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157 Chapter 157, The End Of The Recording, Unexpected Gains (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:


     Luo Yiming said the song Han Jiangxue, but the program crew did not expect it.

     Director Luo Xin and Director Liu Yang called for a stop, and they wanted to make sure with Luo Yiming.

     Can this song of Hanjiang Snow be sung live?

     Of course, if you can sing, you can let the on-site band teacher set up, and let Luo Yiming sing a paragraph or two on the Kuaiben stage.

     In that way, the shock can be the strongest.

     There is no get there in one step in the previous recordings, but generally there are not many cases of freezing in the middle.

     The happy family is free to play, and the editing team is responsible for deleting the content.

     This issue is because of a three-character song by Luo Yiming.

     Luo Xin and Liu Yang both thought it necessary for the new Peking opera "Snow in the Cold River" that he created.

     After the discussion, the guests first went to the stage to touch up their makeup and rest, and only one camera teacher was on the court.

     Other cameras also went to drink a glass of water and go to the toilet.

     Luo Xin and Liu Yang came to the stage.

     Luo Xin watched the second episode of the big names coming, and Luo Yiming did not sing Peking Opera in that episode.

     Therefore, Luo Xin is still looking forward to singing Peking Opera to Luo Yiming.

     Call Luo Yiming over, and Luo Xin also asked Luo Yiming to sing this cold snow on the spot.

      Since this period of time, Luo Yiming has followed Mr. Mei Baojiu to learn Peking Opera singing. In the second period of the big show, Luo Yiming didn't dare to make it easily because it was a special topic of Peking Opera.

     Because once the singing is not good, it will discredit the art of Peking opera.But now in Happy Camp, the stage is different.

     Even if you sing with flaws, this stage can still be accepted.

     Once the singing is good, it is also a good opportunity to promote the development of the new Peking Opera.

     "Okay, then I'll sing a few words first."

     Next, Luo Yiming will ask the station to help recommend songs to Pepsi’s Music Billboard.

     Expose this song appropriately in advance.

     Luo Yiming felt it was necessary.

     The guests left, the staff member went backstage to rest, but the audience, Luo Yiming's fans did not leave a single one.

     They want to hear Luo Yiming sing.

     At least, Luo Yiming's as empty as anything and the most beautiful expectation, they quite like listening.

     Luo Yiming returned to the stage. He brightened his throat, closed his eyes, and searched for feelings. Then, he slowly opened his eyes and then opened his voice.

     Hanjiang Snow reflects a lonely parting

     This night the wind is cold and there is no moon

     Who will solve the complex in my heart at this time


     Luo Yiming's voice echoed in the studio.

     His voice is actually very soft, and the start is not amazing.

     In the previous life, this song was a perfect combination of Chinese style and the new Peking Opera, and was praised by CCTV as a masterpiece with full of oriental charm and traditional charm.

     The clean voice at the beginning, apart from being refined and fresh, gradually became a little affectionate.

     Although it's a cappella, it's good for an amateur singer to sing like this.

     But for the professional music teacher sitting in the corner, there's nothing about it.Obviously, Luo Yiming's voice is suitable for some such songs, there's nothing about it too difficult, the song is relatively flat, and the range of the range is small.

     Professional teachers think that a host can sing like this, but they didn't expect much.

     The season waiting for reunion

     The snow on the cold river finally reflects the moon

     Two more sentences, still on a basic tone.

     In the first paragraph, Luo Yiming finished singing quietly. As his voice gradually opened up, some listeners began to feel some pictures in the lyrics.

     But the picture is not deep, which is a song of nothing special.

     Luo Yiming's singing may have a bit of national style, but it is really an exaggeration to say whether it is Peking opera plus popular or innovative songs.

     There are many music fans in the audience.

     Not only did they hear pop songs, Peking Opera, Kun Opera, they have all heard them.

     These days, in the Chinese music world, there are always a few people who use a few Peking Opera or Kunqu Opera to graft the melody.

     There are always a few people who want to push out the old and bring in the new drama elements, out of the ordinary.

     The “horizontal tone” of singing and the “vertical tone” of singing are originally not offended, so grafting is Naturally possible.

     But how to truly achieve coordination, really no one can do it.

     Luo Yiming, he is not a talented person with great talent in Peking Opera.

     So, how can it be to complete this grafting?

     The audience's expectations for this song have been decreasing.

     Everyone does not think that this song will be so good.

     But in the next second, the audience was stunned by Luo Yiming's voice, and everyone couldn't help but have a little tingling sensation.There are people I have returned outside the Chai Gate after Wen Fengxue.

     Who is waiting for whom to appear this night...

     Han Jiangxue's poor white house lady Chunhua trades for silver butterfly

     All this is because of your parting...

     Luo Yiming's voice has pierced the sky, implanting opera elements into pop music, and the male voice has become the voice of a female singer.

     The delicate voice of the phrase "Han Jiangxue, Poor White House Lady, Chunhua for Silver Butterfly, all because of your parting" makes the song have a deeper sense of lens and layering.

     The voice was very bright and thin, but not noisy and not pierced.

     Of course, compared with the performances of professional Peking opera masters, Luo Yiming's singing skills at this time indeed still have big problems.

     But the singing of this sentence still amazed everyone.

     "He added it, Peking Opera."

     "Beijing opera singing is really added to it."

     "It doesn't feel abrupt, it's a good addition."

     The audience is this kind of feeling.

     Professional musicians did not see any problems.

     Luo Yiming was obviously different in the second stage of singing.

     The constant injection of emotion in his voice makes the atmosphere of this song full of desolation and loneliness.

     Using sound to describe the scene where the snow is still blowing and flying.

     This is a song, a poem, and a painting.

     Love is a constant topic in the music world.

     Luo Yiming uses the strength he draws from the national quintessence of Peking opera to express in his songs people's pursuit and longing for diligent and never slacking, sadness and regret throughout the ages.He interprets the poignant love story that took place in the snow all over the sky by using the singing method of popular and Beijing opera, which made the listeners feel infinite.

     "This is the charm after the perfect integration of pop music and traditional art."


     "Luo Yiming's as empty as anything, the most beautiful look I have ever heard, but this cold river snow subverted my impression of him."

     "I want to say that this should be the maturity of his musical work. The composition of this song is not greasy, and his voice expression is also in place." said the professional teacher who was not optimistic about Luo Yiming.

     "Qianfan was washed out afterwards, and it was amazing and calm. Although there are still many flaws in Peking opera singing skills, this song is definitely a good song."

     "I believe this song will be popular!"

     Audiences who have listened to Peking opera in the audience and who are interested in Peking opera have to agree with Luo Yiming.

     His new Peking opera is indeed different from Peking opera, it makes people listen to it very be fired up

     Luo Xin did not expect that Luo Yiming would have been so formidable in Peking Opera performances in a short time.

     She doesn't understand Peking Opera.

     But Luo Yiming feels good about singing Peking Opera.

     And combined together with pop music makes the whole song not only not boring, but also very nice.

     "We want to present this song, I think the effect will be good when it is broadcast." Luo Xin said.

     Liu Yang said, "I think so too. We asked the music teacher to cooperate with Luo Yiming to join the arrangement of this song. Luo Yiming sings again and we add it in and it will be perfect."

     There was a little episode in the first recording, but it did not affect the completion of the final recording.This issue of Happy Camp ended with Liu Yang's last group photo, and it was also a complete success.
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