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148 Chapter 148, The Ratings Are Released, The Whole People Discuss (for Me To Ride A Snail To Go Shopping)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The viewers who love the Mango Channel have long been guarded in front of the TV on time.

     And the netizens who have been hotly discussing on the Internet also turned on the TV and the computer at the same time, ready to start this period of war of words in the space.

     Do not know what is the reasons of that.

     Now, as long as it is Luo Yiming's show.

     Two forces will magically appear online.

     One force is to support Luo Yiming, which is centered on the Sandwich Support Group.

     Another force is said to be ordinary netizens, but compared to a small group of netizens, this force also seems to be organized and premeditated.

     In fact, this phenomenon is not at all surprised.

     Every actor, singer, c host will have this kind of controversy at the beginning of the fire.

      This is the common saying that people are afraid of being famous and afraid of being strong.

     After you became famous, more people were jealous and hated.

     They just can't understand why you are on fire.

     As a salted fish, I also want to pull you off.

     A few days ago, Luo Yiming sensed the existence of this kind of online violence, in order to better receive the feedback from the public in the first phase of the big names.

     Luo Yiming gathered all the big teams to work overtime this evening.

     When everyone got together, they were also concerned about the discussion of the first episode of the big names on the Internet after the program was broadcast.

      The show started at 8:20. At eight o'clock, Luo Yiming bought barbecue, beer and roast duck for everyone.

     Let me tell you that when we watched the show and drank, it also became a team gathering.

     As a variety show focused on Taili.The ratings results of the big names are very essential.

     This is true for Taili, and it is still true for the team that Luo Yiming himself brings.

     This program was not as favored as he is at first, and he grew up living in the cracks.

     When Luo Yiming was escorted by Luo Xin, the program gave the green light and the project was successfully established.

     The other producers in the station were chasing and intercepting.

     They even chewed their tongues in private with Lao Song and Luo Xin.

     Although Luo Yiming felt uncomfortable, he still understood why these producers did it.

     Originally, for Sunday's prime time, the station was planning to choose from Wang Xiaolun, who created the more happier the more strategy, and Zhang Dadong, the super girl.

     Unexpectedly, at the final crucial moment, this variety show called the big name came out.

     Later, everyone knew that the preparation time for this variety show was very short, which was more than half a month.

     But in such a short time, Luo Yiming magically completed the recording.

     There was no delay at all in investment promotion and publicity, and finally it was premiered tonight.

     In the past a period of time Full Firepower helped the program to promote it.

     There are already hiding the sky and covering the earth on the Internet, and all the big names are coming.

     The outside world, including Taili, is paying attention to the results of the first round of the big names.

     Some professional variety show producers ridicule the release of this variety show like a joke.

     Because, a mature, complete variety show, from planning, promotion, recording, to later lean editing, it takes more than a month at the earliest.Luo Yiming’s variety show went live in more than half a month.

     Then, the result is only has one...... will definitely hit the street!

     Once the show hits the street, it is decided that someone will jump out and send the big name to the guillotine, and this variety show will be offline.

     What is the result?

     Just look at this issue tonight.

     When the clock reached 8:20.

     Guo Xiaoke drank, and all the members of the team watched the TV.

     The big name is here, the opening title is boring, and there's nothing about it amazing place.

     Then Luo Yiming appeared, with a mature appearance, which was a bit more calm and wise than before.

      throw out a brick and get jade thrown back, narrating the importance of history. After he successfully introduced history, Professor Yi Zhongtian came on stage.

     At the beginning of the show, it can be said that it has inherited the style of Luo Yiming in the past.

     For the introduction of this variety show and the introduction of observer members, conforming with the norms of society.

     Not amazing, but not mediocre.

     However, Professor Yi Nakata took the stage.

     After the lecture, Professor Yi Zhongtian did not talk about boring history on stage, but proposed what are you doing at the age of eighteen, telling him the years when he went to Xin Jiang to know.

     After experiencing loneliness, helplessness, despair, and "rebirth", the audience sitting in front of the TV was a little touched.

     If such a touch is too small, it cannot make the audience feel that the show is very attractive.

     Later, a professor from a university caught up with the reform of the concierge. The school house was discounted at seven and eight. In the end, it was only 30,000 yuan, which Professor Yi Zhongtian could not afford.He waved his arms and pressed hard to the ground, that moment, the audience was hit.

     He said in the next second why I went to the Hundred Schools Forum.

     He settled accounts for the audience.

     Because he goes there, he can make forty-eight thousand a year!

     A professor is not as good as an actor.

     It is the sadness of an era.

     When the audience felt that there was injustice in their hearts, the online forum, also has space, had already begun a discussion about a professor Yi Zhongtian who could not afford a house.

     This was only the first diffuse discussion. When this discussion bombarded every family, after Teacher Yi Zhongtian finished his speech, Luo Yiming released another blockbuster.

     The conflict between school teachers and students, is it because the teachers are perfunctory to the students?

     Teacher Yi Zhongtian said frankly, it is not that the teacher does not communicate with the students.

     Because the school’s assessment system is how many papers you publish in a year and what level of journal the papers are published in.

     He used a very vivid irony, that is, the school depends on how many eggs you lay, and whether it is an innovative egg.

     This is a scourge of the education system, this is an irony of the school assessment system!

     When this topic exploded, in front of the TV, on the Internet, in forums, as long as there are people, TVs, and computers, a comprehensive review of education issues began.

     "China's education is really problematic."

     "Education is the foundation of the country. If the assessment system for university teachers does not change, it will be the sadness of Chinese education.""Don't always say that students are not good here and that there is not good. Sometimes, teachers also have problems."

     There are too many problems in China's education.

     Netizens fired on the education system through their own personal experience.

     With the heated discussion on the two topics that professors can't afford to buy a house and the drawbacks of the education system, there is a sense of existence. The overbearing senior student Dong Hao and teacher Yi Zhongtian once again became a hot spot.

     The first episode of the big name has surged.

     And the big names are coming.

     The focus points to many social issues, which aroused countless people's thinking.

     This program is not blindly condemn in speech and in writing, but also humorous. The interaction between Luo Yiming and teacher Yi Zhongtian, and the interaction with the observers, are operated in multiple styles.

     Compared to those pure heehee haha variety shows, it is much more nutritious.

     After heated discussions, fermentation, and diffusion.

     Suddenly, the program was promoted by public praise. The first issue of Luo Yiming's big name came and won widespread praise on the Internet.

      At this time, Lao Yang, who compiled the ratings data in the data center, also saw the ratings of the first episode.
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