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130 Chapter 131, Life Is Not Poetry
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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There was applause.

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian’s speech, in this brief moment, aroused applause like never before.

     That is the recognition of the students, the recognition of the choice, no matter how hard it is, you must persist.

     "Under such a difficult environment, I think since I had this dream."

     "Although life is not poetry. Although life is not what I thought."

     "Can provide me with so much material."

     "Make me an excellent writer."

     "But my dream, I have to keep on doing it."

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian recovered his calm, and he smiled. Although his voice was full of weird taste, it was the most charming voice.

     "So I read a lot of books at the time."

     "And it is because of this kind of accumulation."

     "Finally, I was admitted to Wuhan University."

     "After I graduated, I lived in an office."

     "Lived in Tongzilou."

     "It has been very hard and very hard to come over."

     "I clearly remember the housing reform in Xiamen University in 1998."

     "The school gave me a house."

     "Because I was already a professor at that time."

      "Wow." The students made a sound from underneath. It was an enviable voice. It was because I felt that Teacher Yi Zhongtian's good day was coming.

     The house, the next house, but land is extremely expensive (in that area).

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian naturally heard the wow of the students.

     "The house is 110 square meters."

     "Seven discounts, eight discounts."

     "Fold it down, how much do you guys guess?"The audience in the front row said: "150,000?"

     "Two hundred thousand?"

     "One hundred thousand?"

     Some students are from the Fujian Province, and they are also calculated according to local housing prices and university policies, and then appropriate discounts.

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian smiled: "Thirty thousand."

     "Not per square meter."

     "Total price!"

     The students exclaimed again: "It's so cheap."

     "Thirty thousand is fine."

     Some students still said in their hearts that Mr. Yi Zhongtian had earned it and embarked on the peak of life.

     Just when the students thought so, they were slapped in the face.

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian almost roared: "I can't afford it."

     The professor threw his hand out fiercely, as if to say that he was incompetent.

     "I can't afford it, classmates."

     Bang bang bang.

     Although there is no sound.

     However, everyone in the room was beaten in the face.

     A dignified professor.

     A university professor.

     Can't afford a house of 30,000 yuan?

     This...this how can it be?

     The reality has given you a crisp slap, but you have to accept it with a smile.

     If you can't afford it, you can't afford it. Teacher Yi Zhongtian thinks this is a joke.

     But he is not a joke, he is a living reality.

     When it comes to this, when the audience is dumbstruck and unable to reply and their faces are ugly, when many students are thinking whether this is the sorrow of the times and the professor is not as good as the actor, Luo Xin understood.

     Why did Luo Yiming open such a column, and the vitality of such a column where is it.This column competes with other variety shows. What is his point of view and where is his advantage.

     But compared to this, Luo Xin felt that it was an insult to the big names.

     He is different from those variety shows. He is a column of in-depth thinking about the real society. He is a column that explores some hot issues and contradictions in this society.

     After such a program is broadcast, how big a response it will arouse, how much attention it will arouse the media and society, how many people will it let to discuss...

     It will be from bottom to top, and it will affect how people reflect on it.

     This show... is really scary.

     "Why did I want to do TV later?"

     "Why should I go to the Hundred Schools Forum."

     "Not those media speculations."

     "Say you are on the Hundred Schools Forum, and you are a big hit."

     "You can be famous, you can make a lot of money."

     "Not at all." Yi Zhongtian waved his hand again and again.

     "Go to the Hundred Schools Forum to make money and make a show for one thousand yuan."

     "Tax deduction, nine hundred and six."

     "I calculated a very simple account and broadcasted it four times a month. It was 4,000 yuan, and if I sat down a year, it was 48,000."

     "For the so simple motive, I went."

     Speaking of this, the audience was silent.

     I also understand why a university professor chooses to do the television program.

     Why, a university professor does not safely become his professor in the school.He can't afford a house, he lives in an office, lives in Tongzilou, with great difficulty, caught up with the housing reform, he didn't even have 30,000 yuan.

     He was discouraged, so he could only make a show through the TV station and earn this...forty-eight thousand a year.

     Zuo Yan, Zhang Weiwei, and Yang Xue sitting in the observation group all had silent expressions.

     "My heart is sour..." Zuo Yan looked at Zhang Weiwei.

     Zhang Weiwei didn't know how to express her emotions.

     She didn't know that it was a coincidence that Teacher Yi Zhongtian came to CCTV to open the Hundred Schools Forum.

     Yang Xue grew up in a wealthy home, and she was very tall, so after hearing such stories, Yang Hui's heart was even more touched.

     "I think I have not thought many things in my life."

     "Lightly and easily go."

     "But always you win some, you lose some."

     "I never want to make it any good."

     "Then I will only consider one problem, once it gets messed up."

     "The price I have to bear, whether I can afford it or cannot afford it."

     "If I can afford it, do it."

     "Last year, I went to the Hundred Schools Forum. This year, I am a product of Three Kingdoms."

     "I don't want to be humble anymore. Pretending to be humble, I am now considered famous."

     "Two things tell me that I may be famous."

     "One day, on the street, an old couple came over and asked me, are you Yi Zhongtian?" Yi Zhongtian imitated his exaggerated tone. The classmates were amused by his humor again, but still a little faint.

     "I said I am inside.""Last year, in the Xidan Book Building, the melancholy of the empire I wrote about was first published in Beijing, and it was surrounded by a group of readers. After they surrounded the Xidan Book Building, they couldn't get in the queue. They passed through the underground garage and passed through the residents. Area."

     "This is probably the success in the eyes of the world!"

     "From the same secular perspective, I, Yi Zhongtian, is called win success and recognition anyway!"

     "In the same way, I should play with one's grandchildren while eating candy."

     "Enjoy your old age."

     "However, I suddenly had an urge to write one, Pin Three Kingdoms."

     "I will still think about writing Yi Zhongtian's 36-volume Chinese History."

     "It's a book like the first one, thirty-six books to be written." Teacher Yi Zhongtian took up the courage, the Chinese Willa Kaitlins Kaya he wanted to be.

     "What is this concept?"

     "Write one in two months."

     "It will take six years."

     "It takes twelve years to write a book in four months."

     "Normal, I wrote a book for half a year."

     "If I have enough energy, there's nothing about it unexpectedly, it will take 15 years to finish writing 36 books."

     "Fifteen years, I am already in my seventies. Old man, right?"

     "You old man, the loess is almost buried in the body, what are you writing about."

     "I know there will be people who want to laugh and think... either this old man is crazy, or he is crazy."

     "But I'm not crazy."

     "I just want to do it, there is a strong impulse in me.""I just want to write a thing."

     "And what I can tell you is that I have already written Pin Three Kingdoms."

     "Thirty-six volumes of Yi Zhongtian Chinese History, I have also written two books. I will write them down."

     "Until... until I... impotent...."

     As Teacher Yi Zhongtian finally resounding powerful, he finished speaking one word at a time, until the last two words, the students burst into applause.

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian finished his speech. This is definitely a warm and connotative speech.

     And how to push the first episode of the program to a climax again.

     How can the big-name programs be presented more excitingly and popular in the country?

     Become another variety show giant Luo Yiming.

     In his next appearance, the dialogue with Mr. Yi Zhongtian was tremendously important.

     Luo Yiming sorted out his shirt. He took the paper card and walked firmly towards the small podium...
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