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161 Chapter 161, The Most Shocking Speech, From Mei Baojiu (fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Luo Yiming tuned the channel to Hubei Satellite TV.

     At first, some people were not happy because they were always keen on the Xiqu channel.

     But at the beginning of the show, the host above said the word Peking Opera, and the eyes of the fans suddenly brightened.

     Everyone can't wait to get into the TV and listen to what this host has to say.

     Luo Yiming is in the picture. He speaks very seriously, but when he says it's now, does anyone like Peking Opera?

     Is Peking Opera down?

     This kind of start made many people unhappy.

     Zhang Yunchu had a rhythm from the beginning, and he saw that the host was Luo Yiming, who had just sung the opera. He also satirized the art of Peking Opera, and became even more angry.

     Because of Mei's presence, Zhang Yunchu's buttocks moved, but there was no attack.

     After enduring what Luo Yiming said that traditional Peking opera needs innovation and the introduction of the concept of new Peking opera, finally, Mr. Mei Baojiu’s speech was welcomed on stage.

     "Okay, Mr. Mei has given a speech. I must talk about that stinky boy and tell him what the real Peking Opera art is."

     "Old Mei, it's very photogenic on TV."

     "Yes. Lord Jiu, why don't you tell me when you are on a variety show. This is not your style. I was shocked when I heard the host say your name."

     "Old Mei, this looks very handsome, he was thirty years younger in an instant."

     "Puff, that old Mei is about to become a young man."

     The fans are talking about it.

     Mr. Mei Baojiu's face was serious.

     What he said that day is still in his ears.

     In front, he recalled his father Mei Lanfang and the development of Peking Opera art.Behind is his own reflection on the decline of Peking Opera.

     At the same time, young people are called on to give Peking Opera a chance and give Peking Opera a tomorrow.

     The speech began.

     The fans also straightened their bodies and looked at the TV.

     "My father is Mei Lanfang." Standing in front of the podium, Mr. Mei Baojiu started speaking.

     "During his 56 years of stage practice, he has successfully created many beautiful artistic images and created the first important genre of Peking Opera Performing Arts-"Mei School".

     "My father has 9 children, 5 of them died at an early age, leaving behind three males and one female."

     "My elder brother Mei Baochen, he has a stable nature and is willing to think. His father provided him with the conditions for his development in science and engineering. Later, my elder brother was admitted to the architecture department of a Famous University Polytechnic Institute and became an architect."

     "My second brother, Mei Shaowu, is smart and well-developed thinking in images. My father sent him to the U.S. Literature Department during the War of Resistance. He became a translator after returning to China."

     "My sister Mei Baoh is calm, quiet, gentle and dignified. My father encouraged her to graduate from college to become a university teacher. But everyone should also know that my sister loves to sing, so she later entered Liyuan.

     "It's me again. I am the last of the nine children, so my father named me Mei Baojiu."

     "Many people asked me, why did you become a descendant of Meipai art?"

     "Did you have a talent for Peking Opera when you were young?"

     The audience under the stage said yes.

     Mei Baojiu shook his head: "I'm telling you, it's actually not true."

     "Mainly because my father thinks I look like him."

     puff.Some seniors in the theater know that Mr. Mei Baojiu inherited his father’s Peking Opera talent. He said that, in fact, really humble.

     Mei Baojiu continued: "My ears and eyes are like my father, and I have a voice, and I have the conditions to study. That's it, my father took a photo of the makeup."

     "Then I acted as a child in "San Niang God Son". My father felt that the acting was okay, and he thought I had the talent in this area, so I started to learn the plum school."

     "I haven't stopped studying since I was 10 years old. Peking Opera Performing Arts can't go fishing for three days and two days on the net. If you invest in it, you have to spend ten hours a day to polish it."

     "Father invited me a teacher. You have to learn singing, Kunqu opera, martial arts and so on."

     "Someone asked, isn't your father a master, why not just follow him to learn?"

     Mei Baojiu smiled: "Peking opera performances, you can’t get there in one step, Ten Years To Sharpen A Sword, it might be fast."

     "Because Peking Opera has to lay the foundation, pronunciation, wording, singing, these basic skills, my father would not teach me.

     "My first teacher was Wang Youqing, Wang Yaoqing's nephew, and I followed him every day to learn very standardized things, just like Da Vinci painting eggs, repeating and looping continuously."

     "During that time, I polished my temperament. I understand the art of Peking Opera. I have to calm down and be impatient."

     "After learning the basic skills for two years, my Kunqu opera teacher is Zhu Chuanming from Shanghi, who has passed the character generation, and then the martial arts teacher is Tao Yuzhi. Don't think it is enough."

     "After learning this, I learned Huadan from Zhu Qinxin again. This study will last for several years.""When I was 10 years old, I was recognized by my father as a heir, and I actually stepped onto the Peking Opera stage and performed on the same stage with my father, but it was five years later."

     "In the past five years, I have been studying Peking Opera. When I was 10 years old, I worshipped Master Patriarch and thought I was already amazing. But after five years, I performed with my father for the first time. I'm actually a scum."

     Teacher Mei Baojiu talked about his childhood.

     Other children may be happy, but he seems to have no childhood.

     The learning that he said in his mouth should actually be very torture and painful.

     But Elder Mei said it very ordinary and indifferent, as if it was not him who had encountered all this, but someone else.

     The development of a maestro is not one morning and one evening. Perhaps it can be seen from his childhood that he is really hard to carry the banner of inheriting Mei School Peking Opera.

     "The first play my father and I played on the same stage was "A Dream in the Garden."

     "My father played Du Liniang and I played Xiao Chunxiang. At that time, I thought I was really good."

     "Five years of study, five years of obscure and unknown, I think as soon as I come out, I will surprise everyone and become the pride of my father."

     "But when I got to the stage, I knew it was not the case at all."

     "In terms of singing skills, I can barely finish singing."

     "But in the performance, the body is wrong, the eyes are wrong, the stage is wrong, the whole stage is sometimes like a stone, and it is stupid. If the father is not cooperating, there will be boos in the audience."

     "At that time, I knew that after five years of study, you are still nothing.""You are far from the title of Peking Opera Performing Arts."

     "I was very disappointed. When the performance was over that day, I thought my father would scold me harshly and say I had a meal because I failed his kindness."

     "But after eating supper, he didn't criticize me, he just rearranged it for me, and he told me where is it wrong and how to arrange it."

     "Tell me what you need to pay attention to."

     "He doesn't scold me at all."

     "Well, I feel even more uncomfortable. If my father said a few words to me, in my heart, it would feel better at that time, but my father didn't say anything, my heart was bleeding."

     "Peking opera, it's not that easy, boy."

     "At that time, I actually realized what my father has gone through this way."

     "I was taught by someone at any rate. I can learn from my teacher. Moreover, I have my father's care. The teachers will not criticize me. They take care of me pretty well."

     "But where is my father?"

     "I thought I understood that time."

     "But then I learned that I was still far from understanding."

     "Can't understand a Peking opera maestro, a Peking opera inheritor, what exactly does he endure."

     "I still remember the conversation my father had with me one night in '58."

     "That year, Cheng Yanqiu, a Peking opera performer by Cheng sent Maestro, died."

     "He had a heart attack."

     "The cause of death, the doctor said, was related to a bad mood."

     "At that time, Mr. Cheng wanted to make a colorful film of "Suolin Pouch", which he loved most, devoted the most effort, and had the highest artistic level.""But because "Suo Lin Po" was besieged by some critics, at that time, the mainstream media attacked him and was blocked by the upper side."

     "Cheng Teacher Yanqiu is really hard to give up on "Suolin Pouch". In early March, Cheng Yanqiu was admitted to the hospital for a heart attack.

     "After his illness stabilized a bit, a comrade who worked with him at the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera went to see him in the hospital. Cheng asked about the situation of the revised version of "Suo Lin Capsule" that was sent for trial. The one who did not think much about the possible consequences, just plainly shook the head ."

     "This allows Cheng Yanqiu to leave the stage of Peking Opera art forever."

     Speaking of this, Mr. Mei Baojiu paused on purpose.

     There was also a blur in his eyes at this time.
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