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151 Chapter 151, Gu Tsai Third Phase Guest? (The Foundation Is More First)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

In fact, Luo Yiming didn't know much about the Pepsi Music Billboard list in his previous life.

     So it’s not that famous.

     Because Pepsi Music Billboard was held for six times, it was renamed Music Billboard Meng Bovine Yogurt in 2007.

     Although Pepsi has only six Music Billboards, the Music Billboard produced by Guangxian Media has continued.

      Music Billboard has a strong lineup and well-made.

     Great influence in the domestic music industry.

     And every year, a Music Billboard award ceremony is held.

     The selection rules and systems are in line with international awards, and the jury system and nomination system are adopted

     Pepsi Music Billboard has attracted hundreds of stars from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Mainland to participate and support for 5 consecutive sessions.

     It is also widely recognized by the music industry and the general public, and is hailed as "China's Grammy" by the media.

     Liu Xiaowan came this time, intending to let Luo Yiming host the Music Billboard festival.

     In addition to the broadcast media requiring female hosts to use their contract c.

      The male host has always been offered by Pepsi.

     In the previous life, the female celebrities of Guangxian Media included Xie Nan, Zhu Jing, and Liu Yanyan. In 2006, the first two had not yet entered the Guangxian line. The host of Music Billboard was Liu Yanyan.

     When Liu Xiaowan said that if Luo Yiming successfully endorsed Pepsi, the host of Pepsi Music Billboard in 2006 would be able to rationally and clearly structured it to him, and Luo Yiming also agreed to this mutual benefit cooperation between the two parties.

     Being able to host Pepsi Music Billboard, Luo Yiming has the opportunity to contact the jury.Most of the nominated songs of Music Billboard, the annual shortlisted singers of the awards ceremony and the annual candidate songs are selected from the previous year's "Music Billboard" program.

     On the day of the ceremony, the results of each award will be selected based on the audience's votes, record sales, jury selection and China Music Billboard's weekly ranking results.

     Among them, audience votes accounted for 5, jury selection accounted for 60, record sales accounted for 20, and weekly results accounted for 15.

     Luo Yiming participated in Pepsi Music Billboard. In fact, he wanted to continue to do something for the promotion of the new Peking Opera.

      The song New Drunken Beauty has not yet been formally fermented by big names. It will be broadcast after the second issue of big names comes.

     Luo Yiming wanted Pepsi to contact Guangxian Media’s Music Billboard program to promote the song to audience friends.

     Luo Yiming didn't know, Liu Xiaowan had this idea a long time ago.

     However, Liu Xiaowan and Luo Yiming's related songs are different.

     She didn't know the existence of New Drunken Beauty, the new Beijing Opera song this time.

     But Luo Yiming's as empty as anything and the most beautiful expectation, as long as it is the endorsement contract, Music Billboard, the two-week push song is Luo Yiming's song.

     The star Pepsi wants to endorse must be the overshadowed star.

     To take Luo Yiming to a new level, and then win a small prize on the Music Billboard where water flows, a canal is formed, for Pepsi, this is a strategic need.

     Luo Yiming knows that these lists will have many unspoken rules.

     Many companies will spend money on the list.

     But I don't know that the other party has already made his mind.I talked to Liu Xiaowan about the cooperation. Regarding the remuneration and the details of the contract, in the early stage, I just connected with Taili.

     After signing the contract, the agreement also stated that Luo Yiming will be the host of the 6th Pepsi Music Billboard awards ceremony.

     In the next two days, Luo Yiming met with Guangxian Media’s contract c.

     And Liu Yanyan, who was born in Hengyang, Lake Province, was no stranger to Luo Yiming when they met Liu Yanyan for the first time.

     In fact, in 2002, Liu Yanyan participated in the recording of the public chat box lifestyle information program "Wife is Watching Fresh" in the Public chat box in Hu Province and served as the host of the program.

     Last year, the contract was signed with Guangxian Media.

     Liu Yanyan also began to grab the host resources.

     Although Luo Yiming is a few years younger than himself, his reputation is much greater than himself.

     Therefore, when meeting, Liu Yanyan showed great respect to Luo Yiming, and she was completely a "junior" gesture.

     Luo Yiming also had a very good impression of this girl with a wave of breasts.

     At this time, Liu Yanyan did not apply makeup conspicuously as in her previous life, and the beauty at the beginning also warms the heart and delights the eye.

     After leaving each other's contact information, next month, the two will conduct a simple rehearsal based on the nominated singers and playlists of Guangxian Media.

     In Pepsi, Luo Yiming was able to invite Luo Yiming to endorse, which undoubtedly improved Luo Yiming's position in Taiwan.

     The third issue of the big names is coming. Because of the participation of Pepsi-Cola, the big names are locked on the two Chinese spokespersons of Pepsi-Cola in 2005.

     In 2005, Pepsi’s spokespersons were Gu Zai and Ting Feng.After communicating with the big-name production team, Luo Yiming, the main person in charge, finally Luo Yiming decided to invite Gu Zai to the guests of the third phase.

     I like Gu Zai, not because of the shaping of his movie roles.

     Luo Yiming admires Gu Tsai, in fact, he has never stopped in his philanthropy.

     In his previous life in 2009, Gu Tsai established the charity gene and started his official journey of charity in a low-key manner.

     Gu Tianle started donating Hope Elementary School in 2009.

     In the past 17 years, the donation has not stopped for 8 consecutive years.

     He has donated a total of 85 primary schools.

     From him, you can see unlimited positive energy.

     Just like the role he portrayed in the movie anti-drug, Gu Tsai has that justice and heroism in him.

     What's more commendable is that his charity is very low-key.

     In fact, the media exposed that Gu Tsai’s charity started in 2009, but as early as 2005, Gu Tsai began to fund several elementary schools in his hometown, and he went even more during the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. Condolences to the disaster area and silently donated one million.

     At that time, some people might still think that he was just drifting with the waves and go with the flow as an artist, exposing the righteousness and role models in front of the camera, that's all.

     But time killed these people's views fatally!

     He did this for eight years, no hype, no hypocrisy.

     Some are just sincere enthusiasm.

     Luo Yiming's big name is here, and it is destined not to be a stage for the top propaganda of the actors. Inviting Pepsi's spokesperson, Gu Zai's shining point and positive energy, Luo Yiming thinks it can fit this theme.After deciding that the big names of the third period came to invite Gu Zai, Luo Yiming asked his team members, Xiaochao and Xiaoxue, to go to Gu Zai's hometown to search for some traces of Gu Zai's growth.

     Take some statistics on the public welfare and charity work that Gu Tsai once did.

     At the same time, Guo Xiaoke and Wang Li communicated with Gu Zi on behalf of the program team.

     Discover how far Gu Tsai has progressed on the road of public welfare.

     For Gutian Le Gene, is there any idea to establish it in advance?

      If it’s possible, it is bound to increase the power to promote charity when the program is broadcast.

     Of course, Luo Yiming will also ask PepsiCo to help promote whether Gu Zi cooperates.

     After all, the third episode is coming to record the big names, and it is also Pepsi's will.

     In the preliminary preparations, Luo Yiming did not follow the team. He stayed in Chang~ and prepared a new program recording with Happy Family.
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