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113 Chapter One Hundred And Fourteen, The Vice-Chan Comes (Request List)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"It turns out that Luo Yiming's burden is here. As expected, he is talking about cross talk, knowing the importance of foreshadowing."

     "Poor Xinxin, his hug is actually for oneself."

     The audience is in full bloom below.

     The discussion was intense.

     On the stage, He Jiong couldn't let Luo Yiming succeed easily, he hurriedly stopped Luo Yiming.

     Holding a 1.8 metres' big man, Mr. He is so thin, the picture is full of joy for a while.

     "Teacher He, don't stop me... Just now you were holding Miss Jinglei's hands on the stage. You are the boss, but you can't eat alone. You have to share it with everyone."

     "I... I was holding her because I was afraid she would fall. Okay, you can, but you must give a reason."

     The two let go.

     Luo Yiming suddenly said seriously: "I read sister Jinglei's blog every day. I am a super fan of her blog."

     "In addition, I just said that the Wenhui that Sister Jinglei is in love is my first love. How wonderful, Teacher He, do you have the heart to let you kill my first love before it even starts?"

     He Jiong didn't dare to take the charge. He said, "The reason is okay, but it's not me who makes the decision. You have to see what Jing Lei meant."

     He Jiong smiled treacherously.

     He has your innocent look, you believe me to be your stupid expression.

     For the next second, Luo Yiming could only look at Xu Jinglei obediently.

     This hug, he was also made a little bit if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off.

     Before recording the show, Xu Jinglei also heard that there is a handsome guy in Kuaiben’s host c, who is also very talented.Because she was recognized by the entertainment circle as a talented woman, so people of talent appreciate one another, Xu Jinglei paid attention to this c before taking the stage.

     Luo Yiming on the stage has a strong sense of variety.

     He brought a lot of joy to the audience.

     This hug is of course no problem for him.

     But now, Xu Jinglei feels that Luo Yiming's reasons are not enough. She wants to tease Luo Yiming: "You, it seems that you don't want to hug me, you want to hug Wenhui."


     It's not too big to watch the excitement.

     When Xu Jinglei tilted her head and looked at Luo Yiming proudly, the audience roared.

     The girl said yes.

     What you like is the character created by Xu Jinglei, but that is the character in the TV series, not the real self.

     Luo Yiming made a mistake and was caught by the audience. He only realized it later.

     However, he is naturally smart.

     "I want to say that I don't just like Wenhui, but you who play Wenhui. I follow you every day, always follow your Xinlang blog, and follow your number of fans."

     "Now your blog fans have exceeded 40 million. I am really happy for you. Not only me, but the same as me, I believe there are many Jingmeng people who like you."

     Jingmeng is the name of Xu Jinglei's fan group.

     When Luo Yiming said this, Xu Jinglei knew that he really paid attention to himself.

     In the next second, Xu Jinglei generously took the initiative to open her arms.

     He also leaned a half step towards Luo Yiming.


     He Jiong, Li Weijia, Xie Na started to booze.

     The audience screamed in the audience."Hug."

     "Luo Yiming holds another..."

     The straight man who watched the show in the previous issue looked at Luo Yiming with jealousy.

     This guy, have a lot of good fortune in love affairs ah...

     This is different from the hug in the previous issue.

     In this issue, Luo Yiming really wants to hug.

     Extending his arms and opening his embrace, with a focused expression and hot eyes, Luo Yiming went up and hugged Xu Jinglei.

     This hug from him comes from his love for Xu Jinglei, no matter in his previous life or in this life.

     "Come on."

     The gentleman gave him a hug, Luo Yiming's hand was just placed on Xu Jinglei's shoulder, he patted the other party, and the sentence of cheering made Xu Jinglei very warm.

     Returning to her position, standing beside Xu Jinglei, Luo Yiming said: "Why do I have to hug Sister Jinglei, because she really is my idol."

     "From actor to director, she has never been satisfied with the status quo, seeking a greater breakthrough."

     "She looks so weak on the outside, but she has so much strength in her heart."

     "I also know that she loves learning and has been learning piano, including English. I think persistence is also one type of ability."

     "As a boy, I should follow her as an example."

     "Speaking of role models, it may be a bit... but she is indeed there."

     "I like it very much in a word, it's called Shines In Reality. Sister Jinglei has my dream. I can meet her on the Kuaiben stage today."

     "I hope that one day, dreaming of Shines In Reality, I can also become a confident, optimistic and powerful person like her."

     Luo Yiming is standing on the stage of Happy Camp.But at that moment, the audience had an illusion that Luo Yiming was back on the stage of who is a hero.

     His light, only I am supreme, seemed to be dimmed by the big coffee He Jiong beside him.

     Luo Yiming is super strong in sensationalism.

     However, this was not made deliberately, but he was really moved from the bottom of his heart.

     This is terrible.

     After he said those words, he pierced into your heart every sentence.

     "Well said!" He Jiong said.

     "Thank you, Yiming."

     Xu Jinglei is a strong girl, but no matter how strong she is, it will not change that she is always a girl.

     Always need a shoulder to rely on.

     "Jinglei, you don't have to thank us, we should thank you, your unassuming, your low-key, your seriousness in doing things, let us see a shining Xu Jinglei."

     "As Yiming said, persistence is also one type of ability."

     "Such you, worthy of the audience and fans in the audience like it."

     "Come on for your Leilei, okay?"

     Teacher He Jiong is indeed an old driver.

     After Luo Yiming was sensational, he tried his best to drive the audience.

     For a time, the show reached a climax.

     The fans in the audience shouted to Leilei to cheer.

     Xu Jinglei would cry next second.

      "All right, Jinglei don't cry. Sister Jinglei, your blog has 40 million, and that blog is only forty thousand. You can't cry." After Mr. He led, Luo Yiming would be handling a butcher's cleaver with ease back to the show.

     Xie that joke for the third time.The atmosphere suddenly changed.

     The latter shouted directly at Luo Yiming this time: "Yiming, my blog has more than 40,000 fans, okay?"

     Xu Jinglei turn tears into laughter and said: "Actually, I also read her blog."

     "Have you heard?" Xie Na felt a sense of revenge.

     "...Because there are many good-looking photos on the show."


     Thanks for that a mouthful of blood sprayed out directly.

     The audience burst into laughter.

     Luo Yiming also couldn't hide his smile: "Sister Jinglei, can I say that you are making a knife."

     "Teacher He, Yiming and Jing Lei joined forces to bully me."

     Xie Na immediately took He Jiong's arm and cried.

     The show set off a new wave of climax.



     Liu Yang and Luo Xin are all watching from below.

     At the beginning of the second recording, Luo Xin also worried that the host would not be able to control the stage because there was no Taiwanese book.

     In the beginning, the site was indeed neither hot nor cold.

     It means boiling frogs in warm water.

     But the variety entertainment program, shouldn't it be such a rhythm, it is necessary to mobilize the enthusiasm of the audience as soon as possible and let the guests play.

     But Luo Yiming buried the burden of hugging, and finally succeeded in shaking, and the show was alive all at once.

     To some extent.

     Or, Luo Yiming has even surpassed He Jiong in this period until now. Even if he can't reach the position of the main coffee, among the few people, the deputy coffee is absolutely no problem.

     This is also Luo Xin's most satisfied.
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