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145 Chapter 145, Master Mei Baojiu's Speech (additional For Dahuitou)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Luo Yiming is what to do?"

     "How do I feel that he is going to destroy Peking Opera?"

     "Not right not right, I think Luo Yiming is trying to suppress his desires first. This kid always doesn't take the usual path. You can never guess his routine."

     "Yes, Luo Yiming such a saying, I am really interested in this episode of Peking Opera. In fact, if it weren't for me, I really can't be interested in it."


     The audience in the audience began to discuss.

     As for Luo Yiming's opening, Mr. Mei Baojiu also knew why Luo Yiming had to talk to him for so long.

     Why Luo Yiming must express his support for the new Peking Opera.

     Traditional Peking opera does have these problems mentioned by Luo Yiming.

      This problem is unavoidably.

     Without TV, movies were expensive, and cross talk, allegro, drums, etc. were not comprehensive enough, as the most extensive mass media at the time, Peking Opera became the best carrier for the promotion of Consciousness Form.

     A few decades ago, everyone got together to discuss Peking Opera, the plot, the vocals, the celebrities, all kinds of tidbits, all kinds of stars, all kinds of bad things in the circle.

     It's the same as today.

      From top to bottom, everyone is promoting Peking Opera.

     Whether it is administrative, spontaneous, or other in nature, Peking Opera became popular in that era when it was sought after by the whole people.

     In the past, Beijing opera was not all stale gifted scholar, beautiful lady, it has all kinds of films.

     It's like today's movies and TV, martial arts, criminal investigation, romance, war, history, officialdom, horror, everything that should be here is here.The Peking opera at that time was not all sticky.

     His father, Mei Lanfang, and other famous actors Cheng Yanqiu and Shang Xiaoyun have all lined up plays in modern costumes, and they are equally popular, and there are even imported Peking operas based on Indian folk tales.

     Tune music also keeps pace with the times.

     Just say that Yang Baozhong is unique in addition to Jinghu.

     Back then, in modern costumes, he could still wear a suit and play with a violin on stage, and the tunes were all newly created.

     Why did I always wear a suit to perform later.

     Mr. Mei Baojiu also wants to tell modern audiences that he also has a fashion concept and he will also innovate Peking Opera.

     Therefore, listening to Peking opera in the past has become listening and watching.

     Mr. Mei Baojiu also enriched the form of Peking Opera.

     But even so, Luo Yiming pointed out the problem of Peking Opera to draw blood on the first prick.

     Now those traditional repertoires, performance roles, and singing does not have one that allow a modern audience to form a sense of substitution based on their own life experience.

     This is terrible.

     But nowadays, even senior fanciers are mostly obsessed with techniques, and few see the characters and emotions expressed in the work itself that can resonate.

     This is sad.

     As Luo Yiming said, more than twenty years ago, people at that time would rather walk several hours and go to the theater.

     Now, where are young people doing such silly things.

     They should only have a long line at the ticket gate just to watch a movie with the female ticket.

     The times have passed, and Peking Opera has fallen.

     Although he didn't want to admit it, Luo Yiming's words made him mend the pen after sheep are lost, it is not too late.

     At that moment, Mr. Mei Baojiu decided to help Luo Yiming in this program to encourage young Peking opera lovers to explore new forms of Peking opera performance.

     Perhaps this is the only way to really save Peking Opera.

     While the audience was discussing, Luo Yiming was still saying: "Compared to other operas, Peking Opera may be the most unfortunate one."

     "The same era has passed. Crosstalk still survives in small theaters, and it also survives in online videos. It can still be grounded and has good characters and good works. What about Peking Opera? Maybe, except for experienced fans, young people rarely watch it. I heard it."

     "Even when the Spring Festival Gala is broadcast to Peking Opera, it may be time for everyone to go to the bathroom."

     Luo Yiming really started to host careful thoughts, extreme fear.

     When he started like this, the audience knew that the show was going to be sublimated.

     The little orgasm is coming!

     "Could it be that our national quintessence art and our Peking opera have just declined?"

     "Just become an undiscovered talent."

     "Is it true that our Peking Opera art can't be substituted for the young us?"

     "At least... I like it very much Peking Opera, but I don't think that if I like it, you will definitely like it. I don't think that Peking Opera is the quintessence of the country, so if you obviously don't like it, you have to like it."

     "Peking Opera will not die."

     "Peking Opera will live."

     "In this issue, we have invited the successor of Mei Pai Art in Peking Opera Performing Arts. The famous performance maestro is the son of Mei Lanfang, the contemporary famous Peking Opera Performing Arts artist, Mr. Mei Baojiu.""Let him tell us the story of Meipai Peking Opera and the future of Peking Opera."

     Luo Yiming said what he wanted to express.

     After Master Mei Baojiu finished his speech, Luo Yiming and Mr. Mei would bring the song New Drunken Beauty.

     Then, the concept of the new Peking Opera will be proposed by Mei Lao and himself.

     In this way, the new Peking Opera will not only be a term in the program, but will be paid attention to by all walks of life, which will really cause a storm.

     Luo Yiming wants to make a little contribution to the innovation and development of Peking Opera.

     He is not playing tickets.

     As a well-known host, Luo Yiming also feels that he should be able to do a little bit to promote the cause of Peking opera and revitalize the art of Peking opera.

     At first, Mr. Mei Baojiu and Luo Yiming sang, he may only be the relationship of one cooperation partner.

     Ke Luo Yiming took the lead and explained the plight of traditional Peking opera. After being inspired, Mr. Mei had to think about the future of Peking opera.

     Moreover, if it was used as an excuse to be too old and unable to move.

     Ke Luo Yiming's new Peking Opera dream made Mr. Mei Baojiu also full of expectations for the future of Peking Opera.

     Luo Yiming is his apprentice. He and his "love apprentice" can push Peking opera and Meipai art to another peak on the road of Peking opera, and then be able to substitute young audiences. Mei Baojiu felt that, that It will be the flourishing age of Peking Opera.

     Holding an antique gramophone on stage, Mr. Mei Baojiu also wanted to recall the past.

     This phonograph is a global "limited edition" made to commemorate the 111th anniversary of Mei Lanfang's birth. There are only 399 sets in total.This phonograph contains various explorations of Master Mei Lanfang's recording and filming to promote the modern dissemination of Peking Opera art.

     Mr. Mei Baojiu intends to promote such a dialogue to the whole country and even all over the world.

     His speech is also divided into two parts. The first part is about the glory of Meipai art, and the second part is inspired by Luo Yiming. Regarding the future of Peking Opera, the new Peking Opera must be born.

     Mr. Mei Baojiu started speaking.

     Starting from Mr. Mei Lanfang, to the brilliance of Mei School Peking Opera.

     From his father's diligence, he was once recognized by the first teacher as "God does not appreciate food", but he did not give up. Instead, he was more diligent and worked harder to become a master of the generation.

     When I was living in the mid-levels of Xiangjiang River, the Japanese shells fell on the bed, and they refused to let the servants pass, and let his son go to the bombings, and blow up his own people.

     Also, in front of the Japanese, Master Mei Lanfang kept his beard and strikeout.

     Mr. Mei Baojiu’s speech made everyone be fired up.

     Finally, Mr. Mei Baojiu said about the new Peking Opera, saying that he was not a conservative person.

     He learned from his father since childhood and insisted on innovation, including foreign records such as "Madame Butterfly" and "Carmen".

     Now, it is time to be a forerunner on the new Peking Opera road.

     The show reached the climax of recording.
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