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106 Chapter 107, What Is The Difference Between The Two Lives? (Request List)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Who is a hero is the same as the China Got Talent Show.

     Although it is the final.

     However, the recording method is still adopted.

     The way of recording and broadcasting not only allows the players to show his stunt better, but also because of the particularity of the players and the way of fighting competition, it is not suitable for everyone.

     Recording and broadcasting solves this problem, allowing the players to maximize their abilities in a relatively relaxed state.

     Someone may ask.

     Is this unfair?


     Every player has more than an opportunity, and the show he performed will be his best time.

     Unless, your potential is limited.

     Otherwise, Luo Yiming, the producer, will never let go of the opportunity to show the player's strength.

     The top ten battle is the final battle for Luo Yiming's first variety show since he took over as a producer this month.

     This peak night, can Luo Yiming raise the ratings of who is the hero to a higher level.

     The final recording is critical.

     In order to ensure that the players have the strongest strength, Luo Yiming asked Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong to come early and build the final night of the peak together with him.

     The two of them are now good buddies with Luo Yiming, and they have paid them in new year.

     Although the film pay in the stage was not in place, Luo Yiming asked them to help the players with singing and other talents, and the two were not to be shirked without dishonor.

     The ratings of Who is a Hero rushed from 15% to 296% in one month. The highest ratings also reached 296 after Zhou Wei's episode was broadcast last week.Compared with Zhou Wei's appearance, Liu Wei, the boy with a broken arm in the second phase of the series, also created 294% of the ratings. It can be said that two armies have equivalent banners and drums.

     Now, Liu Wei and Zhou Wei are the hot champion candidates who are heroes.

     The strength of Gao Yifeng cannot be underestimated.

     Presenting a splendid showdown, creating a 2005-06 phenomenon-level variety show, detonating other satellite TV imitation frenzy, whether it can succeed, the final battle is very crucial.

     As a producer, host, and script, Luo Yiming is undoubtedly the busiest one.

     Several hours ago, Wang Li, Guo Xiaoke, Luo Yiming and other members of the program team finally finalized the confrontation mode for the finals.

     And, the final preparations need to be done by the contestants.

     The ten contestants are divided into three groups according to their type. There are singing group, dance group and special talent group. The ten contestants are divided into three groups.

     For 4, 3, 3 pk, after the first round, three players will directly advance to the next round.

     Among the unsuccessful players, the judges scored based on the performance on the court and saved one player to advance.

     The semifinals in the second round, two pk.

     Successfully entered the third round.

     Finally staged the battle of the pinnacle.

     Now who is the hero has become one of the most popular variety shows in the country, the third episode of the main series is broadcast, and who is the hero has become famous throughout the country.

     The first three contestants, Gao Yifeng, Liu Wei, and Zhou Wei, respectively became the focus of the current period.

     However, Luo Yiming needs to realize the potential of each player, and it is best to have the strength to compete with these three.

     Stage a very antagonistic and capable competitive show.Liang Yi successfully broke through in the semifinals.

     She showed the dance on the wheelchair.

     This time, Luo Yiming fulfilled his promise during the audition and will dance with Liang Yi in the final.

     And Liang Yi's group is to compete with the power group, the migrant street dance group, in the dance group.

     Gao Yifeng, Zhu Jie, rap singer Shou Junchao, and duck neck singer Hu Miaomiao are in a group. Gao Xiaosong will sing My Old Classmate with duck neck vendors and will also be the highlight of the finals.

     Finally, there is a group of Liu Wei, Zhou Wei, and seven-year-old cross talk actor Zhang Xiaoxi.

     Zhang Xiaoxi partnered with his "master" Guo Degang to perform cross talk and gambling theory and kiln theory.

     When Luo Yiming and Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong came out to communicate about the script and needed the help of the two, Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong readily agreed.

     Because Luo Yiming had communicated with the contestants on talent show in the finals.

     After talking with Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong, the program team also informed the contestants to come to the stage tomorrow to practice the final run-in with the instructors.

     The next day.

     All the top ten players were present.

     Three teachers, Luo Yiming, Gao Xiaosong, and Guo Degang, along with the Music Director Liang Qiao in the station, Huang Xu, the art director, and Zheng Yangfan, Dance Teacher also joined the rehearsal.

     This rehearsal was an internal rehearsal without the audience. After two hours of practice, the program began to look different.

     First is the singing group.

     The song Gao Yifeng chose is the wine of September 9th.

     In the Spring Festival Gala in 1996, Gao Yifeng performed this song. Nowadays, things change with the passage of time, things have remained the same, but people have changed. After singing again, it still feels great.Zhu Jie sang Firefly, 128 is very small, but she tried to shine enough.

     Hu Miaomiao, a fat girl, completed a good song under the guidance of Gao Xiaosong.

     The rap singer sang rap "post-80s" with great live effects.

     In the talent group, Liu Wei's wide sea and sky sang the letter with his feet also caused the goosebumps of the show group to drop.

     Cross talk, Zhang Xiaoxi and Guo Degang's cooperation, make people laugh.

     Zhou Wei is still a mental arithmetic routine, no problem.

     In the dance group, both the migrant street dance troupe and the power group have tried their best.

     There are very few mistakes in rehearsal.

     With the cooperation of the staff member and music, the dance of the two teams also gives a thumbs up to everyone.

     Compared with the smooth recording before, Luo Yiming and Liang Yi's dances have no small problems.

     Luo Yiming there's nothing about it The basis of dance, Liang Yi is "disabled" again, and without a wheelchair, it is not so easy for the two to have a tacit understanding in dance and show beautiful body movements.

     Under the guidance of Teacher Zheng, the two tried time and time again.

     But after getting rid of the wheelchair, in fact, all the supporting power of the dance lies in Luo Yiming.

     There is no basis for dancing, all relying on a strong vigor, Luo Yiming also found that to attend to one thing and lose sight of another, it is basically impossible to perform the established dance moves.

     "In my opinion, let Liang Yi perform in a wheelchair."

     Guo Xiao can see that the cooperation between the two is basically difficult to continue.

     Put forward her opinion.

     Wang Li said: "Yi Ming, I think it may not be easy for Liang Yi to cooperate with you."Liang Yi was expecting to demonstrate extraordinary talent in dancing with Luo Yiming, and he could get rid of the wheelchair and become a real dancer.

     But in reality, she still gave her Deadly Strike.

     "Yiming, forget it. I'll do it myself."

     The look faded, Liang Yi struggled in his heart, but had to bow to reality.

     "No. I don't think so. In fact, Sister Liang Yi dances very well, but my partner is not good. I dug the hole by myself and promised to dance with Sister Liang Yi..."

     "I can't remove this pot. I have to memorize it. Sister Liang Yi, the final broadcast will be after the year. Or, wait for me a period of time, wait for me to practice, and then we will record it after the year."

     Now, Luo Yiming finally understands why being a host needs to be multi-talented.

     Because you don't know where it will be used.

      Common saying says it's always good to have more skills.

     After experiencing that when others thought you were not good enough and told you to give up, Luo Yiming made a firm resolution and took advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to study hard and dance.

     At least, if you want to be an absolute strong in the hosting industry, you have to learn, enrich, and stand out from the masses.

     Otherwise, where is the difference between person of two worlds?
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