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155 Chapter 155, Panic Game (first More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"How do I feel terrible about this game? I don't think I can play it anymore. If I drink it like this, I will lose the game. I don't know, but people will definitely lose it."

     "Xiao Mi, you can believe in yourself. You have said three, as long as you grab it again, you will win." Teacher He Jiong encouraged.

     "The challenge begins!" At the beginning of the new round, perhaps it was a deep experience of the ‘sour and refreshing’ of the vinegar drink. This time, Yang Xiaomi’s actions were obviously not as quick as Li Wei, and Vega took the lead in the answer.

     A face of fully content with one's achievements.






     Li Weijia will not give up the chance to win.

     After grabbing the answer, he ignored the sourness of his tongue and directly repeated the voices of three animals, adding two of his own, and completed the task within the five-second time limit.

      forms a coherent whole.

     Li Weijia smiled proudly.

     "Pass!" He Jiong shouted.

     "Wait for Teacher He... this won't work." Yang Xiaomi would raise his hand to protest: "The first three Vega said are what I said before, and what kind of animal is the fifth one? A kid waiting to be fed ?"

     Gaming expert Li Weijia said: "Hey, the game did not say that duplication is not allowed! My fifth one is a wolf! The cry of a wolf is just wailing."

     He Jiong said: "Xiao Mi, the game does not say that duplication is not allowed."

     "So... I won!" Li Weijia would walk into the team and excitedly high-five with Luo Yiming and others."Is this possible! Didn't I drank a glass of vinegar for nothing?" Yang Xiaomi was very wronged. At this meeting, Luo Yiming took Mengniu yogurt to her side.

     "You didn't drink it for free. The program team specially prepared a sour drink for you."

     Unexpectedly, Luo Yiming still remembered this.

     Although it was from the opponent team, Luo Yiming walked over and opened the drink to Yang Xiaomi. This warm gesture made Yang Xiaomi less aggrieved.

     The second game continued, this time Luo Yiming sent Liu Yifei to play.

     Xie Na was sent by Huang Daming.

     Unlike Xie Na's strong style, Liu Yifei, who does not eat mundane affairs, obviously weakened his opponent by several levels in his aura.

     "Sister, will you let me?" Liu Yifei blinked her big watery eyes and asked Xie Na who was aside.

     Xie Na patted his chest: "We are sisters... Don't worry, I will still make an all-out effort."


     The audience is familiar with Xie Na's routine.

     "It's a fault, but don't blame me. Who made us belong to different camps, we each for his master, if I don't beat you, our Daming brother will blame me."

     Xie's look has some arrogance.

     She naturally felt that she had the chance to win.

     Liu Yifei's tongue is not as good as Xie Na. She wanted to say something cruel, but she couldn't find a suitable expression for a while.

     As the captain, Luo Yiming can't watch his teammates being bullied. He looked at Xie Na and said, "Oh, why do you women embarrass women? Sister, you should be friendly!""Yi, don't be afraid to thank that, she just has a great mouth, but she doesn't need to use her mouth when answering questions. I believe that with your ingenuity, you can definitely beat her."

     "Hey... Yiming... I listen to this, do you mean I don't have a brain?"

     "This baby is angry!"

     "I didn't say that." Luo Yiming said.

     "Also, Yang Guo is still standing there, are you going to snatch the little dragon girl?" Xie Na roared.


     The fans in the audience also started booing.

     Luo Yiming responded super fast: "Don't forget, I have also performed Yang Guo for a few minutes. I also want to protect my little dragon girl."

     Xie Na jumped up and said, "Then you should be guarding me. I am your little dragon girl."


     The audience is even more unhappy.

     "Two guys, fire up for this, really... are you enough?"

     Teacher He Jiong interrupted with a smile.

     "Ready to start!" He Jiong's voice came again.

     He interrupted Liu Yifei, who was just a little fluttering in his thoughts.

     "You two listen to this round of questions."

     "After drinking the drink, please say the names of five European countries within five seconds."

      European countries name?

     When Liu Yifei heard this problem, he thought about it subconsciously in the mind.

     To be honest, she knows some foreign country names.

     Except for a few relatively large countries, she is not particularly clear about which country is Europe.

     If there is enough time, maybe she can get the answer right.But where is five seconds so short to allow her to think too much?


      Without a doubt, Xie Na is the first to drink the vinegar drink.

     Drinking the drink, she seemed to be immune to the drink and said directly: "The five European countries are: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria..."

     The answer was about to be finished, but at this moment, Xie Na's thinking seemed to be stuck, hesitated for a long time without saying the full name of the fifth country.

     "Don't you mean Australia?" Luo Yiming divine light flashes, reminded casually with a smirk.

     "Yes, it's Australia!" The triumph in Xie Na's eyes flashed, before he could verify whether the answer was correct, he blurted out.



     "Thank you, thank you, do you believe what I said nonsense? What you want to say should be Austrian... geographical advantage?"

     Luo Yiming hadn't thought Xie Na actually got the set.

     The audience looked at these two live treasures, and they liked it even more.

     "Luo Yiming obviously cheated you on purpose. Where is Australia in European countries? Austria is in Europe!"

     Huang Daming said with a speechless expression, Such result, his team is about to lose again.

     "Luo Yiming! I want to fight you hard!" Xie ran away at that instant, and his small fist attacked Luo Yiming again.

     Natural enemies.

     Luo Yiming also didn't expect that Happy Camp would not have gotten a hit, Fatty Du, after he came, he would even more thoroughly tap Xie Na's potential.In the studio, Luo Yiming ran in front, and the latter thanked him for chasing. Luo Yi couldn't help laughing: "Hahaha, blame me? Who made you think about it. Austria and Australia are stupid I don't know, I can only say that you are stupid."

     "Am I stupid? I said four and I almost won. I blame you!"

     After frolicking for a while, the result of this round came out.

     With Xie Na's foreshadowing, Liu Yifei won the game.

     Xie Na undoubtedly blamed Luo Yiming for this defeat.

     Fortunately, in the third and fourth innings, Huang Daming's team performed exceptionally. After four rounds on both sides, the score was two to two and the score was even.

     The competition has already entered intensified.

     At this time Luo Yiming and Huang Daming were sitting on the bench.

     The previous vinegar drink has been drunk, and the staff member of the program group replaced a few glasses with new things.

     In front, Luo Yiming still knew what it was.

     At this point, Luo Yiming was also in the game and became the object of being played.

     "What is this?" Luo Yiming held up a paper cup, glanced down at the light green liquid inside, and then was stunned: "Green? It seems to be Kudingcha?"

      "Ah?" Huang Daming stiffened when he heard this, and said in a terrifying tone: "Really? Are you too good at playing shows?"

     "You'll know what it is in a while." He Jiong smiled lightly. He was the only one sober on the court throughout the game.

      I said something unimpressed, which made the two people even more panic.
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