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149 Chapter 149, Luo Yiming In Pepsi
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The ratings of 218, even though it doesn't seem to be very impressive, this is just the first rating of the statistics.

     This ratings, compared to the first episode of Who is the Hero, has exceeded at least 05 ratings.

     After that, the ratings have been rising.

     Like a beast that emerged as a new force to be reckoned with, the big names came and bite many simultaneous shows.

     We are also bringing viewers from other channels to the own Formation camp one by one.

     In the space, deductions, and forums, there are netizens who spontaneously promote the big names.


     This night, under the melting moonlight, except for the quiet and gentle, every family's heart, it was difficult to be calm because of this program.

     good looking.

     This is a conscience show.

     I think we should produce more variety shows like this.

     Luo Yiming, the host, is really stable.

     He was able to win this kind of show host.

     I really think that Luo Yiming can't host the program there's nothing about it.

     He is too good.

     At first, people were optimistic about this program, and slowly, everyone began to pay attention to Luo Yiming.

     In fact, Luo Yiming controls the rhythm of the entire program.

     For example, Dong Hao quarreled with Teacher Yi Zhongtian, Professor Yi Zhongtian was somewhat angry, and Luo Yiming suppressed Yi Zhongtian's anger at a critical time.

     This also makes that degree just right.In addition, Luo Yiming finally disagrees that the silkworms are exhausted in the spring, and the wax torch turns into gray tears before they dry. It should be that the silk spit out when the spring is not old and the candle tears become thicker in autumn, and the audience is moved.

     With rave reviews on the Internet, Luo Yiming and his colleagues were completely relieved.

     When Luo Yiming was still sleeping in bed the next day.

     As everyone knows, a whirlwind has blown, Luo Yiming's reputation has risen, and the limelight is the same in the whole country.

     First of all, Beijing Times does not hesitate to lengthen the front page, and the big name is coming: the big name broadcast last night is really a late-night soul massage, and the mind can also be touched. This is the most successful variety show in recent years.

     Then Wu Yu, a professor at China Media College, commented: In times of temptation, pressure, and impetuous people, when young people are confused, such a program really comes at the right time. It is air, water, sunlight, and Life's Strength.

     And Chen Gang, editor-in-chief of "Contemporary Youth" magazine follow closely behind sb or sth, not without reason: "This kind of is a stage for a group of people to talk about their ideals this year and month, so that you can see hope and share the good. This is the value."

     "Fashion Weekly" general manager He Zhimao expresses his support for the big names on Weibo: "A good book, people can't bear to finish the last chapter;"

     "Good chess is like a series of four tribulations. I hope the players will disappear from the world;"

     "Good collection, collectors only wish to accompany them alone late at night."

     "Now, I have encountered a good show, "The Big Name Is Coming". I just watched this episode and I can't help myself."

     Highly praised by industry insiders, and overwhelming praise from the community.In fact, on the one hand, it is the strong positive energy guidance of this program, and more is the strength of this program.

     In the age of temptation, high pressure, and impetuous people.

     At the time of the proliferation of entertainment and TV dramas, and the decline of cultural and educational programs.

     Following the main theme, Mango TV station launches such a television program with unique creativity, lofty intention, fresh temperament and conveying Spiritual Energy, which will naturally become the best indicator of the Chinese television industry.

     Of course, the creator of this show, producer and host Luo Yiming has also been pushed to where the wind and the waves are the fiercest.

     "The host who came out of Shining New Anchor felt that he was standing out from the masses. Sure enough, he was among the producers in just six months. To make such a nutritious program, the future producer pyramid , There must be your place."

     "From who is the hero to the big name, from focusing on the underprivileged, to focusing on the hero. Luo Yiming is really a model among youth and an idol in the entertainment industry."

     For example, the music auditions and indoor variety shows that other stations are trying to create do not have a program like Luo Yiming.

     When the mainstream media and social forces all praise Luo Yiming and his programs.

     Other TV stations are like headless flies. I don't know how to choose the program next.

     The big names are coming.

     Although Sophie's statistics are at the end, the ratings of the big names are only 274, and there is still some distance to break three.

     Nor has it overwhelmed the popular variety show Happy Camp in Mango Taiwan.

     However, people in the industry generally believe that the big names are coming to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly.It is like a fresh wind of television, which is bound to reverse the tendency of other satellite TVs to imitate fast books during this period and create a pan-entertainment trend on the screen.

     And this variety show is an example of the industry in purifying the TV culture ecology, guiding media culture, and acting as a social responsibility.

     The big name came on fire, and Luo Yiming followed.

     However, Luo Yiming was still sleeping on the bed at this time.

     Last night, after seeing the positive comments on the Internet, Luo Yiming knew that the big names were coming.

     As a variety show that is not so easy to do.

     Luo Yiming was really worried at first.

     The theme of each issue is different, but each issue will be tall.

     All the elites from various industries are invited.

     This kind of variety show is a "win-win" if it is done.

     Academic, cold technology has expanded the scope of dissemination, and television has promoted cultural taste.

     But it is also a "lose-lose".

     Academics lose their quality, and television loses its broad audience.

     Therefore, this kind of variety show is something that many TV stations dare not dare to get involved. Everyone will be afraid of arduous and thankless tasks and end up looking in the mirror—not people inside and outside.

     However, Luo Yiming succeeded.

     The success of the big names is bound to establish his position as a gold producer of Mango TV.

     With the aura of big names coming to the show, the resources Luo Yiming can get on the station will inevitably be more.

     When Luo Yiming was still resting in the dormitory, the team that came with the big names was already very busy.Those merchants who did not buy advertisements in the advertisements are calling one by one, and they are also chasing after the big sponsors.

     The Vice General Manager of Pepsi-Cola's China region even appointed his secretary Xiao Liu to come over, in addition to sponsoring big-name programs.

     He even wants to contact Luo Yiming through Taili and let Luo Yiming be the spokesperson for PepsiCo's Chinese brand.

     This time, Pepsi was able to fancy Luo Yiming, not just Luo Yiming's exposure in the entertainment host industry during this period of time.

     The most important thing is the good reputation of Luo Yiming on the Internet and mainstream media.

     Now, it is not so easy to find a male artist full of positive energy and idol traits in the entertainment industry.

     Luo Yiming, young age, emerge as a new force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

     The fixed host of the two ace variety shows has more than tens of millions of fans.

     For such idol artists, Pepsi will naturally cooperate.
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