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108 Chapter 109, Who Is The Undercover
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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After the introduction, the show continued to be recorded in laughter. Hosted by He Jiong, he first talked about some plots in the Martial Arts Gaiden, as well as interesting stories about everyone shooting on the crew.

     In fact, Luo Yiming can speak up in this link. He can talk about the two or three things inside the crew to be honest.

     But in this life, he is a newbie and has never joined the group. This time he has come to the top, completely without necessity.

     The more we talked, the easier it was for everyone, and it was more open. Later, He Jiong asked some personal emotional issues. Rao Chen and Ni Xinjie both speak bluntly.

     Rao Chen is still with his college boyfriend, Ni Xinjie is single.

     He Jiong remembered Xie Na's stalk, because Rao Chen didn't dance well in high heels. At this time, Mr. He also shook Luo Yiming and Ni Xinjie to dance together.

     Knowing this had happened long ago, Luo Yiming was not stage fright.

      Happy Camp is to use his talent to warm up the show and enliven the atmosphere.

     The rare female guest didn't mind, Luo Yiming invited Ni Xinjie to dance together.

     Ni Xinjie entered the entertainment industry in 2001 for shooting Tingmei underwear ads.

     In fact, she started as a model.

     Not only can she dance, her dancing skills are not worse than Rao Chen.

     She can do all kinds of dance styles.

     At this time, she came directly to modern jazz dance.

     People dance very sexy and enchanting. Where Luo Yiming’s dance can keep up, as the dance of Happy Camp, he must know how to forging ahead through disasters to rise high.Luo Yiming posed big buttocks, stretches and unfolds exaggerated movements, confident gaze, brilliant smile, waving his hands in the air like snakes, and adorning Ni Xinjie for a moment, it really made the atmosphere warm. Up.

     "Yes, I danced very well. From now on, it will be the dance of our Happy Family."

     "Teacher He, I think Yiming can still be our face value." Li Weijia always felt like Hua Ge before, and he was responsible for the face value in Happy Camp.

     But Luo Yiming's appearance, one-meter-eight long legs, he must retire.

     "Don't you think I'm less cute than Yiming?" He Jiong will start to be cute now.

     The audience also gave him a heart of love.

     It means you are the cutest in the world.

     After some hot spots, the game unit is entered below.

     Last year, due to the revision of the program, the draft and pk mode made the hottest game freeze in the station.

     At the beginning of 2006, the show team still moved out the most fun game Who is the Undercover?

     Seven half-person high tables have already been arranged in a row. On the side facing the audience, there are seven LCD screens. At the same time, there is a tablet computer on the desktop. The keywords of this round are given to everyone.

     The audience of this game Mango Channel has been familiar with it for a long time, and He Jiong explained the rules of the game to the new guest.

     Seven people are on stage at the same time, a word will appear on the computer in front of each person, and the audience will see it directly.

     Six of them got the same words, only one person got different words.

     That person is also undercover.Before everyone guesses, doesn't know at all their true identity, and everyone can only determine it by examining the language of others.

     This is especially important for undercover agents.

     He Jiong finally reminded everyone: "Every round, everyone uses one sentence to describe the word they got. You can't say the word directly."

     "After the round is over, everyone voted for Who is the Undercover?, and the one with the highest number of votes goes out. If the undercover is found, the game over. If the undercover reaches the end, the undercover wins."

     "We host three, and your guests four." Xie Na would add.

     After introducing the rules of the game, the next step is to select people to play the game.

     Yan Ni Ni said that she didn't quite understand it. She wanted to watch the round first, so she pushed the other two beauties up.

     The man helped here, and Sha Yi volunteered to take the stage. The big mouth was also pushed out by Lu Xiucai.

     As for the host, Xie Na got the position of host early. If she wants to host, the one who is on stage must be selected from the other four.

     "I'll have one." Teacher He Jiong unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others.

     "Vega plays this game very well, Vega, you go." Xie Na assigned the task.

     The remaining Luo Yiming and Wu Xin.

     Luo Yiming said with a grin: "I am a game black hole, Wu Xin, go and play."

     Teacher He Jiong didn't want Luo Yiming to be around.

     Many of his fans are still sitting under the stage.

     "Yi Ming, you are a game black hole, then you must come up, we like to play with black holes."words exceede 5100The audience still laughed because it was surprisingly similar to what they expected.

     The six words on the LCD screen are Wei Xiaobao, one word is Tang Bohu, and the undercover is not someone else, it is Luo Yiming.

     "Ouch, this word is good. I really want to hear what you guys say." Xie Na host is more self-high, but just like those Internet writers, if you can't self-high, how can you move others high .

     "The game starts now."

     The first one is Li Weijia. Among all the hosts, his brain is more exciting.

     In his previous life, on the stage of Who is the Undercover?, he also had many classic undercover performances.

     The word he got was Wei Xiaobao, after thinking about it, he immediately said: "Martial arts hero."

     The second one is Teacher He Jiong. At the beginning, he was also very comfortable and leisurely: "Ancient." After finishing speaking, Teacher He Jiong looked at the audience confidently.

     As if he must win.

     The third one is Sha Yi, the rules of the game, he didn't listen much, but when the game was played, he knew how to do it immediately.

      Nodded, Sha also described Wei Xiaobao's use of four words: "Passionate and multi-meaning."
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