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128 Chapter 129, Variety Show Revolution (recommendation Ticket Required)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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In the previous life, "Let's Talk", jointly produced by CCTV Comprehensive Channel and Weizhong Media, is China's first public youth TV class.

     In each program, a well-known person tells his story, shares their perceptions of life and life, and gives the Chinese youth a realistic discussion and spiritual nourishment.

     It discusses the life issues of young people and also discusses the social issues of youth in China.

     Each issue of the program has eight youth representatives from major universities across the country, asking questions and interacting with speakers.

     As the audience, 300 college students shared this thoughtful, questionable, valued and sharp collision of ideas.

     The topics selected by the speakers in each issue are the question marks in the hearts of young people today, and they talk about the topics that young people care most about and are most confused.

     In addition to entertainment stars, the program group will also invite scientists, artists and other "high-cold" industry intellectual elites.

     Use your own real experience and mental journey to provide young people with direction and motivation to move forward, and give the audience nourishment and spiritual inspiration.

     This is really a good section.

     The opening lecture appeared in the previous life because the top ratings of CCTV integrated channel were challenged by other star TVs.

     As the flagship channel of CCTV, before 2012, CCTV's integrated channel has maintained the first position in the national market share.

     However, as competition intensified, the direct challenge of Reality TV Show has made CCTV's position as the boss of CCTV not guaranteed.

     The most important thing is that CCTV should also lead in the expression of mainstream values, and not be associated with pure variety entertainment. "Let's talk about Roaring Across the Horizon in this case."In this life, Luo Yiming took out the routine of Jialuyu's contract.

     Concentrate on creating a phenomenal variety show.

     Positioned in the big-name market.

     It is definitely a revolution in variety shows.

     If this show is run well, it will be the pinnacle of indoor variety shows.

     It will also be an in-depth promotion of mainstream values.

     Arriving in the platform early, the sky at dawn is still hazy, and the branches and leaves rendered by the wind fall over the courtyard that has not yet been cleaned.

     The media vehicles used for interviews were parked in the parking spaces of the small courtyard, covered with dust.

     Tian still did not retreat from the chill, wrapped in his clothes, Luo Yiming ran to the lobby on the first floor.

     I habitually look at the large led screen. Last week’s ratings, Happy Camp was still the first, and the second issue of Happy Camp also occupied the highest ratings position.

     As the deputy of the Happy Family, Luo Yiming has become more and more popular with the exposure of the Kuaiben program.

     I haven't been to the station these days, the old man in the mail room asked Luo Yiming to pick up gifts, all of which were given by fans.

     After Luo Yiming arrived in the mail room, he asked the old man to send them back according to the address sent, and added a blessing card.

     Luo Xin informed Luo Yiming that the location of the recording was in the Zhenqing Recording and Broadcasting Hall of Hu Province Satellite TV.

     This place is smaller than the 600 studio.

     However, interview programs in the station are all started here. Luo Yiming did not require a large venue, and Luo Xin did not choose other places.For Luo Yiming now, it is enough for the station to officially approve the program and give himself so much support in such a short time.

     The place is smaller, Luo Yiming doesn't think it matters, it's mainly the atmosphere.

     On the background of the studio, Luo Yiming asked the team to set up a bookshelf full of books.

     As soon as the atmosphere of scholarship and classroom comes, it gives people a sense of comfort and comfort.

     In the studio of this meeting, in addition to a few field workers who are still setting up the scene, there's nothing about it.

     The audience of college students invited by Luo Xin did not come this time.

     Luo Yiming was not in a hurry. He moved a stool and sat in the corner. He began to sort out the conversation with Yi Zhongtian today.

     After the crew finished setting up the scene, Director Wang Li came to the studio and saw that Luo Yi was there early in the morning. She also hurried to get the recording staff in place.

     Then, nearby Normal University and students from the Academy of Arts making up a group, forming a troupe into the hall.

     They choose a place to sit down, and the one in the front row simply sit on the ground or the floor.

     The members of the observation mission were then in place.

     At 8:30 in the morning, Director Luo Xin and Professor Yi Zhongtian to be late.

     Luo Yiming communicated with Teacher Yi Zhongtian about the content of the program. After all, this is not a history class. The direction of the specific links and the variety show laughter will require the cooperation of Teacher Yi Zhongtian.

     After all the questions were communicated, the recording of the first episode of the big name came into the countdown state.

     Compared to other shows, Luo Xin trusts Luo Yiming very much.

     But in the first episode of this show, she is not very optimistic about Luo Yiming's hosting skills.After all, history is very deep.

     His life experience, perception, and knowledge storage are still lacking.

     Talking with Teacher Yi Zhongtian in this dimension, Luo Xin felt that Luo Yiming might not be able to release the glory to him in the hero show.

     However, Luo Xin is still very much looking forward to this recording.


     "Each camera position..."

     "All actors..."



     As the on-site director shouted, Luo Yiming, who had changed his costume, walked towards the center of the stage.

     There was a small podium arranged here, and Luo Yiming stood there calmly with a card thin as paper wings in his hand.


     Today, Luo Yiming's style is very seductive.

     It's a white shirt with black pants, black leather shoes shiny, and a cool haircut.

     "Hello everyone, welcome to watch the Chinese TV screen, the first large-scale youth TV open class program is here. I am the host Luo Yiming."

     "In our big-name coming program, we will invite a heavyweight guest in each issue, and he will share a warm speech with us."

     "He might also give us a performance with connotation and non-satisfaction."

     "For each episode, we will have a completely different theme."

     "Start from all aspects of economy, culture, entertainment, sports, technology, life, and learn the stories behind the big names to give our hearts a warm wash.""In the program, we will also have an observation group composed of five young college students and two beautiful young hosts to ask questions to the guests."

     "The show is about to begin. For today's first episode, we have invited a scholar and professor in the field of history."

     "The British poet Shelley once wrote that history is a poem inscribed on time memory."

     "History, sometimes it reappears with amazing similarities, how can we learn lessons from similar historical events in the past, and how can we use the wisdom of the ancients to deal with today's real life?"

     "Our answer is to study history."

     "For this reason, history has its most important function and can be used in the world."

     "What is Jingshi? Committed to the country, and committed to what society calls Jingshi."

     "What is practical use? Use what I have learned to transform my use into practical use."

     "Learn from history" and "read history wisely" all emphasize the practical guiding role of history. "

     "And today, the famous historian, scholar and professor Yi Zhongtian came to our first episode."


     "Teacher Yi Zhongtian."

     Yi Zhongtian opened the Hundred Schools Forum in 2005. This time Yi Zhongtian already has a certain reputation.

     After coming up, Teacher Yi was very surprised by Luo Yiming's previous throw out a brick and get jade thrown back.

     "Hello, Teacher Yi."

     "Hello, Yiming." Yi Zhongtian said.

     "Teacher Yi, I know that you opened the Hundred Schools Forum last year, which is very good. In fact, I am very interested in history and have delved into our history.""Is that right?" Yi Zhongtian knew that young people nowadays don't have much coldness about history.

     "Of course, I love watching your Hundred Schools Forum program very much, and I want to find a chance to do such a program. But our station leader told me, just you... forget it."

     The music of Brother Monkey from Journey to the West rang at this time.

     With the sound effects, Luo Yiming's words are a bit funny.

     "I can tell, you are from Huaguoshan."

     Luo Yiming said innocently: "Teacher Yi, the sound effects teacher, it's really bad. They are ironic that I am a funny comparison sent by a monkey."


     "However, I still like you from the bottom of my heart and I really like you. Let's hand it over to you under the stage. Let's talk."

     If you say, before, Luo Xin thought that Luo Yiming was still a simple push program.

     But from this opening remark, coupled with the humorous opening by him and Teacher Yi Zhongtian, Luo Xin knew that this was a familiar taste to Luo Yiming.

     He must have done enough homework.

     Standing in front of the podium, Teacher Yi Zhongtian regarded this as his lecture hall.

     However, Mr. Yi Zhongtian’s expression suddenly stopped, and he said solemnly: “Extremely grateful welcome to everyone, but I have to seek truth from facts, I’m standing here reluctantly.”


     One sentence swallowed all the humor just now, and for a time, the audience's face was closed.
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