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154 Chapter One Hundred And Fifty Four
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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In the first half of this episode, Luo Xin saw the super power of Luo Yiming and Xie Na's Dual Sword Combination.

     If Luo Yiming ate watermelon before, it was another level of play.

     Today, simply humorous and funny, Luo Yiming's strength also exploded.

     Because the game that Luo Yiming provided in the last issue was quite interesting, this issue of Happy Camp is still a small game of group confrontation.

     Disrupt the Happy Family and the Shendiao Family, everyone is free to group.

     Huang Daming led a team.

     Luo Yiming led a team.

     The battle between them was also described by Mr. He Jiong who hosted the game as a "two yellow dispute."

     "The battle between the two yellows is free. You can stand behind the two captains, and the two captains can canvass votes."

     Huang Daming said: "I don't think I need to canvass for votes. Anyone with good looks can stand over."

     Huang Daming is very confident, and Luo Yiming also refuses: "I am Made in China, length 180, using Artificial Intelligence, all parts are complete, stable operation, after more than 20 years of operation, it is a product of trustworthy quality."

     "The "product" has complete procedures and can be returned and replaced indefinitely. Due to development needs, like-minded people are sincerely recruited. Those who are interested, please stand behind me!"


     After Luo Yiming's humorous self-introduction, Liu Yifei was the first to stand over.

     Then, Meng Guangmei and Chen Shasha also leaned in automatically.

     Yang Xiaomi would have come here too.

     Seeing that this side was about to become a beauty base, Li Weijia jumped into this side first.

     Yang Xiaomi can only go to another team."Okay, Luo Yiming, Liu Yifei, Meng Guangmei, Li Weijia, Chen Shasha are the first team, Huang Daming, Wu Xin, Xie Na, Yang Xiaomi, and Kong Lin are the second team. The two teams will play pk, and the losing team must accept punishment."

     "Please send the first member out of each team." He Jiong looked at the team led by Luo Yiming and Huang Daming and said.

     Luo Yiming looked at Huang Daming's Yang Xiaomi who was first introduced, and then thinks not to think directly launched Li Weijia.

     Two small yellow tables are placed in the middle of the studio.

     A dozen paper cups were placed on the table.

     There is a drink in the paper cup. As a vice coffee, Luo Yiming knows exactly what medicine is sold in the gourd of the show this time.

     I saw Li Weijia leaning down, leaning his head in front of the cup and sniffing, and then backed back and pinched his nose: "The show crew is too good at playing."

     "Vega, what's in it?" Luo Yiming asked curiously.

     "It's vinegar! Very pungent old vinegar! I smelled for a moment, and it made me sore." While Li Weijia shouted loudly, the next second he pointed his finger at the cup in front of him and complained to the director: " Director Liu, why are you making so much vinegar?"

     "It won't be... the punishment for losing is drinking this, right?"

     The director did not answer.

     He Jiong said: "Vega and Xiao Mi, please sit in front of the table with a small bench."

     He Jiong issued the order.

     Li Weijia and Yang Xiaomi looked at each other when they saw it. Even if they knew the game was not fun, they could only sit in their positions.The two of them were only 30 centimeters away from the small table where the paper cups were placed, and the pungent sour smell could already be smelled, which made them very uncomfortable.

     He Jiong said: "Quick answer game!"

     "What you put in front of you is a drink with mature vinegar. At the beginning of each round, you need to drink a glass of vinegar and answer the questions. If you fail, you won’t score. The member who answers the first five questions wins the round victory."


     Li Weijia and Yang Xiaomi sprayed blood in the next second.

     Answer the question after drinking a cup of vinegar. Did I hear it right?

     Not a punishment.

     Yang Xiaomi felt that he was broken.


     Even if she is a small character in this play.

     But does this kind of rough work and tiring work have to be done by yourself?

     Yang Xiaomi was indeed a small role that year, and he didn't have much reputation.

     The first round of drinking vinegar was also Taili's idea.

     As for Li Weijia, how much he was pitted by Luo Yiming.

     But Luo Yiming swears that he really knows how this game is played.

     Because, Luo Xin told him about the game.

     "Two ready ma, when you are ready, the game will begin." He Jiong urged.

     "Ah? Do you really want to drink it?" Yang Xiaomi looked reluctant. She had heard of being jealous, but can he be jealous...Can the stomach stand such a sour thing?

     She knows that there is a show, Luo Yiming hero rescuing the beauty.

     But Luo Yiming belongs to that team, and now he wants him to save himself, I am afraid it is out of play.There was a word from the director team, He Jiong said: "The director team said, don't worry, they just added a little vinegar. Although it will be sour when drinking it, it will definitely not have any effect on the body."

     He Jiong said that, so obviously it won't work if you don't drink it.

     "Come on. Vega." Luo Yiming would shout.

     "Come on, Xiao Mi." Huang Daming also not to be outdone.

     In an instant, everyone turned into a cheerleader.

     "For the honor of the team, I'm fighting." Yang Xiaomi called, also cheering for himself.

     Unconsciously stretched out his hand to hold the paper cup in front of them, they both prepared to drink vinegar drinks and then answered questions.

     "Please use five seconds to quickly imitate the sounds of five animals."

     Five seconds to imitate the sounds of five animals?

     Li Weijia thought it was a question and answer, but the rhythm was a bit wrong.

     Although this problem came too suddenly, Yang Xiaomi immediately hadn't thought it would be such a problem.

     However, she knew that it was right to drink a drink first.

     Quickly brought the cup to his mouth, then raised his head and Yang Xiao Mi took a sip.

     "Ah... well, so sour, who said only a little sour!" Yang Xiaomi's facial features are all tangled together.

     Her small mouth opened slightly, and she looked back at Huang Daming and others: "Is there any water? I'm so sour!"

     "True or false?" Luo Yiming not only didn't mean hero rescuing the beauty this time, but also deliberately asked such a sentence for the effect of the show."Oh, Luo Yiming, you really don't think it's a big deal to read a joke. If you make sarcastic comments again, we will knock you down when you play, and give you a cup and let you taste it!"

     Yang Xiaomi's show was still carrying a shelf at the beginning, but now that it is playing, it also provoked Luo Yiming.

     How did Luo Yiming know that she was a female man in the world.

     He smiled and said: "You finish drinking, but you don't answer the question. Just your IQ, do you think your team members will pour me with you?"

     "Hurry up and challenge, the challenge is over, some are water to drink." Luo Yiming had already picked up the program sponsor while speaking.

     Mengniu took a sip of his lactic acid bacteria drink and said as he drank, "It's so delicious, wait for you to get it."

     A tiny movement, but recorded through the lens, this seamless advertisement is so perfect.

     Maybe, the audience at the scene didn't think anything.

     But when this shot is broadcast later, it will definitely be liked by advertisers.

     Luo Yiming did this deliberately, but he did it very naturally.

     It seems that he really drank hydrolyzed acid for Yang Xiaomi, but in fact, he solidly promoted Mengniu.


     "The imitation of five animal sounds begins!" He Jiong reminded Yang Xiaomi.

     "Meow meow!"





     After learning three kinds of animals, cats, dogs, and sheep, Yang Xiaomi's brain went blank, and in the end he made a deliberate cry directly.

     Too difficult, this problem is not difficult at first.But because I was nervous, because I wanted to win, I really couldn't remember the animals.

     "Time is up! Even if Xiao Mi's woo is a cute and cute thing, in the end, there are still not enough five kinds, so the challenge fails, start over."

     Teacher He Jiong actually said to start again.

     Yang Xiaomi is crazy.

     That means, you have to have another cup?
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