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164 Chapter 164, Liu Yanyan's Talent (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Guangxian Media is the production unit of Music Billboard, and the Music Billboard broadcast on Literature and Art Channel of Beijing TV is a Chinese music program.

     The show started on June 5, 2000.

     After being broadcast simultaneously on more than 100 TV stations across the country, it has been well received by listeners and musicians.

     Become a popular frontier for the promotion and dissemination of Chinese songs.

     And holding the "Music Billboard" awards ceremony is an important move for the rankings to enter the Chinese music scene.

     From the first to the sixth Music Billboard, Pepsi-Cola was named.

     When I came to Guangxian Media this time, Luo Xin had already communicated well with Pepsi.

     The editor and director of Guangxian Media Luo Wenjun will meet with Luo Yiming to communicate on the issue of pushing songs.

     Luo Yiming shouldn't show up for this kind of thing.

     But in order that both New Drunken Beauty and Han Jiangxue can be broadcast in recent shows, they are hot before the start of Pepsi Music Billboard and get nominated.

     Luo Yiming can only take a shortcut.

     "Music Billboard" is broadcast once a day, each 30 minutes, its characteristic is that it can broadcast the latest music videos at the fastest speed.

     This time, not only Luo Wenjun and Luo Yiming will meet, but Liu Yanyan, who had met last time, will also be there again.

     The two cooperated in early May.

     Luo Wenjun also wants Luo Yiming to be a guest on a program of Music Billboard.

     Because before Luo Yiming pushed the song.

      Music Billboard wants to launch Luo Yiming's as empty as anything and the most beautiful expectations.As the composer, lyricist and singer of the two songs, Luo Yiming wanted to invite him to share his feelings about writing songs.

     To facilitate Luo Yiming's cooperation, Luo Wenjun and Luo Xin have already negotiated through PepsiCo.

     Now, just follow Luo Yiming's personal wishes.

     To Guangxian Media.

     There was no new media building that year.

     Guangxian is only a six-story office building rented in a corner of the Starlight Film and Television Park.

     One room on the fifth floor.

     Luo Yiming was led by the front desk to see Luo Wenjun and Liu Yanyan.

     Luo Wenjun wears a pair of glasses. As a female compatriot, compared with Liu Yanyan of Waves Surging Forth, she is a bit more average and ordinary.

     After letting Luo Yiming sit down, Luo Wenjun wanted to introduce Liu Yanyan to Luo Yiming, who hurriedly waved his hands and said, "Director Luo, I already met Liu Yanyan. We talked together last time."

     Luo Wenjun is somewhat surprised, but the two have already known each other, and she speaks better: "Really? If you know, that would be better."

     "Yi Ming, the person in charge of Pepsi told me about pushing songs. Since you are the spokesperson of Pepsi, we will definitely cooperate."

     "But Music Billboard has a strict judging system. Nominations are fine, but if you win, it can only be the hard power of the song.

     Luo Wenjun didn't mind Liu Yanyan's presence.

     If she avoids her, Luo Wenjun will really make people feel ghostly.

     Moreover, Liu Yanyan did not understand such unspoken rules.

     She hosts the Music Billboard. In fact, she knows the inside story of the list better than anyone else."Of course, Director Luo. The nomination of songs depends on the charts and the number of albums released. If it weren't for me these two songs are not published and released, I can prevent you from going to war. The strength of the song is of."

     Luo Wenjun has nothing to say about the song New Drunken Beauty, but there is another song that Luo Wenjun does not know.

     "I heard Director Luo say, it's just a song, is there another one?"

     Luo Yiming will take out a small bag from the bag and hand it over: "The other song is also a new Peking Opera. I brought a music video today. You can take it to listen to it. Then help push it."

     Luo Wenjun took the cassette in the bag, glanced at it, and said, "Okay, let's listen to it first. Let's talk about it first.

     "Yiming, bring Liu Yanyan here today, I missed you too, I missed you too, we can talk about it formally. Music Billboard wants to invite you to participate in a program."

     "Invite me to participate in the show? Does Director Luo know?" Luo Yiming is not free now.

     To do programs on other TV stations would not work without the approval of the leaders of the station.

     "Don't worry, Director Luo has already agreed. After all, this is also a publicity for you."

     "Our current program is to push your two songs, as empty as anything and the most beautiful expectations."

     "I see..." Luo Xin did not refuse, specifying that the price was not bad.

     Moreover, through the exposure of Beijing TV station, his reputation can be improved.

     Those mango artists in the previous life are not one falls, the next follows to collect gold from other stations.As long as there is no pk with swords drawn and bows bent, Luo Xin completely restrains the artist, that is not a smart way.

     "Then you... agree?"

     Seeing Luo Yiming's silence, Luo Wenjun hurriedly said.

     Luo Yiming smiled: "I agree, but as empty as anything and the most beautiful look, I have nothing to talk about these two songs. If I want to make a show, I want to talk about the song I brought today And New Drunken Beauty."

     "..." Luo Wenjun's head was big.

     Although New Drunken Beauty is a good song, it is obvious that young fans and friends prefer the first two songs.

      Music Billboard invites Luo Yiming to promote two Beijing operas?

     Luo Wenjun has no idea what "car accident" will happen when it is broadcast.

     Just while hesitating.

     At this time, Liu Yanyan moved her ass, she lifted it, Luo Yiming and Luo Wenjun's eyes paid attention to her, Liu Yanyan said shyly: "Director Luo, I have watched Luo Yiming's show, including Luo Yiming's show the night before. The big name hosted by Yiming is coming to the second issue, which is the promotion of new Peking Opera songs."

     "I think I can do this show with him."

     "I believe the audience will like it."

     Luo Yiming was a little silly to tell whether Liu Yanyan was Liu Yanyan in her previous life.

     Maybe it was because of her rifts in previous lives.

     Liu Yanyan's talent was forgotten by the world including Luo Yiming.

     At the moment, when she said something, Luo Yiming wanted to know more Liu Yanyan.

     "Yanyan, are you confident?"Liu Yanyan glanced at Luo Yiming and said, "As long as Luo Yiming and I cooperate with each other tacitly, I think it is not a system problem."

     Luo Yiming also cast an encouraging look at Liu Yanyan: "The girl who worked with me said that I was pretty good anyway, you can give it a try."


     Luo Wenjun was amused by Luo Yiming's ambiguous words.

     The female cooperating said he was good, but not the male.

     Can give it a try, what does it mean.

     Luo Wenjun and Liu Yanyan are both girls, and in the next second, they are a bit biased.

     Liu Yanyan said: "How to try?"

     After speaking, she looked at Luo Wenjun again, hugged her chest again, and smiled.

     Luo Yiming is embarrassed, saying that the Chinese language and culture are broad and profound.

     When these essences reach the female host, they are even more intriguing.

     How to try, how else to try.

     Isn’t it just hosting together?

     Luo Yiming smiled, and the meeting with Liu Yanyan and Luo Wenjun was very pleasant.

     Pushing the song is also scheduled for these two days.
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