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158 Chapter 158, Miss Sister, You Still Owe Me A Hug (first More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The show is over.

     All the guests are going to the airport now to rush to the next announcement location.

     I don't know which audience called out Liu Yifei and owed Luo Yiming a hug, which made it a bit embarrassing to look at each other after the show.

     Luo Yi forgot about this stalk tomorrow morning.

     The audience mentioned that Luo Yiming was a bit awkward if he didn't do anything.

     Although the show is already finished, a brutal hug at this time is obviously not appropriate.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming smiled and said to Liu Yifei: "Yifei, you owe me the hug first, the future is long, and it will be fine at that time."

     Luo Yiming was also joking, mainly to explain to the audience.

      the future is long.

     As a star, Liu Yifei will definitely come to Mango Taiwan as a guest in the future.

     Maybe Luo Yiming will meet Liu Yifei on another show in the future.

     Hug, There will always be an opportunity.

     Liu Yifei also laughed, nodded and said: "Okay, then you have to remember, I will probably forget it later."

     "Of course I will remember the hug between me and the little dragon girl, how could I forget it."

     "Yiming, do you still have what's the matter? If it's okay, you can send Liu Yifei to the airport. The driver that was arranged before has something to do."

     After a few minutes, the audience all left.

     At this time, I don't know if it was deliberate or if the driver was really involved.

     Director Liu Yang came over and said this to Luo Yiming.

     The other hosts have already left.Return of the Condor Heroes crew, several people decided to live in Chang~ to play tonight, Liu Yifei wants to go to the capital to film, so he must go first.

     Liu Yifei is also in the state of Mongolian circle.

     I came this time, but it was agreed, the program group arranged for someone to send her.

     But in the end, he became Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming was recording Happy Camp, but he hasn't had an offline "deal" with any female artist. This kind of contact is the paparazzi keen to follow.

     Luo Yiming knew that the program team was going to give him interest.

     On the side is this super little flower.

     To be honest, Happy Camp also created the concept of on-screen cp in the previous issues.

     Whether it is with Ni Xinjie or Li Xiaoran, Luo Yiming's interaction with female guests in the show is very sparkling.

     But how lively the show group played, once the show ended, Luo Yiming no longer had an intersection with the other party.

     But the task given by the station was another guest to catch the plane. Luo Yiming could not refuse it.

     "it is good."

     Only one good word was said, because the time was relatively rushed, and Cut to the chase was scrapped. After taking the suitcase prepared by the agent, Luo Yiming and Liu Yifei got into the car prepared by the program group.

     Luo Yiming thought that the agent would keep up.

     Unexpectedly, she said that there's some left things in the station, so she let them go on the road.

     As everyone knows, it didn't take long to get into the car.

     Liu Yifei's agent and Luo Xin look with a smile.

     And a cameraman hiding beside him took a few photos decisively.

     In the photo, Luo Yiming helped Liu Yifei carry luggage, and the two smiled sweetly at each other.After the shooting, the cameraman immediately got in the car, and a car followed Luo Yiming's car as it drove out.

     Seeing the two cars leaving, Luo Xin said: "You guys who are agents are really more hyped than our show crew."

     Liu Yifei’s agent, Yun Hong, smiled and said, “Actually, hype is good for my artists and your c. Why don’t we help them.”

     "We seem to have to learn from you."

     The next second they both laughed.

     Nowadays, in the entertainment circle, which stars are popular, everyone likes to bind them together.

     This is called a strong alliance.

     Although the two did not cooperate in film and television dramas, it was not a hype during the publicity period, but the usual hype was even worse.

     As long as this news goes out, it will definitely occupy the headlines of the entertainment page.

     So, whether it is the super small flower Liu Yifei or the popular host Luo Yiming, both of them will appreciate in value.

     Liu Yifei doesn't know that since she participated in the festival, it has been designed by the agent.

     This hype was also discussed in advance with the Mango Channel Happy Camp program by the Management Agency.

     Sitting in the back of the car, Liu Yifei always felt a little weird looking at Luo Yiming who was driving seriously.

     "Yi Ming, don't drive so fast."

     "I'm not so in a hurry."

     Luo Yiming drove in front. In fact, he felt that this incident was a coincidence.

     He wondered if anyone wanted to hype himself and Liu Yifei, and the car would be fast when he was distracted.

      "Ah." As soon as Liu Yifei exited, Luo Yiming's speed dropped."I actually don't like driving fast. If you don't have time, I will drive slowly."

     "Well, I'm not in a hurry. Also... Thank you for the show just now."

     Liu Yifei didn't want to sit awkwardly all the time.

     When the show was recorded, she was shy, but no one is left now, and Liu Yifei doesn't have to fuck her Deity Elder Sister's personality.

     "You mean, did I help you win that round of thanks?"

     "Not only that, you took good care of me in the show. Thank you all." Liu Yifei said lightly, but his face showed a ruddy luster.

     "Being a fast edition, the audience is very enthusiastic and they always love to make fun of me. Don't care about the stalk that asked me to hold you." Luo Yiming thought of it and said.

     "It doesn't matter. Although I participate in variety shows less, I know that the show needs to be effective in this way. If we hug in the show, it may really satisfy them and the ratings will be higher."

     "Unexpectedly, you could think are more talkative than in the show?" Luo Yiming said.

     Perhaps it is Liu Yifei who likes to talk to Luo Yiming, so in a short time, there are more words than when she recorded a program.

     Realizing that he might not be so familiar with Luo Yiming yet, Liu Yifei straightened up again and sat upright like a sculpture: "Is that right?"

     "Look, as soon as I said that, you picked it up again. I was joking. We are already very tired from doing shows. In private, why not relax.

     "I like such you."

     "I mean, it's not the Deity Elder Sister in the show, but the down-to-earth you."

     you like me?Although Liu Yifei knew, Luo Yiming's liking did not mean that.

     But when Luo Yiming said it seriously, Liu Yifei was a little excited.

     In the next second, Liu Yifei relaxed again and said: "I am running announcements every day. I almost don't know which me is the real me."

     "Sometimes, in reality, I have to play the role of me on the screen...not to mention, besides, I find that I just face work and life negatively, and be optimistic."

     Liu Yifei's ability to self-decompress also isn't bad, and when she comes to the back, she releases herself.

     "Yeah, we are entertainers and we need to be more optimistic in the entertainment industry. More decompression methods."

     "Let's do it, if you don't dislike it, I can be your negative mood trash can in the future, and you can tell me if you have any troubles."

     Luo Yiming didn't think too much. In his previous life, the work pressure of artists was too great, leading many people to choose to end their lives.

     As a tall tree attracts the wind, Liu Yifei will face even greater controversy in the future.

     He just hoped that when Liu Yifei was about to collapse under high pressure, he could give this "little sister" a cup of chicken soup to warm her heart.

     In the entertainment industry, forging a wave of good relationships is undoubtedly good for your own development.

     The reason why Mr. He Jiong's contacts in the entertainment circle are so good is that in addition to interacting with the guests on the show, he also became good friends in life with the guests in private.

     Liu Yifei smiled sweetly, and gave Luo Yiming his contact details, including the address, and also welcomed Luo Yiming to come to Beijing when she has time a guest.
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