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140 Chapter 141, Explosive Eyeballs, Explosive Ears (Additional For Tianhai Xiangyun)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Being in the imperial capital and staying in Guanyuan, Luo Yiming also turned a deaf ear to things outside the window, and focused on learning his Qingyi.

     In Tsing Yi's study, in addition to playing, singing, reading and doing must practice.

     And this kind of learning is not something you can learn one morning and one evening.

     Two days ago, under the guidance of teacher Mei Baojiu, Luo Yiming probably understood Tsing Yi's role in Peking Opera.

     On the next day, Teacher Mei Baojiu also let Luo Yiming learn to speak with him in the morning.

     Qi Lian Luo Yiming performed very well. In his voice, Luo Yiming did not seem to be someone who had just been exposed to Peking Opera.

     Elder Mei didn't know that Luo Yiming liked two "New Peking Opera" singers very much in his previous life.

     One is Chu Lanlan who initiated the promotion of the new Peking Opera in 2007.

      yet another is Li Yugang who became popular in the second half of this year due to his participation in the Great Path of Starlight.

     About the hobby of Peking Opera.

     It was these two people who combined Peking Opera and modern pop music to explore a new way of performing. This method is called New Peking Opera, which is actually the popular singing of Peking Opera.

     The times are developing.

     Luo Yiming has to acknowledge that if he only promotes the ancient Peking Opera, it may not be a manifestation of the progress of an era.

     After all, in ancient times, Peking Opera became popular because there was no pop music.

     Peking opera is gradually formed during the evolution of Yuanqu, Kunming, and the times.

     In modern times, Peking Opera is bound to be less popular among young people than mainstream pop music and other forms of music.

     However, Peking Opera has completely declined.This traditional culture will be annihilated by the times.

     Luo Yiming thinks that is not the case. If there is no inheritance of a kind of art, it is the sadness of the Chinese nation.

     But to inherit him, but also to carry forward and innovate him.

     Luo Yiming just thought of this time. In the big-name show, he proposed the concept of the new Peking Opera. After he learned Peking Opera, he contributed a little as far as one's capabilities extend for the integration of Peking Opera and pop music. power.

     With such a good expectation, Luo Yiming's vocalization learning is also very fast, such as deep breathing and slow exhalation practice, breathing and staccato practice. Luo Yiming is faster than Mei Lao's first Han Dongbai. .

     After five days of learning, Luo Yiming can finally sing some excerpts simply.

     What's more, Luo Yiming has studied Peking Opera compared to the one he used to be. After being ordered by Master Mei Baojiu, his Peking Opera singing immediately improved to a higher level.

     After discovering that Luo Yiming sang with a good taste, Mei Baojiu began to train Luo Yiming carefully.

     In fact, the old man wants to let Luo Yiming participate in a concert to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his father Mei Lanfang’s return to his hometown on the 28th of next month.

     Although it is not a grand event, it is not a small stage for Peking Opera lovers.

     Letting Luo Yiming perform on stage was also Mei Baojiu's explanation to his father.

     Peking opera requires singing, reading, and playing. Luo Yiming can sing, but he must have basic skills in reading, doing, and playing.

     A Peking opera is naturally composed of dance, dialogue, martial arts, and various symbolic movements. This kind of Beijing opera, which combines multiple skills, is actually a highly comprehensive art.Dance in Peking opera refers to dance-like physical movements, while fighting is the art of martial arts and falling.

     In order for Luo Yiming to master Peking Opera comprehensively, Mei Baojiu felt that taking advantage of Luo Yiming's only 21 years old, he wanted to conquer every skill.

     Fortunately, Luo Yiming has a solid foundation in dancing. He practices body shape every day, pulls legs, practices handstands, and somersaults. Even though it is still winter, Luo Yiming is so tired that he is dripping with sweat.

     After Luo Yiming followed Master Mei Baojiu's hard work on Peking Opera for a week, Mango TV's ultimatum also came down.

     The big name came and set the broadcast time.

     All preparations are basically completed.

     Unsurprisingly, the big name came to pick up who is the hero, but because the second issue of the big name came, the recording has not yet started.

     Mango Channel has inserted a review of the show who is the hero.

      Thus, the first episode of the big name is coming and will premiere on March 12. Still speaking at 8:30 every Sunday evening.

     Then the second issue was to meet with the audience on March 19.

     This is the time that Taili bought for Luo Yiming.

     Although it was pushed back for a week, time was still tight. After three more days of practice, Luo Yiming poured tea for Master Mei Baojiu on the stone chair one afternoon, and then took him to sit down.

     Time is urgent. After contacting the Peking Opera performance for more than a week, Luo Yiming felt that it was time to talk about his desire to develop a new Peking Opera and the need for Mr. Mei to go to the station to do the show.

     Master Mei Baojiu sat down, and Luo Yiming seriously said: "Teacher, when we Hajimemashite, I told you that I want to make a contribution to the promotion and inheritance of Peking opera.""This period of time I have been wondering why young people don't like Peking opera and Chinese opera. Why young people don't want to learn."

     Mei Baojiu didn't know what Luo Yiming wanted to express.

     Peking opera is not easy to learn and not fun for young people today.

     Without the imprint of that era, once Peking opera is exported, it feels inharmonious with this era.

     "I'm just wondering whether we can combine the quintessence of national art with modern art, Mastering through Fusing and Linking, learn from each other, and explore a new form of performance acceptable to young people."

     He is already the apprentice of Master Mei Baojiu.

     Luo Yiming didn't think that at this time, he still had to learn from those who didn't understand Peking Opera. He hypocritically said that Peking Opera is so good.

     In some eras, Peking Opera is indeed very exciting.

     But now, in addition to the older generations who love to listen, how many young people will listen to Peking Opera?

     Boring and boring.

     The performance they were intoxicated with was probably just a phrase sang "What the hell" from the young population, and then changed the stage.

     Art that no one appreciates can't say that is great art.

     Because no one appreciates it, it will decline sooner or later.

     "Teacher. I think that young people nowadays generally don't like to listen to old Peking Opera. To truly inherit and carry forward the Performing Arts form of Peking Opera, we must innovate and combine it with fashionable and popular music."

     Luo Yiming was saying this sincerely.

      loyal advice jars on the ears.

     Luo Yiming knew that if he said so, Master Mei Baojiu might be upset.

     As a maestro of Peking opera, his performance has gradually been overwhelmed by mainstream music.Mei Baojiu is heartbroken, but she has no alternative.

     In fact, if Luo Yiming's exploration of the new Peking opera can really revive Peking opera, Master Mei Baojiu will accept it.

     This is better than a hundred years later, without the artistic performance of Peking Opera.

     Seeing Mei Lao thinking, Luo Yiming decided to sing a little bit of the new Peking Opera performance in the previous life. If Mei Lao accepts, Luo Yiming decides.

     In the second stage of the big-name come show, using Peking opera plus pop music performance, together with his master Mei Baojiu, he presented a performance with explosive eyes and ears.
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