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110 The Eleventh Chapter, Shouldn't You Smoke Popcorn (see Book List)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

After a few more rounds, Ni Xinjie was out, and He Jiong followed. In the end, only Rao Chen, Luo Yiming and Li Weijia were left.

     Luo Yiming, a god-level player's little tricks more and more emerge, he led to kill several good people.

     Although the suspicion on his body has become bigger, he can pass the test every time.

     In the end, even Li Weijia of Who is the Undercover? felt the opponent's strength.

     Rao Chen must be in his own camp, but how to pull Luo Yiming out and La Rao Chen into his camp, Li Weijia also had a headache for a while.

     Li Weijia and Luo Yiming were both sober on the court. In the last round, who can pull Rao Chen into his camp will be the final winner.

     In the last round, Luo Yiming spoke first. In the previous rounds, he had guessed that the word in the opponent's hand was Wei Xiaobao.

     It is necessary to say the most appropriate word to describe Wei Xiaobao, so that the first impressions are strongest, Rao Chen will definitely confirm himself.

     "For me, Lu Ding Ji, a character written by Jin Yong." Luo Yiming raised his head, confidently said.


     When Luo Yiming uttered the Deer Tripod, the applause of the audience was given to him.

     Rao Chen may not know about other TV series, but Lu Ding Ji, this TV series can be said to have penetrated everyone's bones.

     Wei Xiaobao in The Deer and Ding Tale is equivalent to saying Wei Xiaobao's name directly.

     When Luo Yiming literally told Jin Yong's novel The Deer and Ding Ji, Li Weijia's face suddenly showed misery.

     For a moment, Li Weijia was a little confused.

     The Deer Ding Ji, Luo Yiming's Deer Ding Ji. Then, Luo Yiming should be consistent with himself.Could it be that Rao Chen is lying, she has always been playing dumb?

     Li Weijia thinks that Rao Chen's character may be very similar to Wei Xiaobao, so she doesn't know at all she is an undercover agent.

     When Rao Chenmeng heard Lu Ding Ji, he really paused for two seconds, which allowed Li Weijia to confirm his judgment.

     "Li Weijia, it's up to you to express it."

     After Rao Chen said that "there are many sweet wives", Xie Na let Vega express.

     "He's cheap, but he's very popular!"

     Li Weijia really can't think of any advanced words, he feels that undercover very probably may be Rao Chen.

     After finishing talking, he won Luo Yiming and said: "Rao Chen has been following the vote, Yiming, you have to vote for her, she is an undercover agent.

     Luo Yiming said in his heart, right? really?

     On the face, you look handsome and make sense.

     Rao Chen said innocently: "Yi Ming, Vega must be fake. He is an undercover agent. You have to stand with me."

     When Rao Chen and Li Weijia both wooed Luo Yiming into their team, hoping to eliminate the other person, the audience, the host off the stage, and the guests all looked at them with joy.

     Luo Yiming is too good.

     In the end, the Deer Ding Ji he said was really a killer.


     From being suspected by everyone in the first round to now determining the fate of the other two, this is definitely a gorgeous counterattack.

     The audience are all curious, Luo Yiming guessed the opponent's hole card at what time.Li Weijia and Rao Chen were arguing on the court. Xie Na and He Jiong knew that the overall situation was settled. Xie Na would say: "Rao Chen refers to Vega, Vega one vote. Vega refers to Rao Chen, Rao Chen one vote. You guys. Each has one vote. No matter who Luo Yiming gives this vote, you all lose."

     "Game over, undercover to win."


     "Undercover... win? Yiming is undercover?"

     Rao Chen and Li Weijia both have unbelievable expressions.

     Luo Yiming played harmless to human and animals as a kind little boy: "Am I an undercover agent?"

     "Look, Yiming is still acting. I now understand why he said he was a game black hole at the beginning. He was teasing us to play." He Jiong said mischievously with his mouth curled.

     Xie Na said: "Yi Ming, you guessed everyone's hole cards at what time."

     Luo Yiming said: "Actually, from the first sentence of Vega, I knew that I was an undercover. Then in the first round, I really didn’t know what yours was, so I voted. In the second round, you guys I think it’s Wei Xiaobao."

     "But I'm not sure, so I said one safe first."

     "Look." Xie Na said to Li Weijia: "You can't be too direct."

     "Then then, don't talk about Vega. He is probably very lost now. This game is his strong point. Today, he lost to Yi Ming."

     He Jiongyi said that Li Weijia's desire to fight was provoked: "No, let's play another round. Once you know, let's play another round. I want to defend my supremacy as a hero."

     The host representatives are Luo Yiming and Li Weijia, two masters.In the second round of the Wulin Legends crew, Rao Chen and Dazui were replaced, and Yan Ni Ni and Yu Changtai came up.

     Wu Xin still stayed in position, still seven.

     The key words of this round are warm babies and hot water bottles.

     It was the newcomer Yan Ni Ni who got the hot water bottle for the undercover word, and the other six were the warm babies.

     Wu Xin first described: "a great variety."

     Sha Yi was unjustly killed in the last round. This time he was very cautious, pondered for a moment, he smiled and said, "Encapsulate."

     When it was Luo Yi's turn to understand, the audience spit out this sentence: "Is it included?"


     Sha Yi is also full of funny properties: "Include food and accommodation."


     "My blood, can we stop making fun of it?"

     The audience was delighted by these two people's tricks.

     By the way, Luo Yiming tidyed up his hair with one hand on his head, while talking to oneself: "It's not bad that it includes food and housing."

     The audience off the field laughed so much that the stars burst out.

     Xie Na held back and continued to host: "Yiming, what are your words?"

     Luo Yiming said: "Warm."

     Ni Xinjie followed: "Intimate."

     After speaking, she also glanced at Luo Yiming, she was grateful to Luo Yiming for providing her with ideas.

     It was the turn of the undercover agent, Yan Ni Ni. She didn't even know that she was an undercover agent. She thought that everyone was the same as her, and said relaxedly: "A lot of colors."

     The warm baby and the hot water bottle do have many colors, and Yan Ni Ni’s expression does not have what's the problem.

     Li Weijia said: "A must in winter."When Yu Changtai played this game, he watched it very happily in the audience, but as soon as he came up, it was his turn to describe it and found that his vocabulary was exhausted.

     Not knowing what's going on, he thought of a video where the warm baby blew himself up and said: "If it is used too much, it will swell."



     Luo Yiming tilted his head: "Did you smoke popcorn?"


     Luo Yiming such a saying, not only the audience, the players, but even Yu Changtai himself laughed.


     Is my description really that like popcorn?

     Xie Na has to say, Luo Yiming’s variety show feels very strong, and his search is very accurate, no wonder, who is his hero can create such a good ratings, this kid is born with a sense of variety show.

     After promoting the narrow, Xie said: "Okay, who is the undercover agent?"

     Everyone smiled, agree by chance, and pointed towards Lu Xiucai.

     "Yu Changtai is eliminated and the game continues."
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