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123 Chapter 124, Thinking After The Rise, Where Is The Future Of Kuaiben?
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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A piece of watermelon about five kilograms.

     Although the cold is not so compelling.

     But it is not an ordinary watermelon.

     Luo Yiming opened his mouth, in anticipation of everyone, then he put his mouth in the watermelon.

     In an instant, as if only a few seconds, the iced watermelon was eaten by Yiming.

     Iced watermelon is not ice watermelon.

     Luo Yiming's eating is no problem.

     But he is the same as eating a normal watermelon, even faster, which is terrible.

     On the surface, Luo Yiming's face to the audience is still grinning.

     But in fact, Luo Yiming's teeth were numb from the cold.

     However, Luo Yi obviously would not give up this task!

     The mediocrity of the previous life has been exchanged for the assistant of Happy Camp in this life. Luo Yiming must use his strength and his own fighting spirit to help him go higher.

     "come on."

     Secretly said something.

     Luo Yiming put his head into the watermelon, his mouth was opened and he swept wildly on the watermelon.

     Luo Yiming didn't stop after half a big watermelon.

     He eats watermelon like a soldier.

     Soon, the watermelon was eaten by him at the bottom.

     Luo Yiming simply broke the watermelon in half with his hands, and the speed of eating the melon was faster.

     "Wow, Luo Yiming is really good enough."

     "This watermelon is cold when I look at it. Luo Yiming can really eat it."

     "Luo Yiming tried too hard for the show, and I suddenly felt sorry for him."

     Many female audience members are Luo Yiming fans.In fact, he had no problem helping Li Xiaoran.

     It can be seen that he eats iced watermelon like this.

     Fans are still unbearable.

     To be honest, when Luo Yiming ate the watermelon, he really felt there's nothing about it when he was iced, but he still insisted on eating it every bite.

     At the very beginning, players still watch the excitement.

     The audience also thought the show was more fun.

     Ke Luo Yiming's attitude towards playing games is the same as his attitude when making shows, not one thread loose, dare to play and fight.

     Finally, Luo Yiming finished the whole piece of watermelon.

     He wiped his mouth with his hand, holding the rind of the watermelon that had been eaten clean and grinning, "You can't waste fruit." He showed a particularly relaxed look.

     Many viewers, the hearts of players suddenly soured.


     "Really strong."

     "Yi Ming, playing games like you is the hardest and most dedicated person I have ever seen. I finally knows why you can reveal one's talent in the host contest. You are one word, strong."

     Teacher Xuebing also taught many students.

     Luo Yiming's unyielding temperament is something he admires.

     "Ms. Xuebing, don't tell me so well, I was actually... forced." Luo Yiming would stretch his hand to Vega.

     Of course he was joking.

     Vega said: "Yi Ming, but to be honest, I just saw you eat melon, I really broke out into a cold sweat for you, in fact, I just made everyone laugh. I didn’t really want you to take that watermelon. Eat it all, now, is there any discomfort?"

     The iced watermelon was wiped out by Luo Yiming.A small game, lively and exciting, Vega also worried about Luo Yiming's body.

     Li Xiaoran was even more embarrassed.

     She hurriedly came to Luo Yiming and handed warm water from the program group.

     "Yiming, drink it soon. This is the comfort of the show crew. You must have been cold enough. Drinking a cup of hot water will make you more comfortable.

     There are beautiful women serving tea and pouring water.

     Luo Yiming suddenly felt warmer in his heart: "I'm fine, Sister Xiaoran, I'm really fine, I didn't tell you, I love iced watermelon the most. No problem at all."

     Luo Yiming grinned.

     He just wants to give people a very comfortable illusion.

     But this is absolutely false.

     Looking at Luo Yiming, Li Xiaoran was inexplicably moved.

     "However, the water that Sister Xiaoran brought me, I must drink it."

     Gudong Gudong, drink the warm water.

     Luo Yiming felt slightly better.

     In the first round of game over, the second group continues to perform.

     Luo Yiming did not fall behind, he also participated in the game.

     Make a variety show, play the fool, be humorous, and be funny.

     But when Luo Yiming did Happy Camp, he told himself that in addition to these, a serious and serious attitude is very important.

     In addition to the flow and popularity of the stars, the host himself must be hard enough to be a spiritual guide for the audience.

     It must also become the highlight of a program.

     In this way, the show can survive!

     In this way, you will be the only one irreplaceable in the show!The previous Happy Camp, more or less lacked such inspirational pictures.

     Blindly funny, arrogant, and even kneeling and licking to lower own status, made the host lose his aura.

     This is terrible.

     When you can't hold up a program and it's no longer the audience's point of view, the program will no longer have you.

     The second round of the carrot squat game is the selected mythical character, and the rest of the guests who did not play all play this time.

     With Luo Yiming present, everyone played the second round of the game very vigorously.

     No one dare to relax.

     The next group game is also a lot of fun.

     The entire third issue of Happy Camp was recorded very successfully.

     If we say that the previous games of Happy Camp are humorous, funny and relaxed. But in this issue, the game not only made everyone laugh, but also made everyone feel a little bit sad.

     Luo Xin knew that this was brought by Luo Yiming.

     In the Who is a Hero column, that's it is an inspirational, strong, and dreamlike personality. This kind of hosting style is familiar to him.

     The stage has been sublimated, Happy Camp, in addition to the past joyful elements, seems to have a little more positive energy.

     Luo Xin realized a problem.

     Such Luo Yiming stands on the stage of Happy Camp, and He Jiong, Li Weijia, including Xie Na, who are good at humor, funny, and relaxed style, may really have some host insights in the later period.

     More importantly, there is still a slight difference between Luo Yiming's hosting style and the simple and happy base camp he created.It's like Luo Yiming completely subverted who is the hero and then exploded.

      The future of Happy Camp, under the auspices of Luo Yiming, may also develop into an unimaginable form of its own.

     Luo Xin re-examined the show and also re-examined Luo Yiming's existence in Happy Camp.

     He admits that Luo Yiming is very strong.

     He can guide a show intentionally or unintentionally. Putting him in Happy Camp limits his ability.

     If you take him out and give him more space, can he create another trump card variety show that surpasses who is a hero?

     Also, leaving him, and He Jiong, will there be conflicts in the future?

     Will the two conflict with Kuaiben’s hosting ideas?

     Luo Yiming's rapid development and rise made Luo Xin have to think about these issues early.
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