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152 Chapter One Hundred And Fifty-two
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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This issue of Happy Camp ushered in the Return of the Condor Heroes crew.

     The big name recorded with Luo Yiming in this studio is here and will invite Gu Zai.

      The crew of Happy Camp's Return of the Condor Heroes is not the version of Gu Zai.

     It is the 06 version of Return of the Condor Heroes by Yu Min produced by Ciwen Film and Television Production Limited Company.

     This version of Return of the Condor Heroes was not particularly successful after it was broadcast in the previous life.

     The only amazing thing is Liu Yifei's role modeling of Deity Elder Sister.

     In the evaluation of previous life audiences, Liu Yifei's Little Dragon Girl was also considered second only to Li Ruotong.

      The crew of Return of the Condor Heroes came to Happy Camp as a guest, naturally to promote their new drama.

     The show premiered on his channel on March 17.

     After some interest exchange, Mango Channel agreed to do this promotional program for Return of the Condor Heroes.

     This time I came to Kuaiben, except for Guo Jing's actor Wang Luoyong, who did not arrive, and all the other main actors were in place.

     Yang Guo plays Huang Daming and Liu Yifei, the daughter of the ancient tomb school.

     The actors of Guo Jing's two daughters are Chen Shasha and Yang Xiaomi.

     The fairy Li Mochou plays Meng Guangmei.

     And Huang Rong's actor Kong Lin.

     The 6 leading actors came to Happy Camp to meet with 5 members of the Happy Family.

     At the beginning of the recording, Mr. He Jiong was also the main force, leading the actors to review the classic plot in Return of the Condor Heroes.

     Liu Yifei and Huang Daming, the pair of protagonists, also moved the lines and bombed the scene again.

     After performing a few plots, Liu Yifei also talked about the story of her filming the Little Dragon Girl, and initially couldn't find the feeling of the Little Dragon Girl.At that time, she would ask Mr. Yu Zheng, because Mr. Yu Zheng had communicated with Mr. Jin Yong and thought that the first part of Xiaolongnu was a fairy, and she became a human after meeting Yang.

     Because of this, Liu Yifei used Deity Elder Sister to perform living spirit, living image.

     However, it is true that it is immortal, but Liu Yifei's feelings behind the people in this drama are not very sure.

     In the recording of this episode, the producer Luo Xin and her team also worked hard on the plot. Before the recording a period of time, Luo Xin assigned tasks to the five members of the Happy Family.

     That is the recording of this issue, there will be a spoof version of Return of the Condor Heroes.

     This version will let the happy family perform first, and then guests will imitate.

     In the front, full of affectionate and poetic lines reappeared on the spot, at this time, Mr. He Jiong decisively moved on to the next link.

     "Our next link is a plot of Return of the Condor Heroes spoofed by our Happy Family. As professional actors, you will need to reproduce this plot after our performance is over."

     He Jiong spoke to the guests.

     As the male lead, Huang Daming said first: "Okay. I know that your Happy Family is also good at performing. I look forward to seeing you play Return of the Condor Heroes."

     He Jiong said: "That is, our Happy Family are all talents. Let me introduce the cast. Yang Guo's actor is Luo Yiming."

     Luo Yiming raised his hand next to him: "Present."

     "Thank that person for two sleeps, she plays Xiaolongnu and Guo Fu."

     Thanks for glanced at Liu Yifei and Yang Xiaomi, N Se said: "Sister plays two roles alone, isn't it amazing?"Liu Yifei and Yang Xiaomi are lightly smiled, they disagree.

     "The roles of Wu Xin and Li Weijia are very important, and they play...carving in this play."

     As soon as He Jiong finished speaking, Li Weijia said: "Teacher He, why do you have a cold-shoulder facial expression? Actually, I have a good acting skills. The director originally wanted me to act as Yang Guo."

     Luo Yiming smiled: "But you are not as handsome as me."

     "Also, who told you to have a big eagle nose."

     Luo Yiming pointed to Li Weijia’s nose, and the lens would give a close-up. Li Weijia exclaimed, “Don’t take my nose, take this side, this one is more like it.”

     Li Weijia roared and pointed at Wu Xin. It turned out that Wu Xin had the same big sculpted nose.

     Wu Xin lies innocently with a gun: "..."

     "I'm finished talking about the four roles of them, then I, I am the most important role in this play, I will play... as a narration."

     Luo Yiming said, "Oh, I can finally be a leading actor. I have never filmed before. What exactly is it in filming? Will there be many girls who like me? They confessed to me, what should I do. "

     "I'm flustered." Luo Yiming really owed a bit of amusement.

     Xie Na was not used to him, and said: "Don't worry, I will like you fiercely."

     "Teacher He, let's start." Wu Xin said.

     He Jiong coughed and said solemnly: "Okay, ready to go, Return of the Condor Heroes spoof version, now the countdown. 3, 2, 1, start."

     He Jiong stood beside the stage and said seriously: "One day, Guo Fu and Yang Guo were walking on the street. The street was very lively and there were many snacks."Xie Na and Luo Yiming will appear here, holding hands.

     Xie Na kept looking around. She saw a vendor selling candied haws on the street, and she took Luo Yiming's hand and said, "Brother Yang, look, there is a candied haws seller over there. I want to eat candied haws. I want to eat. Grape flavor."

     Luo Yiming said: "Okay, Fumei, I'm going to buy it now." Luo Yiming said chicly walked over.

     Xie Na smiled and said, "Wow, Brother Yang is so handsome, Nuan Nan."

     Luo Yiming bought the candied haws soon after.

     Pass the candied haws, Luo Yiming said: "Here, this is your favorite candied haws."

     Xie Na took a look and pouted: "Don't eat it, these are melon seeds, I want to eat grapes, hurry~! Go buy it again."

     Luo Yiming put his hands on his hips and said somewhat angry: "If you let me go, I'll go, how can I be the protagonist, I don't buy it. You don't eat, I eat!"

     Luo Yiming ate candied haws.

     Teacher He Jiong said: "When Guo Fu saw this, he became angry immediately, loudly roared."

     Xie Na put on a posture, harshly said: "Yang Guo, I have tolerated you for a long time. I usually don't care about you because of my lady image. Today you even ate my favorite candied haws and took your life!"

     The two drew their swords and faced each other, and the live music teacher gave a piece of "besides the second" fighting music.

     He Jiong said: "After a few rounds, Yang Guo fell to the ground and Guo Fu cut off Yang Guo's right arm."

     "Oh." Luo Yiming howled.

     Xie Na saw Luo Yiming fall and cut off his right arm. He widely opens mouth, backing back again and again, clutching his chest and making an inconceivable gesture: "Why is it broken?"Luo Yiming rolled back and forth on the ground, hovering between life and death: " chopped off my arm for a candied haws!"

     Xie Na shook his head frantically, almost laughing: "Brother, I didn't mean it."

     He Jiong said, "Speaking of Guo Fu turning and fleeing, Yang Guo exited the field embarrassedly with his right arm. Yang came over to a valley where strange peaks lined up and the wind screamed. Yang Guo had arduously marched to a cave. He was already dying."

     "At this time, he thought of Uncle Guo, of Xiaolongnu, and of the fans who have silently supported him for a long time. He regrets it."

     Speaking of fans, the fans in the audience, this is just busy with the sense of existence.

     They felt that Luo Yiming was really too sad.

     However, instead of sympathizing with him, everyone throw stones at sb who fell down a well, wanting to see what Luo Yiming would encounter next under the cave.

     The audience watched this drama very much.
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