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167 Chapter 166, Gu Tsai Is Here, Open Recording (first More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Because Gu Zai is growing up ~ there is a "Hyun Blue Fan Party" to attend, and the meeting with Gu Zai was arranged at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

     In the morning, Luo Yiming was sorting out the materials and documents brought back by the two new directors.

     Among them, not only Gutianle’s charity, but also some of Gutianle’s personal growth.

     If it is said that Gu Tsai is keen on charity, Luo Yiming was not so clear before.

     But after learning about Gu Zai’s experience when he was young, Luo Yiming had a little grasp of why Gu Tianle would help those children, build schools for them and let them learn.

     In fact, all this is due to the fact that Gutianle’s road to the screen did not go so smoothly.

     He is not a class actor at all.

     He is a grassroots.

     Born in an ordinary family, he had a rough experience when he was young, and he had worked in more than a dozen kinds of jobs, and later became an actor.

     He had not thought at all that he could be an actor at first.

     When he managed to get out of those rough and difficult days.

     Gu Zai realized that it was difficult and difficult to help children from helpless families like him.

     Gu Tsai does not agree to promote charity in a high-profile program.

     Luo Yiming understood him.

     But not high-profile publicity, Luo Yiming feels that in the program, we must always release some positive energy in this respect.

     Taking care of the society is also in harmony with the spirit of the show.

     This meeting with Gu Tianle is very important.

     Can you bring the big names to the next climax?It can make the ratings surpass the fast book and truly become the number one variety show on Mango Channel.

     Luo Yiming thinks this issue of Gu Zai is the key.

     After preparing for a long time, Luo Yiming did not finish his work until 2:30 in the afternoon.

     After eating a bowl of instant noodles, I rested in the office for ten minutes.

     Luo Yiming received a call from Guo Xiaoke.

     Gu Tianle, accompanied by Guo Xiaoke, has already arrived in Taili.

     Luo Yiming was busy going out and also met Gu Zai at the gate of the platform.

     With Return of the Condor Heroes, The Legend of Xun Qin, the lioness from Hedong roars, including a series of classical characters created by Peerless Hao bra, Gutian Music, which entered the audience's field of vision, was already very famous at this time.

     But after he followed Luo Yiming to the office, he was still very polite and humble.

     After sitting down, the two chatted about Gu Zai's film and television drama.

     When talking with Luo Yiming, Gu Zai often smiled, eh, ah simple response.

     When the two speak of Pepsi's endorsement, they will have a subtle intimacy.

     The Blue Party is actually a fan meeting supported by PepsiCo.

     Today, Luo Yiming has become the new endorsement of Pepsi.

     He and Gutianle became the endorsement partner of the Huaxia region.

     "Guzai, in fact, you don't know that last year you also contributed to the marriage of a pair of young people at the long blue party?"

     Luo Yiming suddenly talked about a past event.

     This makes Gu Tianle curious.

     "I did come here last year~ there was a party, but it made a marriage, what does it mean?""You have events at the scene, and you have invited guests to act as a couple. I don’t know if you remember this game. The man and woman who were drawn at the time became a real couple and got married. You just gave birth to a baby this year, and she knows you. If you want to come to our show, I just want to meet you on the show."

     There were small talks ahead, and Luo Yiming only then brought Gu Zai's mind to the show.

     Gutian Le is not interested in the show.

     But if you really have your own fans, you should see him on the show.

     Gu Tsai will not disappoint his fans.

     "By the way, I really can't do your show, that is, I won't start speaking."

     "Also, charity, I didn't do any big charity, this is what I said, I don't say it."

     When talking about the big names coming to the show, Gu Tianle, why not talk about charity, Luo Yiming only now understood.

     In fact, Gu Zai resisted the big-name show format.

     He himself is not a good speaker.

     Especially after watching the first two episodes of the big-name show, Gu Tianle felt that this show was not suitable for him.

     In addition, doing charity, he thinks this is a low-key thing, do not want to hype through the show.

     In this way, I have no interest in this program.

     "Gu Zai, it turns out you are because of this, so don't worry, give a speech, we can withdraw it, you can come to my show, let's sit down and chat, just as usual, is this okay?"

     As a big-name producer, Luo Yiming has the final right to interpret this program.

     In fact, Luo Yiming also explained it when the show was first produced.The big names are coming, not every big name has to use the way of speech to carry out the program.


     Interviews are similar to artistic life, true love melody, Lu Yu has an appointment, how can you have fun, then how to play.

     The first three issues are all routines that have been talked about.

     The fourth period is a different trick.

     Come to an artistic life, a true love melody, and a proper change of drink to drink, Luo Yiming feels that you can also taste different flavors.

     Furthermore, when I met Gu Tsai, I didn't know how to use the big names of language arts.

     Luo Yiming also felt that the speech was a shame.

     Guo Xiaoke, Wang Li and Gu Tianle had several unsuccessful conversations, and Gu Zi just didn't want to give a speech.

     When Luo Yiming told himself, needless to say, just sitting down, chatting, sipping melon seeds and drinking tea, Gu Tianle felt that it was not bad.

     "If you don't have to give a speech, in this form you said, I have no problem."

     "Is it all right! Then I'll go ahead and arrange it. Time is urgent. Guzai, you will come over to record tomorrow morning, right?"


     Luo Yiming is his Pepsi endorsement partner, buddy.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming's conversation with Gu Tianle went smoothly.

      Over an hour, Luo Yiming completely relieved Gu Tianle's worries.

     After Gu Zi left.

     The big name of the fourth period is here, and Luo Yiming has determined the form.

     He removed the part of the speech. After Gu Tsai briefly introduced himself on stage, he went directly to the next link.

      time is running out, and the recording of the fourth episode is scheduled for tomorrow morning.After the conversation, Luo Yiming convened all the team members again to fine-tune the entire show for the big names of this issue.

     And the members of the program team completed the production of the graphic materials and videos he needed. This program also assisted many film and television drama materials to support the conversation.

     This is busy, it's night.

     The next day.

     Big names are coming to the fourth episode and recording.

     On-site observers, audience, camera, sound, lighting engineer, and director are all in place.

     Luo Yiming appeared on the stage wearing a white and blue T-shirt from Peacebird.

     Today's big name is here, and the audience noticed that there is no such small podium in the studio.

     Instead, there are two extra sofas and a glass coffee table in the center of the stage.

     This kind of furnishings can be understood by the audience at a glance.

     That is today's big name is here, instead of standing up to speak, it's more like sitting down and recording.

     Is it similar to an interview?

     Could it be that it is a big man who has to sit down to start.

     When the audience was in doubt, Luo Yiming walked into the studio with a smile. His charming smile made the audience shout his name.

     Another exciting issue is about to be staged!
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