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121 Chapter 122, Women, We Can Clip Somewhere Else (recommendation Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Chunli squats, Chunli squats, Chunli squats after Fahai."

     Speaking extremely unfluent Mandarin, Cai Shaofen's tone was slow and unbearable.

     When he arrived at Fahaiwang Xuebing, he deliberately speeded up.

     "Fahai squat, Fahai squat, Fahai squat and Fahai squat."

     "Or yourself."


     "Fahai squats, Fahai squats, Fahai squats and Spiderman squats."

     The pace has accelerated, and Li Weijia likes this fast pace: "Spider-Man squats, Spider-Man squats, Spider-Man squats and Catwoman squats."

     Wu Xin has been preparing: "Catwoman squatted, Catwoman squatted, Catwoman squatted and Monkey King squatted."

     Monkey King is Teacher Lu Liangwei. His rhythm is a little slow, but he still keeps up: "Monkey King squat, Monkey King squat, Monkey King squat after Shui Bingyue squat."

     "Shui Bingyue squatted, Shui Bingyue squatted, Shui Bingyue squatted and the monkey squatted."


     When Li Xiaoran said a monkey squatted, Luo Yiming was also sweating.

     "Who is the monkey?" Everyone was puzzled.

     "Is the monkey Monkey King? Monkey King squats, can you?" Fortunately, Li Xiaoran corrected it immediately, and Luo Yiming's punishment was escaped.

     Teacher Lu Liangwei thought carefully at this meeting, anyway, Xiaoran lost and the punished Luo Yiming, then asked Xiaoran.

     "The Monkey King squatted, the Monkey King squatted, and the Monkey King squatted after Shui Bingyue."

     "Shui Bingyue squatted, Shui Bingyue squatted, Shui Bingyue squatted and Monkey King squatted."

     "The Monkey King squatted, the Monkey King squatted, and the Monkey King squatted after Shui Bingyue."

     Lu Liangwei asked Li Xiaoran.

     Li Xiaoran looked for Lu Liangwei.

     For a time the two have been completely toyed with.Teacher Lu Liangwei's physical strength is not bad, but for a weak woman, Li Xiaoran can't hold it.

     The Shui Bingyue she played was an ass twisting action.

     Very enchanting.

     If the frequency of twisting is not fast, nothing else.

     But with such a fast pace, Li Xiaoran's dance is very sexy.

     Also, squat down and stand up again and again.

     Li Xiaoran felt sweat stains on his thighs.

     After playing like this, I'm afraid it will be all wet.

     Li Xiaoran knew that he couldn't be so hard with Teacher Lu.

     In the next second, she thought about changing her personal p.

     "Shui Bingyue squatted, Shui Bingyue squatted, Shui Bingyue squatted and the old man squatted."

     "Old man?"

     The old man Li Xiaoran said made everyone burst into laughter again.

     This old man is wrong.

     But on the court, Fahai, the old man played by Teacher Wang Xuebing, was dressed like an old man with a white-haired hood.

     Teacher Wang Xuebing substituted himself and saved Xiao Ran, and continued: "The old man squats, the old man squats, the old man squats the perfect female squat."

     "Beautiful women squatting, beautiful women squatting..." For a while, two girls squatted up on the court.

     Li Xiaoran, Cai Shaofen, they both thought that the beauty was themselves, so they squatted down unconsciously.

     But the game just cannot squat with others at the same time.

     This squat will undoubtedly lose.

     "Beauty squatting. Fahai really knows how to play."

     "Shui Bingyue and Chunli both squatted. They lost."

     The audience under the stage also couldn't laugh.

     The old man had let them Shi Lezhi.This beauty's stalk shouted, Li Xiaoran and Cai Shaofen take one's appointed place, which is even more funny.

     "Lost, lose, you lose."

     Li Xiaoran and Cai Shaofen both squatted down, still unconsciously. When everyone said that they had lost, Li Xiaoran and Cai Shaofen reviewed what Wang Xuebing said.

     Just reacted.

     Flutteringly, the two also laughed.

     "Isn't the beauty me?" Cai Shaofen still pretended to be innocent: "Why am I wrong again?"

     "Yes, I also think I'm right, don't I...not...beautiful?" Li Xiaoran also enchantingly continued to twist Shui Bingyue's sexy figure in order to be impunity.

     "You are beautiful! But if they squat together, they will lose." Lu Liangwei didn't take this set.

     "It's fun, it's fun. You two are trapped by Fahai." Wu Xin said with a smile.

     "Old Fahai, able to subdue the white snake, seems to have real skills." Li Weijia said.

     "Now, is you two going to single out again?" Old Fa Haidao.

     The audience burst into laughter, the players were cheerful, and the atmosphere was so lively.

     But the game is played like this, but it's wrong.

     Luo Yiming will come to the crowd and say, "You guys wait a minute."

     "In our bureau, we must listen to our rules."

     "I don't think the problem is with Shui Bingyue and Chunli. The problem is with Fahai."

     "The name Fahai called was not the name of anyone in the game. It was just their characteristics."

     "Also, when it comes to beautiful women, that didn't come out."Luo Yiming said, Xie Na said seriously: "At that time, I squatted silently by the side twice."


     "Na Xinxin, why didn't you squat?"

     Wu Xin also seized the opportunity this time: "Because the beauty is not the name of anyone in the game, but their characteristics, I am a catwoman."


     Wu Xin did the Catwoman action again. She repeated Luo Yiming's rules again, which was also a very clever response.

     "So, Xinxin is also a beautiful woman and has not been misled. She is the one who obeys the rules of the game. Since it is a game, we must abide by our rules of the game. Master Fahai, if you lose, you will be punished."

     "Punishment is fine, it's okay." Teacher Wang Xuebing, knowing that the game has lost, he has to admit.

      serve as a model for others, but you can’t shame.

     "Teacher Xuebing, there are four types of punishments, because you are punished first, you can freely choose one."

     There are two drinks on the table, one rubber band, one moustache clip, and the big watermelon.

     Teacher Wang Xuebing would not consider watermelon at all.

     "Then I will have a beard clip. The female guest in the province will be punished for a while and cannot play this."

     "Ms. Xuebing, you think too much. The beard clip does not necessarily clip the beard. We can clip elsewhere."


     In fact, Luo Yiming thought of hair.

     But many viewers said Luo Yiming was dirty below.

     Said he drove.

     Well, they really think too much.

     In the wailing voice, Teacher Wang Xuebing accepted the punishment for pinching the beard.

     After being clamped, he is full of vitality.The whole person feels a few years younger.

     "Fahai is eliminated and the game continues."

     In this game, you must fight until the last two, and it will be cool to play until body weary, strength exhausted.

     It's just amazing.

     It's exciting!

     If Luo Xin hadn't seen the excitement of the carrot squat game before, it was really enjoyable to be controlled by Luo Yiming.

     Undoubtedly, the game of carrot squatting surpasses those little games of Happy Camp where there's nothing about it nutrition.

     Mainly, the guests are also very happy to play this game.

     Continue to squat.

     After everyone concentrated, Cai Shaofen was eliminated in a few rounds, not at all surprised.

     She chose to drink a glass of snake grass water.

     Then Wu Xin was eliminated, she drank a glass of lemonade.

     In the end, there are three people left, the Spider-Man imitated by Li Weijia, the Shui Bingyue imitated by Li Xiaoran, and the Monkey King imitated by Teacher Lu Liangwei.

     The physical strength of the three is not so full anymore.

     Especially Li Xiaoran, her tone of voice is a bit rough every time she speaks.

     Fragrant sweat dripped down her neck and dripped into her clothes.

     Luo Yiming handed her a scented towel at this time, to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, Luo Yiming also hoped that Li Xiaoran could win to the end.

     Now, there are only two penalty items left on the field.

     One is a rubber band with strong elasticity, and the other is a large iced watermelon.

     Both punishments are fatal.

     Rubber band, to accept the fate of being bombed.

     Watermelon, iced, you have to decide how much to cut in the end. Eating such cold watermelon is definitely not fun."Come on."

     Li Xiaoran wiped off the sweat with the scented towel that Luo Yiming handed over. Gentleman's, Luo Yiming helped her take it again. The service was very attentive.

     "Xiao Ran, Yiming shows every possible consideration to you and gives you paper towels. Don't be fooled by his appearance."

     "He is actually afraid that you will lose, he eats watermelon." Li Weijia said with a smile.

     "Yes, Xiaoran. I think you can lose, and then Vega and I won, so that he can eat all the half of the watermelon."

     Teacher Lu Liangwei didn't expect it to be an oss, half a melon weighing ten kilograms, iced, eat all?

     This heart is cruel!
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