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142 Chapter One Hundred And Forty Three
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Teacher Mei Baojiu finalized the second episode of the big guest show.

     Luo Yiming went on to talk to Director Luo Xin.

     Luo Xin knew that Luo Yiming had gone to Beijing to be shocked, but he really didn't know that Luo Yiming was there to learn Peking Opera from Master Mei Baojiu.

     However, Luo Xin naturally felt that the Chinese traditional culture and the national quintessence of Peking opera could not be more suitable for him in the second phase.

     The big name is coming is the third program hosted by Luo Yiming.

     At the same time, as the producer and host, he personally led the first program of the team. The performance of the big name determines whether Luo Yiming can jump from the role of a new producer to the dragon gate. Become a gold producer of burn your hand, feel the heat.

     The publicity work of the first phase of the big name has started for n days.

     Seizing the opportunity, Mango Terrace will promote Luo Yiming's new variety show.

     At the same time, the two new directors hired by Taili specifically for Luo Yiming are also officially employed.

     The team has expanded, and the editorial team has been assigned to Luo Yiming for management.

     This is undoubtedly an enlargement of Luo Yi as a producer, functions, and authority.

     Luo Xin decided to let Luo Yiming build a big name by himself. The guests invited in the future will also be approached by his team, and the station only provides support.

     How to run the show is entirely directed by Luo Yiming.

     After the publicity has gone out, the power of the big mango is of course needless to say.

     When the final episode of who is the hero ends, the second week is the wonderful show of who is the hero.The audience is even more looking forward to this new variety show which is promoted by Mango Channel, which has attracted countless big-name new variety shows like what exactly is it.

     The audience is looking forward to it at the same time.

     Sandwich is also spontaneously building momentum for Luo Yiming's new program.

     Sandwich's spontaneous donation has also created a hype on the Internet about the big names of Luo Yiming's new program.

     What this show is a great show, a show that condenses positive energy, love, touch, and power.

     For a while, there were voices of support online.

     After a few days of work, the big names came and became popular before they were broadcast.

     On the major Web Portals, search for big names comes, and relevant commendatory introductions will appear immediately.

     In the comment area below, the clear color support is coming, the voice of Ai Luo Yiming.

     This kind of popularity will only happen when the Internet really rises in the past life.

     But because variety shows detonated in this starry sky ahead of time, the formation of the netizen army also moved forward.

     Luo Yiming doesn't play blogs much, but recently, because Master Mei Baojiu wants to participate in the big name, he came to the second recording. He briefly published an article on the new Beijing Opera on the blog and mentioned Mei Baojiu.

     It's such a blog post.

     But it was reposted on the blog by thousands of people.

     Xu Jinglei, who has interacted with Luo Yiming, reprinted this article.

     The repost of the blog queen, she has 50 million’s blog fans, and it has caused a discussion among fans about Peking Opera.More people are still uttering the pessimism that Peking Opera has gone downhill again and is close to decline.

     At least, in the current market, apart from some national theaters, the official requirements indicate that there is a Peking Opera stage among the civilian population. Even if there is, that stage is basically at a loss.

     They are not optimistic about Peking Opera.

     Naturally, I am not optimistic about the second stage of Peking Opera when the big names come.

     However, this kind of disapproval also adds to the popularity of the show.

      This time, from blog to internet, from internet to reality.

     Although the show did not start recording, it caused a discussion about Peking Opera, New Peking Opera, and pop music.

     Luo Yiming knows the power of the Internet.

     I also understand the power of fans.

     When the two are combined together, you can really if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas, If Gods block, kill the Gods.

     The production team of the big names are very happy to see the new variety show that is not yet broadcast.

     This year, I am not afraid of spraying.

     I'm afraid no one will spray it.

     Spraying at least represents the possibility of fire, if no one pays attention, it must be the fastest to be forgotten.

     Compared with the joy of the production team, Luo Yiming's pressure is getting bigger and bigger.

     He naturally hopes that through his influence and propaganda, more people will see the big names coming.

     At the same time, Luo Yiming also believes that such a program that spreads traditional Chinese culture and provokes Chinese youth thinking should be seen by more people.

      but...... The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

     The audience has established high expectations for the column of this file. If it is actually broadcast, it will not get that cool point.The audience's criticism comes thick and fast and will definitely destroy this variety show.

     That would be a disaster.

     What Luo Yiming can do is to devote 100% of his energy to the recording of the second period.

     Practice New Drunken Beauty with Master Mei Baojiu.

     The charm of this song is more mellow as wine than in previous lives.

     Compared with the sloppy recording of the first issue, Luo Yiming led the team to personally arrange this issue, whether it is the band, the troupe, or the stage performance.

     In order to allow more audiences to experience the charm of Master Mei Baojiu up close, Luo Yiming also changed the requirements of the studio to the more spacious 1200 studio.

     The sound effect guarantees the best timbre in the scene.

     The setting of the stage, the small stage that Luo Yiming deliberately appeared on, set the setting of plum blossom and plum character.

     A professional dance troupe was also invited to make the battle bigger when Master Mei Baojiu appeared.

     Not only that, but for the observers who came to the show to participate in the show, except for Yang Hui and Dong Hao who condemn in speech and in writing, the other three, Luo Yiming also asked the team to find Peking Opera performances. , Young people who have studied and studied Peking Opera performance.

     Of course, the performance of Master Mei Pai is not just singing.

     Especially the performance of Danjiao is very important.

     For acting, the stage lighting, props, costumes, and team must also be prepared in advance.

     It took two days to visit ten nearby colleges and universities. The two new directors led by Guo Xiaoke finally succeeded in interviewing three young people who love Peking opera.Compared to the first recording, the theme of the design has a diffuse smell of gunpowder, and the big name of Master Mei Baojiu is naturally undisputed.

     This issue of Dong Hao exists because of the first issue of the show. Dong Hao has received a lot of controversy on the Internet. Putting him on the show has become a highlight, just like Yang Xue.

     If there is controversy in this issue of the program, it is also whether Peking Opera can be innovative, combined with popular factors, and create a new form of Performing Arts. Everyone is discussing this problem.

     However, this kind of discussion will be unified after Luo Yiming and Mei Baojiu's cooperation.

     That is, Peking Opera needs reform, just like Mei Pai changed the previous listening opera to the current Lian Listening and Banding.

     Incorporating some modern popular factors, combined with opera and pop music, will be a new stage where Peking Opera can truly open up a world.

     After several days of preparatory work, the recording of the second episode of the big name was finally ready on the morning of March 10.

     This time, I switched to the 1200 studio, and there were more audience friends than last time.

     Not only Luo Xin, Song Wendian also came to the scene, including Yang Taiping and Su Mei, who exclusively named this show, and sat in the audience on the grounds of watching her daughter Yang Hui's show.
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