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144 Chapter 144, Thoughts Triggered By Peking Opera, Luo Yiming's Salvation (for The Poisonous Scorpion Wisdom)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Before starting today's recording work, Luo Yiming's only difficulty was with Mei Baojiu.

     In the final preparations at the scene, Luo Yiming was talking to his teacher Mei Baojiu.

     The content of this conversation was also recorded by Luo Yiming for a while, telling Mei Lao what he wanted to express and the recording effects that could be presented.

     Why does Luo Yiming have to learn Peking Opera with Master Mei Baojiu? Why does Luo Yiming not only ask the station to invite Mr. Mei to participate in the show, this matter must do for oneself.

     In fact, Luo Yiming thought of it at the very beginning.

      if this is not the case In this way, Elder Mei will definitely not agree to start his warm and thoughtful speech in such a format.

     Although the station will polish his speech, and even write the main direction of the speech on behalf of the guests.

     However, if the guest does not request, Luo Yiming of course does not restrict the content of Mei Lao's speech, he will guarantee the authenticity and spontaneity of the speech.

     However, in this issue, Luo Yiming must communicate this key issue with Elder Mei.

     Because, his opening will give a deep thought to traditional Peking opera.

     This kind of thinking stems from a youngster's true love for Peking Opera, hoping to carry forward Peking Opera and let more youngsters like Peking Opera.

     But this thinking...If there is no communication, it is likely to be cared by the teacher.

     Luo Yiming must make sure that this will not happen.What's more, the current status of Peking Opera is extremely embarrassing. It is regarded as the quintessence of the country, but it can be said that many students are not interested in Peking Opera. They can show respect on the surface, but in fact, they still reject Peking Opera in their hearts.

     In this issue, Luo Yiming's theme is to promote the new Peking Opera on the basis of inheriting the traditional Peking Opera art. If the Peking Opera cannot be brought to life, Luo Yiming feels that the second issue of the big name will be a failure.

     Elder Mei has agreed to perform a short section of the new Peking Opera on stage with himself.

     Therefore, in Mr. Mei’s speech, Luo Yiming also wanted him, a Peking Opera tycoon, to express his support for the new Peking Opera.

     Luo Yiming's this problem is not rash.

     Because he knows that in his previous life, in 2003, Taihe Maitian announced that it would launch a Peking Opera record with Lao Mei.

     After years of meticulous preparation, a set of epoch-making Peking opera record the dust has settled was also launched in 2007 with the movie "Mei Lanfang".

     All the Peking opera arias of Mr. Mei Lanfang in the previous life "Mei Lanfang" were all completed by Mei's father.

     It is worth mentioning that the two major dramas "Taizhengwaizhuan" and "The Drunken Concubine" on the market not only inherited the father's will to promote the art of Peking opera, but also maintained the essence of Peking opera tradition.

     Elder Mei also boldly tried new expressions that fit the times.

     In the records of "Drunken Concubine" and "Tai Zhen Wai Chuan", veteran Mei merged Chinese folk music, western orchestral music and other elements with Peking opera, elevating Peking opera from traditional opera to the height of musical works, and created a new milestone in the Chinese Peking opera world.

     As a fan of the new Peking Opera in his previous life, Luo Yiming can remember this.In fact, Mei Baojiu is quite "fashionable" regardless of his lifestyle or hobbies, and is definitely not hidebound by convention.

     He is a semi-professional audio enthusiast, record collector and even car enthusiast.

     He occasionally traveled by car in his previous life.

     Regarding the album he released in 2007, Mei Baojiu said that the future trend of Chinese opera changes with the needs of the public and the times, and I am willing to seek development on a new path.

     Because of this, Luo Yiming was able to ask Mr. Mei to add the expression of the new Peking Opera in his speech so boldly.

     The descendant of Meipai art is also the most experienced tycoon in the Peking opera industry. If he recognizes the form of the new Peking opera, after this episode is broadcast, it will inevitably generate heated discussions from the media, including Peking opera critics and even netizens.

     And various Peking Opera Performing Arts artists, perhaps because of what Mei Lao said, began to explore Peking Opera.

     Of course, the traditional Peking Opera must be preserved and passed on, but the new Peking Opera is outstanding and I believe it will be achieved soon.

     Mr. Mei Baojiu is actually a music enthusiast.

     Every time he goes out to travel. The luggage on the return journey is large and small bags, and most of them are music equipment purchased from Akihabara.

     The records of Deng Lijun, Four Great Heavenly King, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, etc. are also Mei Baojiu's favorites.

     Didn't Luo Yiming know that Mei's home also had a dedicated audio room with luxurious and advanced equipment.

     Mei has known for a long time that the existence of modern Peking opera is very embarrassing, but unfortunately, he is already old.Luo Yiming at this time, tell him this.

     If you don't understand this person, Mei Baojiu is uncertain about Luo Yiming's purpose.

     However, Mr. Mei knew during this period of time that Luo Yiming was genuine and sincere and wanted to promote the development of Peking Opera.

     In his speech, I added a paragraph of support for the Consciousness Form of the new Peking opera, calling on young people who like Peking opera to explore the way out of Peking opera and perform in the form of the new Peking opera. Mr.

     After a long talk, the two reached a consensus on this problem.

     At this time, the on-site director informed that everything was ready, and Luo Yiming first walked onto the stage of the studio.

     "Today's program is about the quintessence of Peking Opera in our country. Before this program starts, I would like to ask the audience friends a question, do you like Peking Opera?"

     I don't know Luo Yiming's stalk. When Luo Yiming stood there with a serious face, the students were dumbfounded after the opening.

     The few in the front row who reacted very quickly played the role of support and said, "I like it."

     But the sound is not neat, and there is still a little hesitant indecision.

     "Zuo Yan, do you like Peking Opera? Tell the truth."

     Zuo Yan thought a bit then said: "I like it, but I only think that it is a very elegant existence. I may not have the ability to appreciate it."

     Luo Yiming continued to look at Zhang Weiwei: "What about you, Weiwei."

     Zhang Weiwei was silent.

     "I can think you do not speak, is it because you don't like Peking opera?"

     Zhang Weiwei remained silent and did not respond.

     This is the true reaction in her heart.Luo Yiming stopped asking questions. Facing the audience, Luo Yiming's voice increased: "Why don't today's overwhelming majority young people like to listen to Peking Opera?"

     "Is it because the artistry of Peking opera is too high, as Zuo Yan said, we can't appreciate it? Or the impetuousness of modern society."

     "I don't think it's all!"

     Luo Yiming's words suddenly changed, which made all the audience bewildered for a while.

     Today is the Beijing Opera Performing Arts home.

     So the rhythm of the theme, throw out a brick and get jade thrown back is not so playful.

     Luo Yiming felt that he wanted to do something.

     Luo Yiming really wanted to do something.

     In this episode of the show, Luo Yiming is about to come up with something.

     He stood by the podium, still serious and serious: "We have never lacked highly complex art, and art itself wants to continue to develop and must constantly renew itself."

     "Peking opera is a traditional art. In the case of Peking opera, he by no means is too complicated and too high. The early stage of its creation, that is, the end of the Qing Dynasty, is completely in line with the context and mentality of the time."

     "For example, the famous Susanqi Jie, which took place in Shanxi in the Ming Dynasty, but the singing in this drama is an authentic old Beijing film, and the social structure and even official positions reflected in it are authentic Qing dynasty settings."

     "That's why Peking Opera almost became popular culture at that time. From the ministers of the princes to the street pawns, they would hum and hum, and they would "look straight down to tears" or "look red."

     "So young people don't like it, I think it's because it can't fit modern people's lives and can't form a sense of substitution."words exceede 5100
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