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138 Chapter 138, Naming Fee, Twenty Million? (Seventh)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Of course Yang Taiping paid attention.

     Mango Channel started to promote a new variety show called Big Pai Coming yesterday.

     This variety show is very strong.

     The specific content has not been released yet, and it has already been decided who will replace the hero, which will be broadcast strongly on the weekend's prime time.

     He also learned from his daughter Yang Hui that this program seems to be invited by big names to participate, and each issue will have a different theme.

     And for such a popular and high-start program, his producer and host is Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming is a talent. If you say who is a hero, his surprise is accidental.

     But on TV, Luo Yiming's crazy behavior of eating melons proved that this guy, no matter what kind of program, can find his own position.

     Can quickly establish a persona to attract audiences.

     This is terrible.

     A host with this ability has not only a high IQ, but also a high EQ, although the investment conference of Mango Channel will start two days later.

     Yang Taiping has already begun to stir.

     If you want to make a big deal, you must win the exclusive naming rights of the big names.

     "Lao Yang, I think in order to ensure that you can successfully win the bid, you can first contact Luo Yiming. With his recommendation, I think it will be better?"

     Shopping malls also need some connections.

     Although Mango Desk will follow the investment principle of winning bids at high prices.

     However, for equal prices, you have to have some relationship, and always consider yourself first.

     "Okay, I will contact Yiming. I must take this column."

      At the same time, this issue of Happy Camp is still spreading rapidly.All audiences across the country saw Luo Yiming's picture of eating melons.

     Whether you feel that Luo Yiming dared to fight, or feel that Luo Yiming is amused, in short, this move has become a favorite of the current Happy Camp.

     Happy Camp in 2006, really did not play like this.

     There is no such game in the stick country next to it.

     Their gameplay seems to be male guests playing games with female guests naked.

     There are also female hosts who wear transparent swimsuits and shoot water guns with male guests in the water.

     But that kind of gameplay is very dirty and very low.

     Luo Yiming's gameplay is more "positive energy".

     Nowadays, there is no such kind of game in domestic variety shows, and there is no host like Luo Yiming.

     The big guys who have been following other satellite channels of Shining New Anchor before, including media friends who are following Happy Camp.

     Once again, they were shocked by Luo Yiming's new gameplay.

     Really play.

     Really dare to play.

     The most rare thing is that not only can he play, but he can also collect it!

     That sentence, it’s okay, I love iced watermelon, it’s absolutely amazing.

     Luo Yiming's one-minute video of eating watermelon was uploaded to the Internet by enthusiastic viewers. After this episode was broadcast, countless netizens began to discuss the rationality of this matter.

     Inquire whether this paragraph has been specially processed.

     Isn't it, Luo Yiming didn't eat that much at all.

     Part of the watermelon in the middle was thrown away.

     But then, their remarks were beaten by the Sandwich Support Team, and the newly released a short video was filmed by fans on the day of the recording.Put this video up, and for a while, those squirts shut up.

     on Monday.

     The big names are here and there is an advertising bidding meeting.

     At nine o'clock in the morning, Luo Yiming, Luo Xin, Wang Li, the live director of "The Big Name Is Coming, and Guo Xiaoke, the choreographer and director of Guo Xiaoke, received the many advertisers present today in the conference room of the Radio and Television Building.

     Product advertisement title and sponsorship are indispensable for any variety show.

     The advertising bidding of Mango Channel is even more a place for companies, enterprises, to compete.

     They need the program every type of publicity to get more benefits for the company.

     Both complement one another, each takes what he needs.

     Before Luo Yiming came, he naturally explained to Director Luo that Peacebird wanted to be a big name for the show.

     However, as the program director of the Innovation Office, Luo Xin has to make profits for the station. If the naming fee of Peacebird is too low, Luo Xin definitely disagrees.

     "Ten million, we Mengniu hope to get the title of the big name of the new program of Hunan Satellite TV." At the bidding site, a bald middle-age man opened his mouth to bid.

     But when he opened his mouth, Luo Xin was stunned: "Mr. Liu, our Mango TV program, just talk about our platform, is more than 10 million, right?"

     It is impossible to name a name at the price of 10 million.

     If Luo Xin is not sure about the quality of the big names, after watching the first issue of the main series, Luo Xin feels that this show is likely to become an ace variety show on par with Happy Camp.

     Before Mr. Liu came, he had been vaccinated against several other advertisers. No, they didn’t even know what happened to the big name of this new show.Mengniu’s representative Liu said: “Director Luo, in fact, it’s not that we can’t afford to pay. It’s just that the kind of classroom variety show you introduced, we don’t think it has a sense of variety. It is still extremely rare's in domestic variety shows. After a successful precedent, a large investment was thrown to your platform for experimentation. I guess I agree, but the company will not agree."

     Elion’s club also said: "Yes, if this show is a variety show like Super Girl, Happy Camp, we will definitely offer the corresponding price, but this show..."

     Yili and Mengniu are the overlords of the dairy industry.

     Luo Yiming didn't expect them to be so stingy.

     Originally, this time, Yang Taiping should speak.

     But the businessman, if he can make a little less, he makes a little less. Yang Taiping knows that the show is unusual, but pretending to be silent.

     In this state, the tender still does not know how long it will take.

     Since these companies are suspicious, as the producer and host of "The Big Name Is Coming", Luo Yiming thinks he should say something.

     "Hello everyone, I am Luo Yiming, the producer of this show. Now, I think I have to say a few words." Luo Yiming stood up directly.

     "Yes, this new program launched by our station is indeed without other precedent. It is groundbreaking."

     "However, you must know that the current variety shows have exhausted one's limited abilities. Except for the supergirl of the fast book and the draft, the ratings and market share of most indoor variety shows and talk shows are already spectacle too horrible to endure."

     "This is a vicious circle. Blindly eating one's own money without innovation can only drive more viewers away.""Adhering to the three points of innovation, fashion, and uniqueness, I have produced a big-name show. Every issue of this show invites different big-names to participate in the show. I think you should recognize the influence and traffic of the big-names."

     "Furthermore, I am the producer of this column and also the host. Everyone should know who I produced for the hero's ratings."

     "I can say that the ratings of this show will not be worse than who is a hero."

     "But, you whatever happens must not want me to guarantee it. Investment is risky. If you believe me, Luo Yiming, you can come and invest. If you don’t believe me, I think the program produced by Luo Yiming is not good. Yes, you don’t have to vote."

     Luo Yiming had no intention to stand up.

     However, the columns made by myself are equivalent to my own children.

     He didn't want to see others deny his work so much.

     Luo Yiming's self-confident passage made the two representatives of Mengniu and Yili contemplate.

     Said, Luo Yiming, he is indeed very hot recently.

     Not to mention the viewing and variety of the show.

     Just to say that Luo Yiming, this host's level and ability are all online.

     His influence and value have also increased invisibly.

     I bought him just because he voted, regardless of the show, this variety show is not too bad.

     Seeing that the advertisers started to think, the time was right, Yang Taiping would gain the upper hand by a show of strength: "I have given out 20 million, and the title is coming."
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