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160 Chapter One Hundred And Sixty, Things Are Getting Bigger (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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For the big names in the third period, Luo Yiming contacted people in the circle.

     It is a female director in the circle.

     However, she is not one of those Film Directors who are online in theaters and sell well.

     It is the chief director and screenwriter of the impression series.

     This is the co-founder of China's live-action performances with Zhang Yimou and Fan Yue, and has become a well-known "Impression Triangle" in the industry.

     In the previous life, CCTV invited her when she started speaking, and in the previous episodes, her episode had the highest ratings.

     Wang Chaoge was successfully invited, and the third phase of the big name came, and it was completed with everyone's cooperation.

     After the recording, the big card came, and Luo Yiming did not continue to stay in Chang~.

     The day after tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the return of Master Mei Lanfang to the Peking Opera Fan Club.

     All friends who love Peking opera and who are all over the world will arrive in the capital today and tomorrow.

     Then on the morning of the 28th, a Peking Opera feast will begin.

     Luo Yiming also had to cooperate with Chu Lanlan on the new Peking Opera, and he wanted to leave early.

     After finishing the handover of the work, Luo Yiming took the opportunity to arrive in Beijing that night.

     The day after arriving in Beijing, Luo Yiming and Chu Lanlan met.

     Because they were not familiar with each other, the meeting place was in Mr. Mei Baojiu's garden.

     There is a stage in the garden.

     Luo Yiming and Chu Lanlan found a stage and completed the song of Han Jiangxue's new Peking opera with the cooperation of the troupe.

      has to acknowledge.

     The two have some singing skills in their respective fields.

     Luo Yiming sang popular and popular, and Chu Lanlan sang Peking opera.Chu Lanlan's skills as a professional opera actor directly deepened the cultural heritage of this new Beijing opera.

     The Peking opera arias interspersed with it are quite classical, and cleverly combine traditional Chinese national quintessence with popular love songs.

     And Luo Yiming inserted drums and traditional Chinese instrumental music into the arrangement of this single.

     It adjusts the combination of opera and song to the level of it's just perfect.

     The fans of the troupe felt that this song was really refreshing. Not only could they hear the high-level ancient rhyme around the beam, but they could also see the parting feelings of Luo Yiming and Chu Lanlan splashing ink with notes.

     The lyrics of this song are even more beautiful.

     "Cold River Snow" sang far away and "Jiang Snow" by Liu Zongyuan, a poet of the Tang Dynasty.

     It not only retranslates the vague meaning of "Destroying Myriad Paths, Humans, and Traces" in the poem with modern words and sentences.

     It also interprets the memory of the passing emotions in the cold winter night.

     It is like a modern re-enacted version of "Jiang Xue", which is memorable again and again.

     "Snow in the Cold River" is a fusion of Peking opera singing and pop music arrangement, and is accompanied by the poetic mood of "Lonely Boat and Snow on the River" in Liu Zongyuan's "Jiang Xue".

     Speaking of the pain of missing.

     It also enables more fans to have a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese culture through this song.

      has to say, Luo Yiming demonstrates the extraordinary talent's new Peking Opera performance mode, so that the fans of Guanyuan have a surprise.

     But some people applauded, and some people feel that this is not Peking opera at all, but a ruin of Peking opera art.

     Zhang Yunchu is the heir of Zhang School art.Among these Peking opera fans, Zhang Yunchu is not a bigwig, but he is also a senior in the Peking opera industry.

     When some fanboys said that someone was singing a new play on the stage over there, Zhang Yunchu took his junior brother Zhang Yunmeng over to take a look.

     After hearing this for a while, Zhang Yunchu felt that his ears were contaminated by Luo Yiming.

     Speaking of the art of Peking opera, it is the quintessence of the country and traditional culture.

     But this kid named Luo Yiming, what kind of new Peking opera he and Chu Lanlan collaborated with, radically is a bullshit.

     You have to be innovative, no problem.

     But innovation must be based on tradition and cannot leave tradition.

     Your clothing, your singing, and your music are all innovative on the basis of Peking Opera, so that you can stand up.

     It's not that it won't look like Peking opera after the change, it definitely won't work.

     The craftsmanship left by the ancestors, the rice bowls left behind, if Luo Yiming was so neat, it would really be finished.

     Zhang Yunchu was very temperamental. Before Luo Yiming could finish singing, he walked to the troupe, grabbed the drum hammer, and struck hard on the wooden drum next to him.

     While knocking, he said angrily: "You guys are who invited to the theater, isn't this a nonsense?"

     "I have listened to the greater part of one’s life Peking Opera, but what is you just sang on the stage?

     Zhang Yunchu is very domineering.

     He doesn't think that this kind of "smashing" art by the younger generation, he can watch with folded arms.

     Originally, many fans who listened to the show thought that Luo Yiming and Chu Lanlan sang pretty well.

     So everyone listened very lively.

     But with Zhang Yunchu's beating, all the fans also understood what's going on.Luo Yiming's Peking opera is not authentic Peking opera.

     Zhang Yunchu must have come to defend Peking Opera.

     On the stage, Luo Yiming and Chu Lanlan cooperated very well. With the addition of Chu Lanlan's Peking Opera, this cold river snow, can be said to be a very graphic Peking opera performance.

     With traditional musical instruments and pop music arrangement, the two people's sense of being in the drama makes "Chanjiang Snow" come to life because of the atmosphere of the screen.

     It truly reflects the combination of people and scenery, sound and painting, and artistic conception in Chinese style works, and presents the original flavor of such works.

     In detail, when singing Peking opera, Luo Yiming made the arrangement blurry, highlighting Chu Lanlan's delicate, gentle, and gentle drama tension, and also fully releasing the charm of Peking opera.

     This can be said to be a successful new Peking opera.

     Only, for the authentic Peking Opera ashes of diehard loyalists, pop music cannot be accepted.

     "Hello, now you are holding a big drumstick and stopped my singing. I think you must be very angry."

     "Boy, who made you come to Guanyuan to make trouble, you just sang Peking opera like that, did you know the art, did you know?" Zhang Yunchu still said angrily.

     "I came to the garden by myself. But you said that I was singing like that was ruining Peking opera. I don't think so. Teacher, please calm down first. As for why I don't think so, I think I will tell you no for a while. Clearly, shall we sit down and talk together?"

     After Luo Yiming sang the opera, it looked for a moment, it was already more than eight o'clock now.

     Within a few minutes, it happened that the big name came to the second broadcast.In this issue, I am proposing the concept of the new Peking Opera in the show to promote the voice of the new Peking Opera.

     Let these old movie fans and old ashes in the theater watch the show, which is more useful than he said ten times a hundred times.

     Zhang Yunchu didn't know what medicine Luo Yiming sold in the gourd. It was obvious that Luo Yiming was polite, thinking that this kid might just sing casually. He didn't really mean to play Peking opera like this, and he didn't pursue it too much.

     In the garden, there is a TV series that everyone can watch.

     This TV is hung on the side of a stage with a lot of people, so that it’s not boring to watch the TV before watching the show.

     Luo Yiming knew that the form of Peking Opera had never changed in the operas rehearsed by these old opera fans. Naturally, such operas can stand up everywhere.

     However, there is no Peking Opera that sounds good and innovative.

     They are inseparable from the framework of Peking Opera.

     The times have changed. If Peking Opera does not inject fresh elements, Luo Yiming is sure that young people in the future will definitely not go to the opera again.

     Therefore, reform and innovation are pressing in on one's eyelashes.

     When Zhang Yunchu made trouble for Luo Yiming, Mr. Mei Baojiu was also on the stage to discuss with his fans. Hearing that the two had quarreled, Mei Baojiu rushed over immediately.

     Seeing that Luo Yiming would bring a large group of people to the TV, Mei Baojiu already knew what Luo Yiming was going to do.

     If I remember correctly, on March 27th, tonight is the episode where the big names came to participate in the show.

     Luo Yiming and himself promoted the new Peking Opera in the show. Luo Yiming wanted to make the fans in the theater joy of first experience.However, Mei Baojiu also knows that there are many defenders of traditional Peking opera under the stage, and things must be a big deal now.
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