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104 Chapter 105, The Mountains Are Evergreen, The Waters Are Always Beautiful, The Sky Is Long And The Earth Is Long (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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If there is a show in the station that talks about cross talk, plays skits, and promotes comedy elements, this show will include Luo Yiming and Guo Degang.

     Will this show also create such a sensation?

     Song Wendian is just a fantasizing between facilitating narrowness, whether it can be realized, whether this show is necessary, Song Wendian can't tell the pulse now.

     So, after thinking about it, Song Wendian put away his reverie, and did not delve into it.

     In the audience, everyone applauded. In front of the TV, the audience friends were amazed by the cross talk between Guo Degang and Luo Yiming.

     He Luo Yiming look with a smile, Guo Degang stepped off the stage.

     As a human teacher, Guo Degang feels that Luo Yiming has a lot of humility and talent that newcomers do not.

     He mimics what he learns. Crosstalk actors don’t disguise themselves, but they use language and gods and images to make the characters live. This is definitely one type of ability.

     And Luo Yiming not only possesses these abilities, but he masters the burden very well. When cross talk uses artistic skills to shake the burden, he must master the strength.

     Delay is a halt, late is slow, ill is fast, pause is a pause, every inch is vigor.

     In the end, the inch lived. The big baggage was shaken out, and this cross talk didn't say nothing.

     Only this cross talk can be applauded.

     Above, Luo Yiming was very accurate, every burden, large and small, he shook.

     So he can shake it out, Guo Degang knows, this is appropriate for Luo Yiming's understanding of cross talk performance.

     At this point, if this is not the case acquired skills, it is innate talent.In addition to the popularity of the scene and in front of the TV, this movie has spread faster in the circle of friends throughout my life. Space and major forums are all paying attention to the Spring Festival Gala on Mango Channel.

     With the end of the cross talk show between Guo Degang and Luo Yiming, the topic of my life has also aroused heated discussion on the Internet.

     A well-known forum.

     A netizen imitated Guo Degang's sentence.

     My whole life has been so troublesome. Drinking cold water will stuff my teeth, and I will smash my heels when I fart. The worst thing is that I will smash my heels when I drink cold water, and I will stuff my teeth when I fart.

     My whole life is not much better than you. I have been in elementary school for six years and junior high school for three years, but I have been in high school for eight years. After the key eight years, I still didn’t get into college. Mom rated as the least able student.

     I have been a good student throughout my life. I went to school as a good student. I entered a business unit after graduation. I married a girl from green plums and hobby-horse and gave birth to a pair of twins. Now I have three houses, two cars, and seven deposits. number.

     There is only one bad thing, I love daydreaming. Alas, after eating this bowl of instant noodles, it's time to move bricks.


     Perhaps it is the edification of the humorous elements of cross talk. The netizens behind have a lot of talents who go wrong, adding funny elements on the basis of their embarrassment.

     I have caused imitations by netizens throughout my life, and the speed of transmission has accelerated. This is the fire.

     In the data monitoring center, the staff member of the Mango Channel has been tracking the ratings. The data they monitored internally, before Luo Yiming and Guo Degang’s cross talk show, that is, the audience rating of the main venue, has been stable at 35. This rating Between the rate and the Spring Festival Gala of previous years.there's nothing about it can be proud, but it's not bad.

     After Luo Yiming and Guo Degang started talking about cross talk, the ratings began to slowly increase, and by the end of the cross talk, the ratings data that can be seen reached 367.

     The ratings of 367 are already the second place in the previous spring evenings on Mango Channel.

     It was the Spring Festival Gala of 99 years ago that surpassed this achievement.

     At that time, people from Princess Huan Zhu and actors Jiao Huang and Tang Guoqiang from "Yongzheng Dynasty playing Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong", and the "three generations of grandparents", please come to the scene.

     The host used Happy Camp's most popular game at the time, Happy Fax, and spent the 99th Spring Festival Gala in a joy.

     The ratings that year reached 446.

     However, in 1999, many families did not have a TV. At that time, the ratings were generally very high, and they easily broke the ratings of 4 to 5. The ratings of 446 are indeed not how many reference values.

     Therefore, when Luo Yiming and Guo Degang's performances achieved such ratings, the data buddies of the monitoring center can already know that this Spring Festival Gala has taken off.

     There is also a super girl that the audience loves to watch. The 2006 Spring Festival Gala of Lake Province Satellite TV will definitely explode in the circle.

     Mango Spring Festival Gala will be another brand of Hubei Satellite TV.

     Luo Yiming did not leave the stage.

     Holding the microphone in his hand, facing the audience, Luo Yiming tidyed up his coat.

     There are still two programs in the sub-venue. He wants to host.

     One is the deep blessing of singing and dancing, and the other is the special visit."It's late at night, the lights are still there, the heart has promised, the love is in the same way, and the people are still standing by."

     "This sentence is the work of Xia Jinfeng, a famous lyricist from Lake Province. I like the one written in the sentence the most. "Let us give deep blessings, deep blessings, bless this flower is always good and the moon is always full." "

     "Mountains are evergreen, waters are always beautiful, and the sky is long and the earth is long."

     "The cross talk just now talked about my whole life, but the cross talk is a work of art, which can be exaggerated and used artistic techniques to bring happiness to the audience."

     "But back to life, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy. We should have a heart of gratitude and blessings, wishing our homeland is better, wishing our family peace and prosperity, and wishing our country more prosperous." "

     "Below, please enjoy the singing and dancing of the Xiyang Song and Dance Troupe formed by a group of happy aunts. Deep blessings."

     After the introduction, Luo Yiming lifted the dress of the long gown and walked off the stage.

     Xiyang Song and Dance Troupe performed on stage.

     12 vibrant aunts.

     They are composed of the champion, runner-up and runner-up runners-up in the middle-aged and elderly dance competitions in Hunan, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu provinces.

     Red and gold clothes, white dancing shoes.

     In the deep blessing melody of the famous composer Yang Geyang, a set of standardized dance moves are performed.

     This is the gathering of yearn for sth day and night, yearn for sth day and night.

     This is a hundred years of meeting, the beginning of the meeting.

     Youth still exists on the faces of aunts.

     Life can't forget the end.


     When the aunts finished dancing the dance, Luo Yiming returned to the stage with applause."Xiyang Song and Dance Troupe sent us blessings with their dances. They wore red and yellow elegant long skirts, with ink hair draped on the sides like waterfalls, and their faces were still young forever with a light smile.

     "What I want to say is that you will continue to be so young, because dance is your pulse, dance is your heartbeat, dance is your breath, and dance is the rhythm of your life!"

     "Just jump down like this, now I also send you the deepest blessings."

     Luo Yiming has changed into a black suit.

     The purple tie at the neckline was still the most fashionable look that year.

     The cross talk performance was over, the singing and dancing was over, and the next step was the special session that he tested the most on this spring evening and made the stage most nervous and expected.

     Shen Liu Fei Tian, this is a major event in the country.

     During the Spring Festival Gala in Lake Province, being able to interview Nie Haisheng, a space hero of Shenzhou VI, broadcast Nie Haisheng’s dedication to the aerospace industry of the motherland. This is definitely a key section to enhance the station’s feelings for the Spring Festival Gala and increase the highlights.

     Luo Yiming's interview, feelings, moving, passion, including whether the atmosphere of the New Year has been created, whether the audience will resonate after watching it, these are the points of concern for the next stage leaders.
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