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134 Chapter 134, The Best Language Showdown (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Cao Hao is a high-achieving student at the National Normal University. He was with him, and his face was unkind. He overbearing said: "Teacher, you are on the stage and I have been observing. You keep pulling your hands into your pants pockets."

     "I want to say, are you still in a self-protection state."

     "We are not jackals, wolves, tigers and panthers, nor are we the cows who abandoned you."

     "We are just young students with some problems. Can you take your hands out of your trouser pockets and talk to us heart-to-heart."

     Cao Hao's speech is extremely fast, so the attacking meaning becomes obvious.

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian was a little shocked. The so-called Bad Premonition does not come, a normal student, so to speak, it is definitely not normal.

     But he still smiled and said, "Yes."

     "But... I want to ask a question, where to put it after taking it out?"

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian's voice is a bit funny. At this time, he started to play tricks again: "Is that so?"

     Yi Zhongtian crossed his hands, placed in front of him, bent down, like an old man.


     Some students were happy.

     "Is that so?" Opening, Teacher Yi Zhongtian hugged his shoulders.

     "I can't do this, right?" Simply, Yi Zhongtian hugged both hands behind his head and his legs were arched. This action was so sexy that it made the audience laugh.

     "Teacher Yi Zhongtian really knows how to play."

     "Ms. Yi is too humorous."

     "Indeed, Teacher Yi is so cute."

     Luo Yiming was also amused at this meeting: "Actually, Cao Hao, you think too much. Teacher Yi Zhongtian just doesn't know where to put his hands.""Well, Teacher Yi, you can continue to put your hands in your pocket. My question is, if you do the Hundred Schools Forum, including participating in the program, are you trying to brush up on your sense of presence?"


     Cao Haoyi said that there was a controversy in the audience.

     This guy really dare to say.

     To brush the sense of existence, this is definitely a derogatory term.

     The students looked at him, meaning you were playing with fire, buddy.

     But Cao Hao was still fierce. He attacked: "You are a teacher at the university. You should have taught and educate people at the university, but you were on TV and started the Hundred Schools Forum."

     "You regard karma as Yu and Yu as karma, my mother will definitely say that this is ignoring one's duties."

     "There are three brothers in your family, you have two older brothers, and your love is divided by three at home."

     "When you were in the corps, the cow also abandoned you."

     "Did these problems have caused the emptiness and loneliness in your heart? Therefore, when you are about to retire, you still have a sense of existence."

     Cao Hao speaks super fast, and his beeping words make Mr. Yi Zhongtian no time to deal with it.

     The audience is also no time to deal with it.

     This kid has a dignified appearance and is definitely going to fight!

     At this moment, only Luo Yiming reacted super fast and said with a smile: "I think you are like a bull now."


     The role has been discussed long ago, and Cao Hao seemed to have not heard Luo Yiming's words, and continued: "Just like the book you wrote, Yi Zhongtian Chinese History, not Chinese History, written by Yi Zhongtian."

     "I just want to say, does the master lack the sense of existence?"


     exploded.The show ends here.

     Sure enough, it exploded.

     This scene is a bit like the peak showdown during the Tucao conference.

     It also seems to be Kim Soo, the host’s condemn in speech and in writing to certain artists.

     Master, you admit that you have a sense of existence.

     Still don't admit it.

     If you don't admit it, how can you explain it.

      This problem is already very tough.

      This problem is not answered well, probably pills.

     At this meeting, during the riots at the scene, Yang Hui opened her mouth and interrupted the other party: "I really want to insert a sentence. Following your line of thought, I want to ask questions. You are also a student, and you are also on TV now. Isn't it the same ignoring one's duties?"

     Boom, boom.

     Yang Hui oppose each other with equal harshness, undoubtedly wanting to explain for Yi Zhongtian.

     On the court, it became intense at once.

     The smell of gunpowder permeated.

     Cao Hao not to accept as correct said: "Okay, I know, but I am still a senior student, I did not delay my study, I am also writing my graduation thesis, and will go to the United States to study for my PhD. "

     "I just used my spare time in the morning to come to this stage. May I ask, is there anything wrong with me?"

     The audience was boiling.

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian was already started to stir by this atmosphere. Seeing two students with swords drawn and bows bent, Teacher Yi Zhongtian stretched out his hand and said: "Okay, very good, but this classmate, I did not delay me. Class."

     "Moreover, elderly people like me spend their leisure time on weekends and extracurricular time to go fishing.""I used our old men's fishing time to write books and go to the Hundred Schools Forum. Am I wrong?"

     Luo Yiming said: "Teacher, you are not wrong, I think Cao Hao is wrong." Luo Yiming must control the scene and master the degree so that Yi Zhongtian will fly into a rage out of humiliation. The show collapses and becomes a scene. There is no technical quarrel.

     Sure enough, Teacher Yi Zhongtian was relieved by Luo Yiming's anger, lower the voice and said: "His logic is actually right, but his logical starting point is wrong, so the question behind him is not valid."

     "How do you say, teacher?" Luo Yiming asked.

     "He's just saying that I have a sense of existence, and he said all the cows and brothers. This is obviously not logical."

     "Also, say I'm going to talk about a history that is not my major, Hundred Schools Forum. But is this called ignoring one's duties? In your understanding, it should be called ignoring one's duties, but is it wrong?"

     "Is it a crime not to work in a major? Whoever stipulates that those who are not in this major must not be engaged in this profession? Is it necessary to do a job in this major after studying a major in university?"

     Yi Zhongtian is an academic superman. He refuted a student and pinched to death in minutes.

     When Yi Zhongtian spoke, Cao Hao immediately wilted.

     Luo Yiming would say: "Look? You are stunned? If someone is talking about teacher Yi Zhongtian ignoring one's duties, you will see Cao Hao's fate, you will know."


     The audience laughed.Luo Yiming said to everyone: "Actually, I want to say that a person's existence means existence. When he has a sense of existence, he can be seen by everyone without brushing him. Even if he is brushed, some people still cannot exist. "

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian nodded in agreement and said: "I feel that for a person, what matters is not what profession, profession, job, or career you go to. The most important thing is that you be a person."

     "When you are a human being, if you obey your own inner impulse, and you at least do not harm society and others, you can even bring some benefits to society and them."

     "Why care about what others say, why care if others say you have a sense of existence?"

     The audience applauded again.

     The ** of this program, wave after wave, absolutely, absolutely the most exciting presentation.

     Finally it was Yang Hui's turn.

     The finale of Yang Hui is also the final sensational point of the show Luo Yiming discussed.

     Luo Yiming looked forward to this moment very much.

     Whether the big names come to a perfect ending depends on the last dialogue between Yang Hui and Yi Zhongtian.

     "Teacher Yi, I saw in a talk show that you said you wrote a couplet when you were in poverty. That's what you said."

     "Of great erudition and scholarship, of great talent."

     "Sigh that the world will cherish youth ever since."

     "Ranked among the nine, with only four bare walls for a home."

     "Ask God when he is more gentle."

     Yang Hui read this couplet, but a trace of sadness appeared on Teacher Yi Zhongtian's face.

     "This couplet... is a pair of elegiac couplets I gave to my brother.""My brother suddenly fell on the podium during class and died in the line of duty."

     Yi Zhongtian said, the audience immediately became quiet.

     "Then when we went to do a funeral for him, we found that there was nothing at all in his house, and there was no decent furniture."

     "His widow can entertain us on a small stool."

     "But his bookshelf is full of books."

     "Except for the book nothing at all."

     "This is a song I wrote to him...Elegant couplet."

     The audience fell into silence, a little terrible.

     It would be an exaggeration to say that Mr. Yi Zhongtian could not afford a house worth 30,000 yuan. This senior did not even have decent furniture, and he even died on the podium.

     It is the extreme saturation that embodies the sadness of a People's Teacher.

     Many people find this kind of thing inconceivable.

     But unfortunately, it happened again.

     "This thing stimulates me."

     "I told myself, I want to make money."

     "I don't want to live his life!"

     "Be content with poverty and strive for virtue is not understood in this way."

     "Be content with poverty and strive for virtue means that even if I am poor, I will be happy."

     "It's not that Ledao must be poor."

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian was very excited. He can still remember the scene in the brother's house. He still can't let go of the grief.

     "Teacher Yi, you are right." Luo Yiming looked at Yi Zhongtian and patted the teacher on the shoulder.

     "Whoever stipulates that intellectuals should be poor."

     "Whoever stipulates that scholars should be poor.""And those who get rich first should be those who dig coal, dig oil, perform, and sing!"

     "If you say a person who reads in society. A person who creates knowledge. A person who creates culture is poor."

     "Then is such a society really a reasonable society?"

     "I think it shouldn't be."

     "Teacher Yi, you are right. You have taught scholars, knowledge can really change fate."

     "Finally, I think I'll end it with a sentence you said. The choice is the responsibility."

     "You choose this path, then you have to honor does not allow one to glance back to go down."

     "I don't want to sing about any spring cicadas until the silk is dead, the wax torch turns into gray and tears begin to dry."

     "I think what I'm more looking forward to is that the silk spit out before the spring, and the candle tears become gray and thicker in autumn. Extremely grateful You are here, our big name is here, let's see you next time..."

     With Luo Yiming's poem finished.

     The first period of the big names came to an end, and the audience received prolonged warm applause.

     The show ended, but the audience still felt wished to continue.

     "It looks good, this is the best variety show I have ever seen. No, the youth open class variety show is realistic and positive."

     "Me too, I think Luo Yiming's performance today has subverted his image in my heart again." A girl said.

     The girl next to him said: "What was his previous impression in your heart?"

     "Handsome guy, comedian of variety show. Now, he has depth, it can be said that he can be cheap and serious, and he looks serious and serious, so handsome."

     It's not just the audience.Director Luo Xin and Professor Yi Zhongtian both cast admiring eyes on Luo Yiming.

     Luo Xin probably knew that there should be a show with a big name.
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