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117 Chapter 118, You Think Too Much
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Yiming, we are joking, don't get too deep into the play, think too much." Luo Yiming tried to make a relief, but was ridiculed by Sister Lele.

     All the hosts.

     Luo Yiming said casually.

     Then he was attacked by the women.

     Finally, he was accused of being too deep in the play, and Luo Yiming also helplessly did not speak.

     Direct game!

     Except for Yiming, the seven girls were also chuckled by Sister Lele's words.

     The game started again, Xiao Min walked out of the circle, and the other six girls, plus Luo Yiming, began to twist and walk around the circle.

     Unlike the first time, everyone was more vigilant after the game started.

     While dancing, I also deliberately improve my concentration, in case Lao Li one more time no time to deal with it.


     Lao Li is also playful.

     He originally wanted to watch Luo Yiming hug left and right, put all the five girls on the court in his arms, and dream a gentle dream.

     But this time, Lao Li miscalculated.

     When the 6 characters came out, everyone responded super fast.

     Yang Leer and Zhao Liang hold together tacitly.

     Zuo Yan and Wu Xin formed an alliance in order to avoid having an affair with Luo Yiming.

     Then the two directors hug together.

     The three groups are combined, and finally they hold together successfully.

     Luo Yiming was left alone, standing in place alone.

     He wanted to catch the girl, but thinking of the misunderstanding just now, he hesitated not to make a move.

     But I missed immediately, and later, he...cannot catch it.After a gust of wind blew, Luo Yiming looked at the six girls who had already formed a group, and the next second they let out a jittery laugh. Luo Yiming's heart...was riddled with holes.

     "No, don't bring such a play."

     "You six girls hold each other, leaving me really bear it."


     The girls all laughed.

     "Patient, we are very bearable."

     "Knowing that you didn't hold the girl, I'm relieved." Zhao Liang smiled proudly.

     "Yiming, I'll give you a chance. You don't want to cherish it. There are six girls holding each other, and you are the only boy... It's really embarrassing to stand there."

     Lao Li also leaned forward with a smile on the camera.

     Luo Yiming's eyes whitened, with a complaint effect: "Can't you call a 5, that way, at least I can hold one. This is great, I can only embrace the air."

     Luo Yiming made a hug with the air, and finally put his hands in front of his chest... The six women also couldn't bear laughing heartily.

     "Fun, fun, this game is fun."

     "Yiming, we tried it, and this game is good."

     "The next game, we should change to the next game."

     After two rounds of the Baotuan game, several hosts and choreographers recognized its entertainment variety.

     The experience of holding group games is super good.

     The next game is Carrot Squat.

     Luo Yiming made a special correction for the game Carrot Squat.The feature of his carrot squat game is that each player has to play a character he said, which can be a real star or a character in a film and television drama.

     Then through imitation, establish a laugh.

     This is also one of the highlights of his carrot squat game.

     In the previous life, Happy Camp had a very exciting period. That period also played characters. Players imitated the characters he played and played this game. The effect was very burning.

     Under Luo Yiming's explanation and demonstration, everyone became familiar with this game.

     In fact, this game is not only a test of physical strength, but also a test of memory. The key is that Luo Yiming has a special explanation for this game of carrot squatting.

     If conditions permit, players can be appropriately dressed up to seek a sense of similarity with the characters they play.

     In addition to the similarity in makeup, the player's language and actions must also be close to the imitation characters.

     In this way, the difficulty of the carrot squat game is undoubtedly increased.

     Moreover, the entertainment of the game has become stronger.

     Luo Yiming did this. In fact, he also had his abacus.

     A little game is actually related to a show and the rise of a variety show.

     The imitation of Turnip's squat on the top is varied, and Luo Yiming is preparing for his second show on the Mango Channel.

     At the same time, he is also doing experiments.

     If the imitation of turnip squatting can attract the audience, Luo Yiming can put this imitation and variety on another big stage.

     Who is the hero will usher in the final battle at the end of this month.

      Happy Camp is the battlefield for accumulating personal resources.At what time, he will come up with his second variety show. Luo Yiming will also make arrangements in advance for what this variety show will be.

     This show is not necessarily a great changer.

     But Luo Yiming will use the Happy Camp platform to release some of the prototypes of these variety shows to see the after-effects.

     If it's good, he will push it out at the right time.

     The game of carrot squatting begins.

     After playing for two rounds, all seven girls played the classical character in their hearts.

     And Luo Yiming chose the roles of Wei Xiaobao and Dong Yong separately, which also made the women despise.

     Remember the Character Name of other players, and play the character you imitated.

     The bickering between the hosts and imitating the jokes produced by themselves made the scene always very happy.

     Players have fallen in love with this game.

     Compared with the group game, the variety show feeling of this carrot squat is also very good.

      Game over, it's almost 11 o'clock in the evening.

      Unconsciously, nearly two hours have passed.

     The night is like an extremely wide blanket, which has already covered the sky, and a few stars are on the horizon, shining with not dazzling dim light.

     The wind is coming, but the sky is actually a bit cold.

     But after the game, everyone was warm.

     Both games are very fun, and after everyone experienced it, they also gave Luo Yiming a big affirmation.

     "I invite everyone to have supper, thank you for helping me so late?"

     Luo Yiming sent out an invitation to everyone after the game over.Looking at the time, because it was too late, Yang Leer shook his head: "So late, I have to go back quickly."

     Zhao Liang said: "I have been busy for a day during the day, and I have been crazy with you, I have to go to sleep."

     Several choreographers are also going home.

     Wu Xin said she wanted to control her weight, but she didn't go.

     In the end, Zuoyan was left.

     Today, Zuo Yan actually wanted to say something to Luo Yiming.

     From CCTV to challenge the host to debut, Zuo Yan actually started from a not low starting point.

     Without seeking shelter from a big boss on CCTV, Zuo Yan came to the Mango Channel.

     The first who is the hero fires, Luo Yiming and his popularity gradually increase.

     But as the deputy of that show, Zuo Yan actually didn't live up to her expectations.

     Now, who is the ending of the hero show, Luo Yiming went to Happy Camp, but the position of the host for the many columns recently created in the station was reserved for her.

     If she can't get another show at the weekend prime time, Zuo Yan knows that she will not be easy to mess with on the Mango Channel in the future.

     There are Zhao Liang, Yang Leer, Xie Na in the front, and Wu Xin emerge as a new force to be reckoned with in the back, Zuo Yan is under great pressure.

     He knew that Luo Yiming had been helping Wu Xin.

     In fact, she wanted to say that Wu Xin looked weak, and she was not so strong. She was also a little girl who needed support.

     Zuo Yan is at the Mango Terrace, there's nothing about it backing, and with other host bosses, Zuo Yan also has nothing about it.

     She can only pin her hopes on Luo Yiming now.

     If Luo Yiming has a new variety show, Zuo Yan will not ask for anything else, but hope that Luo Yiming can take her with her. That's enough.
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