely, because he felt that he just made soy sauce.

     But when he was called out suddenly, Luo Yiming straightened himself up and sent a warm smile to the media.

     "You mean, this year's Spring Festival Gala in your station will abandon the situation that the host with ample experience hosted in the past, and use Luo Yiming, a newcomer from the shiny new anchor?""But as far as I know, Luo Yiming has never hosted a large-scale Spring Festival gala."

     This reporter doesn't know which one it is from, but he speaks sharply.

     Zhu Wengling did not answer.

     Lin Kun, the director of the program group, said: "This reporter friend, you are wrong. Luo Yiming hosted the New Year's Eve concert of our station. I think his host should be the textbook version. I suggest you Go back and take a look."

     The reporter's face turned red.

     But he is not to overlook, nor spare: "The New Year's Eve concert and the Spring Festival Gala are still different."

     "The key to my question is, why don't you let more experienced hosts go to host the party. I know that there are also excellent hosts like Li Weijia, Li Hao, Li Xiang, Li Rui, etc. on your station. Why? It must be Luo Yiming?"

     As a hardcore fan of Li Hao, reporter Xia Xiaofei just couldn't understand the recent situation of Luo Yiming's rise and put his idol under him.

     He felt that if Li Hao came, this year's Spring Festival Gala would be even more exciting.

     Xia Xiaofei overbearing.

     Zhu Wenling and Lin Kun never expected that they would encounter a sting at the press conference.

     This is definitely wrong.

     Faced with this situation, everyone here feels very difficult.

     "The problem is about me, so let me explain this problem."

     Everyone is still trying to subtly resolve the conflict. Luo Yiming will put his hands on the table, leaning forward, and answering the reporter's question in a humble and respectful gesture.

     You answer.

     it is good.

     Then I depends on what you say.

     Xia Xiaofei's heart was dark.He just wanted Luo Yiming to get embarrassed. He felt that Luo Yiming must have some outstanding background or a rich dad.

     Therefore, he can smooth sailing at the Mango Terrace.

     It must be a conspiracy that he presided over the production of who is the hero and can squeeze out the former producer Luo Qiang.
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