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125 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty-Six, The Big Name Is Coming (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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words exceede 5100This variety show is to interview and invite celebrities, economic predators, film and television superstars, traditional artists, and national heroes to participate in the show.

     Through their performances, speeches, and their own dialogue.

     To realize a large-scale talk show variety show that promotes national culture, revitalizes traditional arts, promotes positive social energy, encourages young people to advance bravely, and triggers social thinking.

     In this variety show, Luo Yiming started to talk about things from previous lives. Lu Yu has a collection of advantages, rich in content, all-inclusive and all-embracing, and properly fed a bowl of chicken soup, which is also a catalyst for the soul.

     However, Luo Yiming's early preparations are very important to create a variety show with Chinese characteristics, culture and rich content.

     He doesn't think that hurriedly creating this show will show the effect he wants.

     "Director Luo, thank you for your respect and appreciation to me. To be honest, I have some ideas that are not particularly mature. However, they are just ideas. When you advance, you have to solve the difficulties relative to there's some left."

     Luo Xin likes to listen to Yiming's speech. He has ideas, and Luo Xin thinks this is a good thing.

     "Then, you can tell me your thoughts first. If you have any difficulties, the station may be able to help you solve them."

     Luo Yiming's eyes turned suddenly and calmly said: "Actually, this idea of mine originated from an interview with Comrade Nie Haisheng. I was very excited by the interview at the time, and I was deeply moved by his deeds."

     "I was wondering whether it is possible to create a theme that can be continuously updated in each issue, carry forward the national spirit, promote Chinese art, and promote positive energy variety shows.""This variety show can invite national heroes, celebrities, traditional artists, including film and television superstars, to be guests on the show. Through dialogue speeches or performances of youth observation groups, the show's charm and extreme saturation can be demonstrated."

     Luo Yiming said it confidently. In fact, the program has already taken shape in his mind.

     I started talking about the appointment of Garouyu, warmth, wisdom, and depth. The combination of these two programs is definitely a big killer.

     Both programs have received universal acclaim in previous lives.

     A classic talk show variety show on CCTV, and a gold interview show on Anhui Satellite TV.

     Then adopt a mode of host plus guests plus youth observation group three plus, it can definitely set off a ratings whirlwind.

     "Yi Ming, where is your difficulty?" Luo Xin had to admire Luo Yi Ming. The form of this variety show is very precise.

     Even if she has been in variety shows for many years, she failed to come up with such an idea.

     "I want to name this column as a big name. Each issue invites leaders from all walks of life with leadership spirit, idol traits, and all walks of life to come to the show. They will tell everyone their stories, which will trigger the thinking of the whole people. "

     "The guests of the show are all big names and elites. I will also participate in the dialogue with the guests and enrich the content."

     "The current difficulty, one is the difficulty of inviting big names in the early stage."

     "The second is that I still need a certain amount of time to recharge, otherwise I can't ensure that I can complete a free dialogue with leaders."

     Create a large variety show that triggers the thinking of the whole people and has a positive publicity to the society.This is not sloppy.

     Each issue of the program invites different guests, presentations of different cultures, economies, sports, and variety shows to comprehensively set up benchmarks and help people establish a correct outlook on life, values, and money.

     This is definitely a great variety show.

     Luo Xin knew why Luo Yiming would hesitate.

     At the beginning, he said that his ideas have not finally matured. This is Luo Yiming's emphasis on this variety show.

     Indeed, such a powerful show cannot be controlled by anyhow a host.

     Not anyhow a producer, by the strength of oneself, can achieve it.

      He not only requires the host’s erudition and humor, as well as the producer’s overall planning and mastery of the preparation of each program theme.

     And the current popular factors, popular topics, interspersed in, prevent the show from becoming an educational classroom for celebrities, and increase the observability and fluency of the show.

     Although knowing that these all are difficult, Luo Xin is looking forward to the birth of this powerful variety show.

     "Yiming, the two questions you mentioned, the first one is about inviting big names, and the station can help you communicate and get in touch."

     "But..." Luo Xin asked after a turn of the conversation: "You should also be aware that some big names have high appearance fees. If you make a variety show, you can't lose money on the stage. I want to ask you, this big name How much sponsorship do you think you can get for the variety show?"

     Luo Xin is the deputy director of the Program Innovation Office, and she will be promoted soon.

     There is an advertising department under the Innovation Office.

     The director will also be responsible for the sponsorship and naming expenses of the advertising department.Big pay is high, Luo Yiming can create such a variety show.

     However, it is the last word for Luo Yiming to draw enough money for advertising investment.

     Luo Yiming is not Wenqing, and the train can run fast only when he gets on the track.

     The production of variety shows must enter the market. Only real gold and white silver can measure its value.

     This is the survival rule of the TV station column.

     Otherwise, the host and the producer would not be worthwhile.

     Good producers, gold medal producers, create a variety show, then many advertisers will come to a place on account of its reputation.

     Luo Yiming's current reputation has risen.

     Although he doesn't know how much he is worth?

     How many advertisers can be pulled.

     How much influence can it have.

     But at least, his newly opened blog has exceeded 10 million fans, which is already terrible in the entertainment circle nowadays.

     With these tens of millions of blog fans and tens of millions of page views in the space, Luo Yiming may make a voice that I will create a new column, which can cause a small storm in the entertainment industry.

     How much can it be?

     Luo Yiming thought about it and said: "Director Luo, I remember who the hero’s naming investment cost is 50 million. Based on him, I think the entire program will increase advertising revenue by at least 20 million."

     Luo Yiming made a conservative estimate.

     Such as Supergirl's naming investment income has exceeded 200 million.

     The big name is coming, 70 million, Luo Yiming still has the confidence to do it.words exceede 5100
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