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129 Chapter 130, The Choice Is The Responsibility (recommendation Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Teacher Yi Zhongtian can really say this.

     Reluctant to stand here, do you dislike my big mango stand?

     But some students started to think quietly, why not be willing to stand here.

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian would say in a deep voice: "Because I am afraid of coming here, I was given another label called Young Mentor."

     "I have enough labels on me."

     "The most used one is called Academic Superboy."

     "Academic super male?"

     "I really don't want to put a label on it and call it a young mentor."

     "I am here today just to discuss, communicate and share with our young friends."

     "If there is a mentor, I hope you are also my mentor."

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian was very sincere, and his hand opened from behind his chest in the next second and said: "We are each other's mentors."

     It turned out that Teacher Yi Zhongtian didn't want him to stand on the stage as a big name, and he was humble.

     At this time, there was applause from the audience.

     "When you were eighteen, what were you thinking and doing?" Teacher Yi Zhongtian asked.

     "College entrance examination." The students in the audience said different mouths, same voice.

     "All in the college entrance examination?"

     "So what did I do when I was eighteen."

     "I made a brave decision."

     "Participate in the xj production and construction corps."

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian twisted his head and seemed to be looking back at the past.

     "So why did I make such a brave decision.""It's because I read this book." Picking up a book on the small table, Teacher Yi Zhongtian presented it to the audience.

     "This book was written by a Soviet writer, Willa Ketterinskaya, and its name is Brave."

     "He described Moscow and Leningrad's Communist Youth League members. To the Soviet Far East, Siberia. To build a Komsomolsk."

     "I be fired up after reading this book!"

     "I said, I will go too, and I will also write a book of Chinese Bravery."

     "I want to be Willa Ketteringskaya of China!"

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian increased his tone. He raised his arms and raised his arms and shouted, so that the students saw a young age Yi Zhongtian with lofty aspirations and high ideals.

     "I went there resolutely, and it was very lucky that I was divided into units after I arrived in Ulumqi. I was assigned to the Communist Youth League Farm of the Eighth Agricultural Division.

     "I immediately thought of a song, and I just sang it."

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian looked at the audience: "This song is called the song of the Communist Youth League members. Can anyone sing it?"

     However, few people in the audience raised their hands.

     For a time, no one can remember how this song was sung.

      a voice sounded.

     "I will." Luo Yiming raised his hand.

     "Ah, would you?" Teacher Yi Zhongtian was surprised.

     Luo Yiming can sing this song. In fact, he communicated with Lao Yi.

     Luo Yiming sang: "Listen, the battle horn sounds the alarm... Put on the uniform and take up the weapon... The members of the Communist Youth League gather and embark on the journey... millions of people all of one mind defend the country... You take it."Teacher Yi Zhongtian went to listen to the song, let alone, Luo Yiming sang really nicely, he will quickly pick up: "Let's... say goodbye... Ah, no, no, high."


     Teacher Yi Zhongtian was raised up by Luo Yiming's tone, and then he shook his voice and broke his voice.

     "Yi Ming, I was killed by you, and all of you were killed."


     "My fault, teacher. Come on, get up a little!" Luo Yiming smiled.

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian came again, takes a deep breath and sang: "We bid farewell to my dear mother, please kiss your son goodbye, goodbye...Mom."

     At this time, the soundtrack teacher also played the accompaniment of this song. Teacher Yi Zhongtian sang very sincerely, "Don't be sad, don't be sad, and wish us Safe All the Way."

     "Goodbye, mother, kiss your son goodbye, and go."

     "I hadn't thought what my mother felt."

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian's expression suddenly became sad: "Later, my father told me."

     "My mother cries every night."

     "Mother is worried about children traveling thousands of miles, and children traveling thousands of miles away don't worry."

     "Willful, just want to go."

     "We must achieve our goals."

     "We must realize our ideals."

     Speaking of Yi Zhongtian, many students have the same feelings.

     I couldn't help but think of the dispute between myself and my mother over goals and ideals.

     "But after I went, I found out. The place described in poetry proves that life is not poetry."

     "Dreams are reflected in reality, life is not poetry." Teacher Yi Zhongtian shook his head.sighed saying: "What awaits us is the indescribable loneliness! Monotonous! Tired! Tangled!"

     "I moved into the cowshed and lived with the cows."

     "What did you do on the first day?"

     "Milk the cow."

     The sound teacher matched a piece of sad and desolate music, which Luo Yiming asked the director to arrange.

     For a time, teacher Yi Zhongtian became a tragic figure.

     "I'll go up and squeeze, I can't squeeze it out at all." Teacher Yi Zhongtian did the milking action.

     "The old worker came over and told me that it was not squeezed like this, you have to give the calf a bite first. Swell the milk out first."

     "I said how to get this calf." Yi Zhongtian looked blank.

     "You let him eat it."

     "The calf is tied aside. I untied the calf, and the calf rushed over and ate milk wildly."

     I watched by the side.

     The veteran said, "What are you doing while watching? You are milking, what are you milking after eating."

     "Then how to do it, pull it over."

     "Well, I'll just pull the bull, it won't move at all."

     "Take it over with great difficulty, and re-tether it."

     "It only squeezed a little bit of milk, and the cow discovered it and kicked the milk bucket over with an angry kick."

     "By the way, it gave me a kick too."

     "I fell there and it hurts, but it's not my body, it's my heart!"

      this is my ideal?

     I don't think so?

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian said lightly, and then smiled. But the expression of the audience is not so relaxed anymore."The old worker will do this, and he is still taunting me next to him, saying why you are so stupid."

     "Milking kicked the cow."

     "The squad leader came and said, why don't you go herding."

     "The monitor gave me a stick, so long." Teacher Yi Zhongtian gestured forty to fifty centimeters.

     "Very strong, what do I say with sticks, do you beat wolves?"

     "He said that there are no wolves. They hit bulls and bulls are disobedient. Just hit them."

     "I didn't care about it, so I took the book. I put it in my pocket and drove the cow out."

     "After going out, the cow is grazing there, and I will read."

     "Looked for a while, the cow was gone."

     "There is also a cow in front of it. It is about to rush forward. I hurried over with a stick."

     "I said you stop."


     The audience was still sad, desolate, sympathetic, and pitying on a "talented" milking teacher Yi Zhongtian.

     This sudden change of style made everyone laugh.

     "Where are you going?"

     "The cow glanced at me, then... left."

     "In the end, the cows in front of me were gone, so I had to carry the sticks to drive them one by one."

     "Then I was quickly transferred from the animal husbandry class. I went to the Datian class."

     "Then I finished all the dirty work, tiring work, and hard work in the Corps."

     "For example, there is a kind of thing called trousers off."

     "That's when the cotton seedling grows to the height of the calf."

     "Take out the two leaves under the cotton seedlings.""Because Miao is only this high, you can't reach it like this." Teacher Yi Zhongtian would bend down and gesture.

     "You have to kneel down." Teacher Yi Zhongtian squatted down.

     "Kneel down and get it with both hands."

     "Then just walk."

     "A crawl is a day."

     "The field of the Corps is called Tiao Tian."

     "That strip field is called as far as the eye can see."

     "I can't see the head at all."

     "You have to climb from one end to the other every day."

     "Then finish beating the other two rows of leaves, and then climb back, even if the work of the day is... finished."

     "If the speed is not enough, you won't be able to return home, won't come back at all." Teacher Yi Zhongtian thought of the years, but still felt hopeless.

     "At that time, I looked at Tiao Tian as far as the eye can see, and I was thinking, where is my hope?"

     "I can't see hope."

     "Many young people now say that I can't see hope, I can't see hope."

     "Then you go to Tiaotian."

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian’s voice has been aggravated. In fact, young people nowadays, their so-called invisible hope, will not reach this predicament.

     At least, many people have not reached this dilemma.

     This kind of experience made the students feel that Mr. Yi Zhongtian's young life was not easy.

     "Regret it?"

     "No regrets."

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian pressed one hand down and said loudly, "Because that was my decision."

     "I do not regret!""Until now I think that when I obey the strongest impulse in my heart... No matter what kind of his ending is, no matter how much hardship I will endure in the future, I have no regrets."

     "Choose is responsible."
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