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156 Chapter 156, Han Jiangxue, New Song? (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Please listen to the question! Please say five three-character song titles in five seconds."

     He Jiong said, Huang Daming immediately showed a confident smile.

     "This question is not difficult, I thought it was so difficult." Huang Daming quickly picked up the cup when he heard the question, and after expressing his confidence, he drank the drink in one sip.

     Drinking tea is cool, Huang Daming's movements are very chic.

     But as soon as the drink was taken, Huang Daming's expression collapsed.

     I saw Huang Daming wanted to speak at this moment, but he couldn't tell.

     The five senses were tangled together, and he kept spitting out green liquid that had not been swallowed completely.

     "Brother Ming, what is this for you, green foam at your mouth."

     Huang Daming cried out: "This...too bitter."

     "Is it really Kudingcha?" Luo Yiming asked sympathetically when he saw Huang Daming with a look of disability.

     "Yes, but it is a hundred times more bitter than ordinary Kudingcha."

     Huang Daming is really not exaggerating.

     The program group was able to issue the title of so easy because they knew that Huang Daming couldn't afford to drink Kuding.

     Luo Yiming once drank Kuding once, but he didn't feel terrible.

     It must be the program group attempted to cheat, adding more Kuding tea, and now this tea should be several times more difficult to drink than those sold outside.

     "5, 4, 3..." Seeing Huang Daming didn't answer, He Jiong started a five-second countdown.

     Upon seeing this, Huang Daming also ignored the bitterness at the base of his tongue. After thinking for half a second, he quickly reported the answers he knew.

     ""Courage"Breakpoint""Later"..."Lover"...""time up!"

     He Jiong had already given Huang Daming one more time, but when he saw that the first three were stuck in that second, He Jiong really stopped answering.

     "Challenge failed! Ready to start answering again."

     "What?" Huang Daming dumbstruck looked at He Jiong: "More drinks?"

     Although he had spit out most of the Kudingcha just now, the bitter taste still remained on his tongue.

     He really didn't want to try again.

     Drinking this Kudingcha just once was enough to torture him.

     Waving his hand, Huang Daming gave up altogether, because his stomach would explode after drinking it again.

     Huang Daming no longer carries out a new round of challenges.

     Then Luo Yiming became a one-man fight.

     Thinking about it, just add one to the original song for the two-character song. The difficulty at the moment is just drinking that cup of hardship.


     Luo Yiming wants to challenge.

     He Jiong raised his hand to stop: "Wait a minute, because Huang Daming gave up on the challenge, the director team told me about the new gameplay. Now, Yiming, you have to say five three-character songs."

     "It's still five seconds."

     "What, can you temporarily change the rules of the game?" Luo Yiming really felt that the program group was too bad.

     Two-character songs, can be found everywhere.

     But three words? Well, Luo Yiming has far-sighted from the previous life. It might not be difficult to find all the songs.

     But unfortunately, he still needs time.

     This is too bad.

     "Captain Yiming, we will definitely win."Liu Yifei didn't take the initiative to speak in the program for a long time, and she actually spoke.

     This encouragement hit Luo Yiming even more and made Luo Yiming tremendous stress.

     "Yi Ming, the team that loses has a penalty, and the team that wins actually has a reward." Teacher He Jiong is also to mobilize Luo Yiming's interest.

     As soon as he said, Luo Yiming hurriedly asked: "There are rewards, what rewards?"

     "Look, Little Dragon Girl cheered for you. After winning, Yifei can give you a loving hug."

     Teacher He Jiong said it represents his personal wishes.

     Luo Yiming is not stupid, this time he won't fall for it.

     I just wanted to say that I didn't believe you. Unexpectedly, Liu Yifei interjected: "Captain Yiming, if you can win, I will give you a warm hug."



     The audience was lively.

     He Jiong said, "Have you heard that, it's clear, I didn't lie to you. Now I have told you Yifei."

     Luo Yiming also felt that the benefits came too soon.

     What the show wants is this kind of feeling, and the audience is also looking forward to watching handsome men and beautiful women playing pink.

     "Yiming, come on." The fans below shouted.

     "Have you noticed. One fault, one clear, and his two names match well."

     "One is handsome and the other is beautiful. I think it's great for the two of them to be together."

     The audience loves to watch the show pink.

     He Jiong came to this trick to create something to watch.

     Sure enough, the audience was brought to the rhythm.

     "Yiming, rise up.""Deity Elder Sister is not easy to hug a man other than Yang Guo. If you missed this opportunity, you may have to wait another 16 years." The audience shouted.

     Luo Yiming said that he didn't have much energy before.

     But the show is on fire, even if there is no hug at the end, Luo Yiming will win the game.

     It is purely for the effect of the program, purely to satisfy the audience.

     "Yi Ming, I can no longer stall for time thinking about songs, do you challenge it?" He Jiong asked.

     Luo Yiming said: "Challenge."

     "Please say a three-character song within five seconds."

     "Song of the Pig... The heart is too soft... That night... The first time..." Luo Yiming spoke quickly.

     "Wow, which night is the first time?" The audience roared again.

     The four songs in front of Luo Yiming only took two seconds.

     But after saying these four songs, Luo Yiming took it.

     Seeing that the time is coming.

     Then unspeakably, if the two teams are tied again, all efforts will be to ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful.

     Luo Yiming suddenly had an inspiration and said, "Han Jiangxue."


     "Yiming, don't think that we don't listen to the song, you can just fool around and say one, this is not the name of the song." Xie said.

     "Time is up." Teacher He Jiong has never heard of a song called Han Jiangxue. This will be fair: "Yi Ming, you only say four songs, and the last one should be none."

     "Teacher He, this Han Jiangxue is there." Luo Yiming became more serious.

     He Jiong asked the audience to step down. Although many of them are Luo Yiming fans, they can play games, so they can't be fooled.The director team also checked on the Internet, there is really no song Han Jiangxue.

     The camera is over, and the director said offstage: "We just checked, there is no song Han Jiangxue, so this round is a tie."

     "No... wait a minute, director, Mr. He, don't you guys really listen to me to explain?"

     "Han Jiangxue is really a song."

     "Actually, this song... is my song."

     "Ah your song?" He Jiong asked.

     "Yes, I finished this song a week ago. Master Mei Baojiu, who was recording another show, heard me sing this song."

     "Han Jiangxue is a new form of pop music and Peking opera."

     "Peking opera plus pop music?" He Jiong was even more surprised.

     At this time, the second episode of the big name has not been broadcast yet.

      The new Beijing opera terms that add pop music to Beijing opera have not yet come up.

     Many viewers did not understand what Luo Yiming said.

     But some loyal fans on the Mango TV station, including the staff members in the station, all know the concept of the new Peking Opera.

     This concept was put forward by Luo Yiming when the big name came and invited Master Mei Baojiu to be a guest on the show.

     Han Jiangxue turned out to be a new Peking Opera song composed by Luo Yiming.
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