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162 Chapter 162 The Tsunami Caused By The New Peking Opera (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"My father told me that Cheng Yanqiu was loyal to the Peking Opera performance industry. He has contributed to Peking Opera all his life and wants to promote the continuous development of Peking Opera.

     "Because of his life here, when the color film business of Peking Opera was interfered by some external forces, he could not survive when his favorite script could not pass the trial."

     "Father said, turning his back to me, I know he is secretly...heartache."

     "At that time, I had a little and a little real understanding of the business of Peking Opera performance."

     "Every Peking opera person, Peking opera master, regards Peking opera as his life's greatest career, to promote it."

     "Peking opera does not allow you to rest, and must keep up with the times."

     "You must sing something that attracts the fans, and you must act out what the fans love to see!"

     "Not only that, but Peking Opera also needs development and innovation, everyone."

     Mr. Mei Baojiu punched his fist in front of the podium.

     He squeezed tightly, that was his worry about the current Peking Opera business.

     It is that Peking Opera is in an extremely embarrassing situation for young people, "to be hardly worth eating, but it would still be a pity to discard it ".

     Before that, when Luo Yiming introduced the concept that Peking opera needs innovation, the old fans in the audience felt that Luo Yiming was telling a joke.

     Everyone is not to accept as correct.

     But when Mr. Mei Baojiu said that Peking Opera was trying to innovate at that time.

     The predecessors are on the road of innovation one falls, the next follows, for the Peking Opera career becoming more prosperous with each passing day, when it continues to develop.

     Looking at today's Peking Opera, many people are silent.The decline of Peking Opera, even if you don't want to admit it, this is also true.

     "Teacher Cheng and my father have been working hard for the color film business of Peking Opera in those years. They wanted to make a Peking Opera film and want Peking Opera to advance to the big screen.

     "But their innovation and their efforts to get on the big screen still failed."

     "My father actually knows."

     "Peking Opera must innovate with the development of the times."

     "In 1951, my father and I performed in Huairentang, and he stood out from the masses as the white lady pretended to be."

     "My father is dressed in white, with a red hydrangea on top of his head. I am also dressed in white, very pretty. I haven't seen this appearance before."

     "So our image in that scene was very good, very jumping, representing a new image of the white snake."

     "On New Year's Eve in 1950, my father and I co-acted the two plays "Jinshan Temple" and "Broken Bridge" in Huairentang."

     "Mr. Qi Yanming made some comments, and my father changed his speech."

     "My father's script is often revised, and he hasn't left innovation all his life."

     "The traditional spirit of Peking Opera, my father told me, it cannot be changed."

     "But the form of Peking Opera and the framework of Peking Opera can be innovative."

     "Because the times are advancing, if you do not innovate, you will not be able to keep up with the times, and you will always be abandoned by the times."

     "As Ming said at the beginning, how many people still like pure Peking opera?"

     "Like..." A classmate joined in.

     "If you like, how many people can sing a Peking Opera?"

     "..." The audience was silent.The silence at this time is the most terrifying.

     "It's sad, you keep on saying you like it, but if you let you sing, you can't sing it at all."

     "Then you say, Peking opera is difficult to sing, so you can only like it."

     "But do you know that it doesn't take a hundred years to push forward, it only takes 50 years. Out of ten people, five people can come up with two sentences in Peking Opera. It's as popular as pop music now."

     "Tell me, why is this?"

     Mr. Mei Baojiu said yes.

     In that era, there was no pop music, everyone sang music.

     Peking opera art is also the mainstream opera art.

     Everyone is learning Peking Opera.

     Participating in a Peking opera performance naturally does not find it difficult.

     Now, because people don’t like Peking Opera anymore, Peking Opera be of no interest to anyone.

     Difficulty is relative.

     Not learning is the root of being forgotten.

     The fans in the stage, the practitioners of Peking opera, were silent and began to reflect.

     In fact, they have always been deceiving themselves and others.

     To make Peking opera an elegant art that ordinary people cannot appreciate or understand.

     Thus tied up in a bundle on a high shelf.

     Sing for those who don’t know what to hear or understand.

     But now, you still have a place to sing, and there are people who defend Peking opera because of the quintessence of the country.

     But if one day, the national quintessence becomes dross and the umbrella is taken off.

     Just ask, how many people can stand for Peking Opera?

     How many people would like to listen to your Peking opera?

     By then, Peking Opera will really be dead."What Elder Mei said is right. We have to think about it, where is the future of Peking Opera?" Zhang Pai heir, the famous Dan Guan Jinlan is Master Zhang Junqiu's Direct Disciple, she broke the silence first.

     "Peking opera is no longer the one that I used to stand on stage and I was full of confidence. It needs to change. Ask for new things and seek development."

     "I used to be very proud to tell my son that your father, I sing Peking opera. But my grandson told his classmates that grandpa is a Peking opera. His classmate told him that Peking opera is terrible. I just know that Peking Opera is now Young people don’t like it at all."

     There was silence again.

     "Yes, Peking Opera really seems to be innovative."

     "If you don't innovate, you will die."

     "Peking opera can't die."

     Zhang Yun wanted to say something.

     Want to fight for traditional Peking opera.

     But the art of Peking Opera is really not the art that people worshipped before.

     Nowadays, people are always going to listen to songs, listen to pop music, watch movies, watch variety shows, and who will go to the stage to listen to dramas.

     Mr. Mei Baojiu's speech continues, and he is still infecting more people.

     "Don't I just watch the Peking Opera career that I once loved, and at the end be of no interest to anyone." Mei Baojiu shouted from the podium.

     That sentence makes people feel that he is old but vigorous.

     At this time, the hundreds of Peking Opera lovers in the theater were very excited.


     Naturally not.

     The fans of Peking Opera in the Garden clenched their fists.

     Peking opera cannot die.

     Peking opera will continue to be passed on!

     "I think it shouldn't be like this.""I have inherited the plum style mantle and pass on the original plum style art generation after generation. It is my important task."

     "But to explore the development of the new Peking Opera together with young Peking Opera friends, so that Peking Opera can really come into the heart of every person. I think this is my bigger mission."

     "Friends who like Peking Opera, we should think about the future of Peking Opera. I hope that a hundred years later, my students will still promote Peking Opera, and the art of Peking Opera will still be recognized and loved by everyone."

     "This is Mei Baojiu...My speech is over, thank you all."

     At the end of Master Mei Baojiu's speech, the scene could no longer be calm.

     Like a stone hitting the surface of the lake, ripples appear in circles.

     Fans of Guanyuan, the fans have to face a cruel reality.

     Traditional Peking opera has declined.

     The new Peking Opera is standing!

     And this time, Mr. Luo Yiming and Mr. Mei Baojiu sang new Peking opera works on stage, and New Drunken Beauty began.

     The wonderful singing and tacit fusion made the fans who are still thinking about the future of Peking Opera suddenly open up to a wide panorama.

      Pop music and Peking Opera are grafted.

     Peking opera suddenly became younger.

      that's it.

     New Peking Opera that's it!

     With the embellishment of pop music, Mr. Mei Baojiu pushed the song to a climax as soon as Mr. Mei Baojiu opened his voice.


     The "love and hate are in a flash" sang, and in an instant, the stage in the picture burst.

     The fans who watched the theater in the garden also exploded.At the same time, many ordinary viewers who are paying attention to the big names of this issue are even more explosive.


     burst! !

     burst! ! !

     "It sounds good."

     "Beijing Opera is really charming."

     "Mr. Mei Baojiu's voice was so delicate."

     "His singing is so good that he is more feminine than a woman."

     "Never thought Peking Opera was so good."

     "It should be that there is no comparison, and there is no harm. Yiming's popular singing method is weaker than Mei Lao's Peking Opera."

     In front of the TV, there are already countless audiences admiring Mr. Mei Baojiu's Peking opera singing, and so it is so amazing, in fact, it is still with Luo Yiming's cooperation and the foreshadowing of the front.

     "You are wrong. From the beginning, he wanted to revitalize Peking Opera. From the beginning, he was paving the way for everyone. His popular singing was actually very good, but obviously, he was for the outbreak of Peking Opera and Mr. Mei. ."

     A senior researcher on variety shows commented on this episode.

     Cang Hai, the author of the cultural circle, also saw this episode. He immediately published an article: "The show hosted by Luo Yiming is not without reason, on those old crafts that are about to be lost."

     After his article came out, it was also reprinted by a large number of netizens.

     That night, there were many posts on the Internet discussing lost folk crafts.

     Traditional Peking opera is also regarded by many netizens. If it is not innovated, it will become the next art to fall.

     We can weed out the old and create the new, but Peking Opera, as the quintessence of the country, cannot disappear. Ask young people who like Peking Opera to promote the new Peking Opera.As Luo Yiming expected, the Internet followed by hiding the sky and covering the earth, supporting the breaking ground of the new Peking Opera.

      The song New Drunken Beauty was also used by many enthusiastic netizens to intercept the audio and video through various channels.

     Vigorously occupy major forums and websites.
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