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147 Chapter One Hundred And Forty-seven, The Big Name Comes Premiere (Added For You Mr. Lonely)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

words exceede 5100On the contrary, Luo Yiming's thinking should actually be the place where the current Peking Opera industry needs to learn from Luo Yiming.

     More than a hundred years ago, the Qing dynasty was closed and arrogant.

     I think that I am a great empire and have abundant resources, so I don’t need mutual exchange of assistance with outsiders.

     Close the country.

     Therefore, after experiencing the Industrial Revolution in the West, it became fast and powerful, and finally opened the door of the Qing Dynasty with sharp guns.

     The advantages believed by the Great Tian Dynasty were naturally severely devastated.

     Peking opera is the same, once the glory does not mean eternal glory.

     If this time, you are still immersed in the quintessence bubble created by yourself, without seeking newness, seeking change, and adapting to the times, then Peking Opera will really be forgotten eventually.

     It succeeded.

     Luo Yiming and Mei Baojiu's singing ended.

     The audience burst into unconscious applause.

     After that, the observation team asked Mr. Mei Baojiu again to explore the new Peking Opera.

     This time, the applause of the young people at the scene made Mei Baojiu really felt, which is not a compliment, but a genuine and sincere like.

     This kind of liking made him come so many years, and for the first time I have I'm still very young, and I still have the energy to contribute to Beijing Opera.

     In 1958, Cheng Yanqiu, one of the four boys of Peking Opera, died.

     In 1961, Mei Lanfang, the head of the Four Dans of Peking Opera, died.

     In 2016, Mr. Mei Baojiu also left.

     Mr. Mei's departure is a loss of the art of Peking Opera.

     Now in 2006, I can see that Mr. Mei has the motivation to strive for a new career, he is full of energy, and Luo Yiming is unspeakably happy.I remember that in his previous life, Elder Mei was suddenly hospitalized for rescue. During the rescue, Hu Wenge, waiting for his students, sang "Ode to Pear Flowers" in his ear. It seems that his heartbeat will react when singing, and it seems to slow down again if he doesn't sing.

     After the death of Lord Jiu, there is no more little Meilang in the world. Let's listen to the song "Ode to Pear Blossoms" before leaving.

     I don't know how many Peking Opera fans moved by that article.

     Luo Yiming had also been in that night, feeling sad.

     In this life, I hope Mrs. Mei can live long for a hundred years.

     After all the observers’ questions have been asked.

     Luo Yiming made the final summary of this issue.

     He stood on the small podium, and the fans couldn't help screaming.

     In this issue, Luo Yiming did not disappoint everyone.

     "Shengdan and ugliness is actually life."

     "At the trough, you are a harlequin, you are looked down upon by everyone, you yourself feel that you are a clown, ashamed and unable to show one's face."

     "When you are at the peak, you are a dancer, dressed in a gorgeous outfit, and painted with powder, you feel that everything can be trampled under your feet."

     "But more life is not a role to represent, the life is pure and ugly, Baiwei is the real life."

     "To learn Peking Opera is to learn to be a man. To learn Peking Opera, you can also respect others and achieve yourself."

     "The inheritance of Peking opera requires the relay of our young people. I am already on the way to the new Peking opera. I hope you can really like the art of Peking opera and let our national essence source is distant and the flow is long carry forward."

     "Thank you all for watching the big names of this issue. Our next issue...bye."

     The recording ends.Luo Yiming is serious about Peking Opera.

     In the Peking Opera performance, he is only half-line singing today.

     However, his determination to show his love and promotion of Peking Opera art will not make anyone doubt it.

     The show is over.

     Luo Yiming wants to pass on this traditional Chinese culture, naturally, more young people are needed to join.

     He will go to the Master Mei Lanfang invited by Master to return to the 50th anniversary boxing club.

     He will give this stick to young people who love Peking Opera and promote the development of the new Peking Opera.

     He knew that Chu Lanlan was also a Peking Opera fan, and that teacher Mei Baojiu met her in 2006.

     Luo Yiming knew that it was not easy for him to revitalize Peking Opera.

      ten years of practice for one minute on the stage, Luo Yiming’s Peking Opera skills, wanting to be the successor to Mei Lao, wanting to carry the banner of the new Peking Opera art, it is certainly not realistic.

     But there is a heart to promote traditional art, to do such a deep show.

     Through the show, Luo Yiming felt that he had a clear conscience and truly loved Peking Opera.

     After the show ends.

     The editing of this episode of the show was handed over to his own team.

     Luo Yiming and his teacher Mr. Mei played together for two days.

     Mr. Mei said that in the capital, he still pays attention to personal image, but he is too gentle and genial.

     Encouraged by Luo Yiming's "joy bi", he is no longer so humble gentleman.

     Go to a coffee shop in the snack street and he will make coffee for you on behalf of the clerk.At the head of Juzizhou, Master Jiu excitedly took a photo with the chairman statue, like a child.

     He usually doesn't gossip too much, and he has been exploring the new Peking Opera endlessly on chirp chirp twitter twitter and Luo Yiming.

     And Luo Yiming also gave him the copyrighted "Jiang Xue" and "Han Jiang Xue" to Mr. Mei Baojiu.

     I hope that in the new Peking Opera, Mr. Mei can find a more abundant time to assist his right-hand man to revitalize Peking Opera together.

     Two days of play.

     In a few days, there will be a meeting to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Zhao Rongchen, a disciple of the Cheng school. Mr. Mei Baojiu will go to the commemorative activities of his peers or elders in Liyuan.

     This time, he not only participated, but also prepared to give a serious speech.

     Therefore, he had to say goodbye to Luo Yiming.

     However, after telling Luo Yiming that he has time to come to Beijing to play, Mr. Mei also sincerely regards Luo Yiming as his disciple who is not the proud disciple of Official Disciple.

     In the next two days, Luo Yiming recorded a new episode of Happy Camp.

     On the day of March 19, the first episode of the show was also greeted by big names.
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