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141 Chapter 142, The New Imperial Concubine Is Drunk And Stunning
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

That year's snow fell and plum blossoms bloomed

     There was too much sorrow at Huaqing Pool that year

     Luo Yiming saw that Elder Mei was still silent, he had already started singing.

     In his previous life, New Drunken Beauty was in the music industry Roaring Across the Horizon in 2007. This popular Peking opera music adapted from Peking opera attracted Li Yugang to appear in the eyes of the audience overnight.

     A little actor who makes a living, a little singer named not found in the classics, participated in the Great Path of Starlight, because of the performance of New Drunken Beauty, one war became famous.

     This song is precisely a new form of Peking Opera Performing Arts that combines Peking Opera performance with mainstream music.

     In front, Elder Mei didn't listen at all.

     Popular music, mainstream music, Mei Lao doesn't catch a cold.

     But in the next second, Mei Baojiu, who was about to drink tea, suddenly trembled, and did not take the cup again.

     Love and hate in a flash

     Toast to the moon

     Love and hate

     Ask when you are in love

     This passage of Luo Yiming is the singing of Peking opera. Not only is he singing Peking opera, he has the Acting Skill of Peking opera, but he also performed the imperial concubine, raising his teacup and singing to the moon. That feeling made Master Mei Baojiu. I think Luo Yiming's performance is very beautiful.

     Put down the teacup.

     Luo Yiming stood up.

     He wants to show the wonderful performance of this song.

     This is extremely important for Mei Lao and herself to explore the new Peking Opera.

     It is Mr. Mei that agrees to take the stage with himself and combine Peking opera with pop music, which is the key.

     The chrysanthemum stand reflects the bright moon, who knows that my love is coldDrunk in the arms of the king, dreaming back to the love of the Tang Dynasty...

     After Luo Yiming sang, he looked at Master Mei Baojiu: "Teacher, do you think this kind of performance... is it okay?"

     Stunned, Mei Baojiu had never seen such a performance.

     It should be said that there has never been a junior in front of him who would perform Peking opera in this way.

     But Mei Baojiu felt that he was not disgusted with this kind of performance.

     "Teacher, Peking Opera needs innovation. Although I recognize the traditional Peking Opera art, I think it sounds very good. But letting an art form that was once sought after by everyone into a niche performance may only be performed by a small group of people. I I think this is not the future of Peking Opera."

     "If there is a new kind of Performing Arts that can be accepted by the public, I think it is a good thing for the development of Peking Opera."

     Luo Yiming couldn't get a glimpse of what Elder Mei was thinking at the moment.

     But as a true lover of Peking opera, Luo Yiming, who wants to revitalize Peking opera, said.

     He thinks this kind of exploration is right.

     "Maybe I am getting old. You youngsters are willing to toss, then go to toss..." Although there is no positive affirmation.

     But Elder Mei did not object or refuse, which has already shown that Master Mei Baojiu also has support for the exploration of the new Peking Opera.

     "Okay, then I'll let go of my hand to toss. Mei Lao, since you let your apprentice to toss, I think the second issue of the big name is coming, I want to perform with you the song I just didn't work out. Come out, what do you think?"

     "You mean, sing with me?" Mei Baojiu was surprised."Yes, teacher. I sing the popular part, and you only sing Peking Opera. We sang a song together. Wouldn't you refuse to sing with my apprentice?"

     "No." Mei Baojiu actually wanted to say, I don't want to participate in variety shows.

     "That's right, then I think you agree. Teacher, the apprentice wants to do something for the revitalization of Peking Opera, and he doesn't expect much from you. Just sing a song with me on stage. You can't drop the chain. "

     Luo Yiming came to Elder Mei coquettishly and shook Mei Baojiu's arm.

     I just wanted to say that I didn't participate in the show, so I swallowed it back immediately.

     Xindao Mingzai is better than a girl.

     Elder Mei can only recognize it.

     "I... Go to your show and don't do anything else."

     Mei Baojiu didn't even know that she was pitted by Luo Yiming, so she really wanted to go, so she couldn't help it.

     Luo Yiming felt bad and said politely: "Don't do anything else, let's sing Peking Opera...just sing Peking Opera. Come on, teacher, have tea and tea."

      New Drunken Beauty this song.

     Luo Yiming checked it in his previous life.

     He was not made by Li Yugang.

     It is the work of an excellent song producer.

     This person is not someone else, but Hu Li.

     Hu Li has already started composing, and "Fall in love with a woman like you, "Don’t leave me my dear," Don’t say my tears, you don’t care, including Wang Qiang’s upcoming solo album "Autumn Doesn’t Come Back" Made by Hu Li.

      New Drunken Beauty was created by him in 2001.Just because this song is very special, it is a song that is classical, dramatic and popular.

     For a while, Hu Li could not find a suitable person to sing, so the song was stranded.

     In 2006, Li Yugang, who was famous for participating in the Great Path of Starlight, had a unique temperament on stage. Hu Li felt that this song was more in line with Li Yugang's temperament.

     Moreover, Li Yugang also had the ability to sing this song, so he gave it to him.

     This was mentioned many times in Li Yugang's subsequent interviews.

     Now, in order to revive Peking Opera and develop the new Performing Arts form of Peking Opera, Luo Yiming can only apologize to Comrade Li Yugang.

     With this song, Luo Yiming relied on his far-sighted, so naturally he wanted to cut his head.

     Of course, this did not affect Li Yugang's subsequent singing. From this point, Luo Yiming will not affect Li Yugang's popularity, and even Luo Yiming will cooperate with Li Yugang in the future.

     If it’s a small person with the name not found in the classics, it’s hard to find, but Hu Li is already well-known, and he is also a well-known person in the music circle. Luo Yiming, through Mr. Gao Xiaosong, came to a triangular network and contacted Hu Li. .

     I heard that Luo Yiming and Mei Baojiu wanted to sing the song New Drunken Beauty, Hu Li was pleased beyond one's expectations.

     Two songs by Luo Yiming, Hu Li has heard.

      As empty as anything and the most beautiful expectation, Luo Yiming can control two songs of different genres, including Luo Yiming’s singing ability.In addition, Master Mei Baojiu, a big man in the Peking Opera industry, the two of them are willing to sing their own New Drunken Beauty, and they simply look down upon themselves.

     That's it, the two be together from the first beat.

     This New Drunken Beauty song, Hu Li passed to Luo Yiming.

     In addition, Luo Yiming made it clear that he would sing this song in the second episode of the big-name show.

     Because this song hasn't become popular yet, the issue of copyright charges naturally does not exist now. Moreover, Luo Yiming helped Hu Li publicize the song for free, not to mention the money.

     Of course, after the fire, that is two different things.

     Not only Hu Li wants to collect copyright money, Luo Yiming will sing this song again, if this is not the case public welfare promotion, he, as a singer, also wants money.

     After finalizing a song, Luo Yiming went on to register the copyright of Jiang Xue and Han Jiang Xue Reserve who were nice in the past. And these two songs, at this time, do not yet exist.

     It is one thing for Luo Yiming to sing or not to sing in the future, but it will save trouble after making it out for copyright registration.
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