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124 Chapter 126, Heaven Will Be In Charge (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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That night, the first episode of Happy Camp aired.

     Luo Xin was not in her own home, but went to Song Wendian's house and Lao Song's arrangement at home.

     It has been circulating in the station for the past two months that Lao Song, the director of the Innovation Office of the Program Center, wants to be promoted to deputy director of the channel. After two months of inspection, the news was finally confirmed.

     Although the final notice had not yet been given, Song Wendian invited Luo Xin, an old colleague of the center office, to dinner at home.

     The notification can't run.

     The people in front of Lao Song were transferred to Radio and Television as the leader.

     Taili is ranked according to seniority, no one can compete with Lao Song, this position is definitely his.

     As the deputy director, Luo Xin's boss was promoted.

     She, the second in command, always sends blessings.

     Song Wendian was promoted, and Luo Xin, the deputy director, naturally took the position.

     However, can it be.

      at what time on.

     Now is a sensitive period.

     Song Wendian called her this time, mainly to discuss the recent shows on the station, which show will be on the stage, and take over "Who is the Hero" hosted by Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan.

     During the critical period, Lao Song hoped that this stick could be passed well.

     If in the month before his promotion, another ace variety show was born, it would definitely improve his performance during his reign.

     Furthermore, even if he is promoted.

     The director of the center office, he will also serve as a period of time, so as to complete the handover with Luo Xin.

     At this point, he even wants to fuel the birth of a new variety show.

     This is a matter of on brocade, add flowers.The several variety shows that are going to be launched in the previous stage are the new versions of "True Love," discuss something enthusiastically, "Love Cube and "Xiang Pioneer"

     But after studying these programs repeatedly, Song Wendian feels that their introduction will not continue the popularity of who is the hero.

     It is likely that the variety show ratings of Mango Channel will decline on Sunday.

     Normally, it doesn't matter if you slide down a little bit, but at the crucial moment in your upper position, you can't tolerate a little sloppy.

     The ratings can only go up, not down.

     To put it bluntly, the variety show that took over on Sunday must be on fire.

     When Luo Xin arrived at the old Song's house, Song Wendian also asked Luo Xin to seize the moment, striving to set up a new variety show next week. In early March, he could take over who is the hero to broadcast.

     I just held a symposium at the beginning of the year and summarized the variety show situation in the first three months of this year. Lao Song this time, it is undoubtedly tricky to open a new variety show.

     Happy Camp is being broadcast on TV.

     This is exactly the time the Happy Camp game was broadcast.

     On TV, Luo Yiming played Who is the Undercover? with other players, and Luo Yiming used his wit to win to the end.

     "Yiming?" Song Wendian watched Luo Yiming's performance, and suddenly remembered that Luo Yiming and Guo Degang had a good cross talk during the Spring Festival Gala at the Mango Stage.

     At that time, he had the intention to launch a variety show and comedy show, presented in the form of sketches, cross talk and other programs, and let Luo Yiming be the host.

     However, Song Wendian never thought about the form of this program.Ke Luo Yiming was a corner he had forgotten before, saying that other producers could not lead a military order from him to guarantee Sunday's variety show ratings.

     Song Wendian felt that Luo Yiming, a new producer, might be fine.

     "Luo Xin, in the last two issues, is Yiming's performance in Happy Camp okay?" Song Wendian was actually concerned about the growth of the newly promoted mc at Mango Terrace, remembering Luo Yiming's newly recorded fast book, and asked.

     Luo Xin also forgot one thing. When Lao Song mentioned it, Luo Xin's eyes lit up.

     "Director Song, I just wanted to tell you. Yiming planned two games in Kuaiben. We used his game for the latest recording. The game is the same as Who is the Undercover? The audience likes it very much."

      "Really? Luo Yiming, this kid really has real skills."

     "Director Song, as soon as I recorded a quick copy today, I ate a five-jin iced watermelon in one minute. He worked hard and felt that he had a positive energy in him. I think he and other quick copy hosts People, maybe not quite the same."

     "What do you want to express?" Song Wendian was rarely interested in the topic of Luo Yiming.

     Luo Xin continued: "I don't mean it. It's just that Luo Yiming's strength is really strong. He only became a deputy on stage in the third period. After a long time, before he and He Jiong, there will be A very embarrassing situation."

     "I'm thinking, maybe Luo Yiming is more suitable to pick the leading role, and open another column. If the fast book, when the mountain can't accommodate two tigers, Luo Yiming can quit Happy Camp."

     The fast book created by Luo Xin is a happy and relaxed variety show.Luo Yi obviously can control and can push the show to a higher stage.

     But Luo Yiming is fine, but the other hosts are not able to complement him.

     At that time, Luo Yiming will find few singers difficult songs, and his ability will be a drag on him instead.

     Song Wendian understood what Luo Xin meant, and also knew that Luo Xin did this to kill two birds with one stone.

      Happy Camp was created by her. Luo Yiming's future is an uncertain factor for her in Kuaiben. Keeping Kuaiben and letting Luo Yiming come out is a protection for her status as a gold medal producer.

     Second, Luo Yiming is now the most potential "producer" on Mango Channel. He can create variety shows with nearly 3 ratings, and he can also plan fun games on Happy Camp.

     It is not impossible for Luo Yiming to create another popular variety show.

     As long as Luo Yiming succeeds, Luo Xin, the new director who rides to take up an official appointment, will have another trump card in his hand.

     "Let's take care of this. If Yiming can really bring out a good show, we will continue to give him the opportunity. However, Happy Camp's variety show must be called on him."

     "As for what you said about whether they are in harmony with the host, it will naturally run in well over time."

     Lao Song and Luo Xin had different opinions on Luo Yiming's decision to leave or stay in Kuaiben.

     He Jiong is the head of Happy Camp. Yes, Ke Luo Yiming's rapid rise should not be a threat to He Jiong.

     On the contrary, such competition, Song Wendian feels, is also a reminder to He Jiong.

      the rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before.

     He Jiong wants to sit firmly in the top spot, and his strength has to look up.Furthermore, Lao Song will not let Kuaben lose a higher stage leap because of Luo Xin's selfishness.

     Lao Song instead looked forward to what Luo Yiming would become after bringing different elements into Happy Camp.

     On the second day after Kuai Ben’s broadcast, Luo Yiming walked to the entrance of the station and watched the ratings of easily broken 3 on the large led screen. He had to sigh how important it is that the platform is good.

      Happy Camp is the trump card variety show of Mango Channel. Even if the first episode of the show be nothing to write home about, with a strong audience base, its ratings can crush other shows.

     Entering the stage leisurely, Luo Yiming today there's nothing about it recording mission, he smiled and greeted everyone, he didn't charge himself for the busy period of time.

     He borrowed an interview book from the library, and Luo Yiming is also preparing for a show he might participate in in the future.

     In Luo Yiming's variety show copywriting, he recently thought of two variety shows, one inspired by an interview with Shenliu’s flying hero Nie Haisheng.

     He thinks that in Mango, it is possible to create a variety show that can get close to heroes, celebrities, economic predators, and traditional artists.

     Through simple interviews, celebrities give live speeches and performances.

     Inciting, driving the audience.

     At the same time, it can also inspire young people to learn from these heroes and promote positive social energy.

     The second variety show is that in the Happy Camp game, Carrot squatted zoomed in. He wanted to imitate the ever-changing celebrities in the past and launch a big imitating show.

     Compared with the two, the former is taller, and what you need is self-cultivation to keep up.

     The latter is relatively simple, direct, and crude.It is undoubtedly imitating, taking the funny route.

     Advance, the first difficulty lies in oneself, the second difficulty lies in others.

     Compared with the two, Luo Yiming feels that the first variety show is better to achieve.

     He is a difficult point, Luo Yiming can improve through learning, including in the program, he can also continue to improve.

     While studying the book with keen interest, Luo Yiming was urged by Luo Xin to call and rushed to Director Luo's office.

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