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131 Chapter 132, Life Is Not Poetry + Shelf Testimonials
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

As the title of this chapter, life is not poetry.

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian caught up with the housing reform in Xiamen, with a discount of seven to eight. The house had to pay 30,000, which he couldn't afford.

     Finally, I went to CCTV and opened the Hundred Schools Forum.

     Life is helpless and cruel.

     And my life continues.

     The book will be on the shelves at twelve tomorrow.

     Putting it on the shelves means that you will have to pay for this book in the future, a few cents for a chapter, so many readers will say that they can only support it here.

     But... don't leave yet... okay?

     Listen to me finish.

     Those who have read the book should understand.

     All books are on the shelves, and the data of the first order is very important.

     The first chapter should be a few cents.

     But a few cents may be able to change the fate of this book.

     Changing the front of this book, the village that secretly coded words under the light of a desk lamp after putting a one-year-old baby to sleep every night is my destiny.

     Don't laugh, it's an exaggeration that a book can be so capable.

     No, it's really not an exaggeration.

     My dream is small.

     It's not like Teacher Yi Zhongtian, thinking about writing a brave book and becoming the Willa Kaitlins Kaya of China.

     But I will also use a simple calculation method like Mr. Yi to tell you a story.

     For the first order, if I have five hundred, and a chapter subscription is 8 coins, then if I add ten chapters, it will be 40,000 coins, which is 400 yuan. If I divide it by half, I can get 200.

     Similarly, if the first order is one thousand, then if I have ten chapters, it is 80,000 coins, which is 800 yuan, and I can get 400.If this goes on for a month, I can get 12,000.

     You would say, wow, writing books can still make money like this.


     I can't make ten changes every day for a month.

     In fact, I may already the limit with three changes to keep the quality and quantity.

     Therefore, if I subscribe for one thousand, I only have 24,000 coins to get, which is 120 yuan per day, and 3600 yuan in January.

     With 500 subscriptions, I only have 12,000 coins to get, which is only...1800 yuan per month.

     Life is not poetry, five years earlier, 1800 yuan, I would think what a beautiful number.

     But now, I can only smile.

     Perhaps, some readers think that 1800 yuan is a lot.

     But for this 1,800 yuan, you sit in front of the computer for more than six hours a day, checking information, watching videos, and codewords, regardless of your family.

     There is no weekend.

     I don't even have time to watch the TV.

     Not to mention shopping for clothes, drinking and chatting with friends, for children...

     Speaking of children...

     Life is life.

     Even if you don't have any money, I want to subscribe for a first subscription.

     Can I add two hundred yuan to the 1800 base?

     As long as there are 2,000 pluses per month, I think my life can still be difficult to maintain.

     But If not...


     I am not selling miserably, nor do I want to sell miserably.

     Writing a book is a craft and a skill.I just want to say, I use my hard work, I use my brains every day to think about the plot, find stories, practice writing, just for you to read the comfort of a little friendship, you subscribe to the first order, not too much?

     Life cannot be regretted because of wasting years, nor be ashamed of attempt nothing and accomplish nothing.

     I used to write books for that hobby of writing.

     But now it has to be for the living reality.

     When I was not ready to use this sharp word to ask my reader God to subscribe, I admit that I still have a little bit of backbone.

     But, how long can this backbone last?

     It's on the shelves.

     Still going to be on the shelves.

     Having said so much, I think if you are still indifferent, then it is indeed my problem.

     My book is not good.

     The book is not good-looking, just update it desperately and use the quantity to make up for the subscription.

     I will post five chapters first.

     Chapter Five is by no means the end.

     I will count how many subscriptions there are, 800 subscriptions up, and every two hundred subscriptions added, I will explode one more chapter.

     One thousand is six more.

     One thousand two is seven more.

     One thousand four is eight more.

     One thousand six is nine.

     One thousand and eight...

     Okay, can I have a thousand or eight books? Every village is scratching his head. It's dark now, so don't dream.

     In addition...I hope everyone can reward it after it's on the shelves.

     For a hundred dollars, every village will be very happy.

     That's a small affirmation for me so much for long time, 300,000 words free plot.

     Add more words.One more chapter is added for every one-time reward of 10,000 coins.

      and so on.

     If you have a monthly pass.

     Although it is not the beginning of the month, the monthly pass is the more the better.

     Based on five shifts.

     If the monthly ticket is increased by one hundred votes, one more is added.

     Two hundred votes, plus two more.

      and so on.

     (Above, it is not the monthly pass and subscription that are added together. Follow the more one, otherwise I will not be a big change, it will burst.)

     All who can get here are fate, life is not poetry, but life can also become poetry.

     I can still be beautiful, but the final judgement!

     Come on, let us look forward to...tomorrow.
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