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139 Chapter One Hundred And Forty, What I Want To Push Is The New Peking Opera (ninth More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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In line with the fact that both of them like Luo Yiming and drink tea, his two elderly people talked.

     Luo Yiming's singing skills are good, and his voice is in good condition. If Teacher Mei Baojiu thinks the conditions are right, he would point him to him and ask him to do the gedan in Peking opera.

     In other words, there are four elements in Peking opera, creating pure ugliness.

     Jing refers to men with strong or rough personality;

     Ugly refers to funny characters, clowns with white powder on the bridge of the nose, little painted faces, etc.

     Sheng, Dan, Jing, Chou Zhong, Sheng He Dan is the biggest attraction.

     Born as a man, he was the most watched Beijing opera before the 1920s.

     But with the dan horns, that is, the appearance of women, and the continuous emergence of outstanding actors, dan horns have become the highlight of Peking Opera.

     Master Mei Lanfang is one of the four famous Danes that appeared in the late 1920s.

     In the line of Dan, there are also roles of Tsing Yi, Hua Dan, Wu Dan, Dao Ma Dan, Lao Dan, Tie Dan, Gui Dan and other roles.

     Tsing Yi is also called Ge Dan, and it is mainly singing. It is this Tsing Yi that Master Mei Baojiu asked Luo Yiming to do.

     Take the car from Fengtai District to Xicheng Guanyuan and get off with Luo Yiming. Those who come down with Luo Yiming are some old folks who like to listen to opera.

     They were in groups in twos and threes. As soon as they saw the station, they got up from their position vigorously, rushed to the door of the car, and got out of the car.

     Luo Yiming was squeezed to the end. After seeing the old man getting out of the car, Luo Yiming followed into the garden.

     The courtyards in the capital are very particular. The courtyards are surrounded by old brick walls, blue bricks and grey tiles, and red pillars on all sides. They really have an antique charm.Luo Yiming walked down the courtyard and after calling teacher Hu Yulin, he realized that they were drinking tea at the stone chairs in the backyard.

     Seeing Master Mei Baojiu and Teacher Hu Yulin from a distance, Luo Yiming's reverent and respectful hands clasped and bowed, and while walking, he showed the posterity's awe.

     Seeing Luo Yiming's politeness, Mei Baojiu got up directly from the chair and stood up to greet Luo Yiming.

     In this case, Luo Yiming didn't know what to do. Teacher Hu Yulin also took two steps to hold Mr. Mei, so that Luo Yiming didn't feel embarrassed.

     "Luo Yiming, I think you are very nervous. Do you see I am not like this?" Hu Yulin joked when he saw Luo Yiming approaching.

     Luo Yiming scratched his head. In his previous life, Peking Opera, he always felt that he was not in the same time and space as himself.

     And Master Mei Baojiu is even more of an existence.

     In this world, standing in front of him, where can you not be nervous.

     "Teacher Hu, mainly because I have felt that Peking Opera masters are very powerful since I was a child. They inherited our Chinese national quintessence, singing, thinking and playing, everything is fine. I am unimaginable to face a master like Teacher Mei." Bian said, Luo Yiming laughed.

     Master Mei Baojiu naturally felt that Luo Yiming had taken too much love.

     Today, Peking opera is not as popular as it was during the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China.

     In that era, Peking Opera was a thing of national entertainment from top to bottom.

     But with the current popularity of music and songs, the soil of Peking Opera has been squeezed out.

     These old artists persisted, but they also knew in their hearts that Peking Opera was weak, and it would inevitably need some young people to inherit it, and even more innovatively."Luo Yiming, right, I heard Yulin talk about you, you sing very well, why do you want to learn Peking Opera?"

     Mei Baojiu also wanted to know what the young people think now.

     "Teacher Mei." Luo Yiming was still a little nervous, and after calming down, Fang said: "Speaking of which, I am studying Peking Opera, and I also want to learn more about our Chinese national quintessence."

     "Although it is a bit exaggerated to say that I am one person by own strength to inherit the quintessence of the country. But I think, practice what one preaches, I should do something. Including I recently opened a new column."

     "In the show I host, I would like to recommend young people to learn the quintessence of Peking Opera. This is my responsibility.

     Hu Yulin would say: "Old Mei, you probably still do not know, Luo Yiming has a new show in Hu Province?"

     At this time, the first episode of the big name has not been broadcast yet, and Hu Yulin also listened to Luo Xin.

     In the second episode of Luo Yiming's program, we plan to invite Master Mei Baojiu, but now it is not the time.

     Mr. Hu pointed out that Luo Yiming said at this meeting: "Mr. Hu, I did open a column. In terms of promoting our Peking opera, I also plan to do it on this show. This show is called Big Brand."

     "Each issue of the program invites a big name in the industry to give a warm speech, telling their own stories and at the same time inspiring the youth of the year. Let them take on more social responsibilities."

     "Okay, very good, this kind of program is a conscience program. It is good for promoting our country's traditional culture." Teacher Mei said with a heavy tone.

     After all, there are very few such programs."But, Teacher Mei, I have a very simple understanding of Peking Opera, so I wanted to learn from you. At least, I won't make jokes while promoting our country's national quintessence and culture."

     Luo Yiming has been studying these few days, so the joke is naturally humble.

     Master Mei Baojiu was still hesitant to teach Luo Yiming before saying.

     But this young man cares about the country and promotes Chinese Peking Opera culture. He, an old man, has not done well.

     Luo Yiming has this heart, and he needs to support it even more.

     "Luo Yiming, originally I didn't plan to accept apprentices to learn Peking Opera, but you really want to promote our national quintessence. Then if you want to learn, I will teach you."

     "Really, thank you Ms. Mei."

     "Don't thank me first, now, I want to listen to your voice first, come, you scream first."

     Master Mei Baojiu wanted to hear whether Luo Yiming's voice was bright enough.

     This is very important for Peking Opera.

      "Ah..." Luo Yiming opened his voice.

     "Scream out in your loudest and brightest voice."

     "Okay." Takes a deep breath, Luo Yiming completely let go. He stretched out his arms, relaxed and shouted: "Ah..."

     "It's okay. The foundation of the voice is pretty good. I think the best fit for you should be Gedan's Tsing Yi, or else, you should learn from Tsing Yi first."

     "Tsing Yi?"

     That Tsing Yi, who wore a long robe and danced his sleeves, sang beautiful songs?

     Of course Luo Yiming wanted to learn, but he knew that Tsing Yi in Peking opera was the most difficult and the most demanding singing skills. He was only worried that he could not learn well."Can I, teacher?"

     "Can you please ask yourself." Mei Baojiu reserved, and said seriously.

     "Okay, I think I can. I learn." No matter how difficult it is, Luo Yiming has to try it. He is only 21 years old. Luo Yiming has time to figure out in this life.

     The big names of the second period are here.

     Luo Yiming didn't want to deal with it.

     Therefore, we can really discuss and communicate with masters on Peking Opera, so that we can truly promote the essence of Peking Opera.

     In fact, I had to learn Peking Opera at the beginning.

     Luo Yiming also felt that he should do something for Peking Opera.

     Moreover, you can try to promote the development of the new Peking Opera in the show.

     In the previous life, the new Peking Opera emerged in 2007. The new Peking Opera was initiated by Chu Lanlan and pop music combined together, a new way of performing.

     The concept of "Mastering through Fusing and Linking" of quintessence art and modern art has been unanimously recognized within and outside the industry once it was launched.

     Luo Yiming wanted to promote Peking Opera and also adopted a new Peking Opera approach.

     Only in this way can it really revitalize Peking opera, and can raise the curiosity of young people who are not cold at Peking opera.

     Time is in a hurry. For one week, with the advice of Master Mei Baojiu, Luo Yiming felt that his understanding of Peking Opera should be too big a problem when the show started.
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