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168 Chapter One Hundred And Sixty-seven, Zoom In (second More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Hello, everyone at the scene and the audience in front of the TV. I am Luo Yiming."

     "Here is the scene of the fourth episode of the big names. Welcome everyone. Welcome members of the observation group."

     "The Big Name is here has been broadcast for two episodes, and I will give you a good news. The big name is here and the ratings of the show have steadily increased, and they have the strength to make a 3."

     "In the same period of the program, the ratings are ranked first. The big names came to the program and received hundreds of millions of viewers, not only the official website of the station was well received."

     "All sectors of society praise the positive energy and value of the program."

     "For more than a week, I was even supported by the central government. It is a show with depth and thought to say that our big name is here."

     "In fact, I want to say that we can make a little contribution to the TV business and bring a little happiness to the audience. This is what we want most. We will also work harder on the lean level of the program, and strive to make the program capable of Like more people."

     As Luo Yiming spoke, applause broke out from the audience.

      "All right, I believe everyone is looking forward to the fourth issue today, which big name we have ushered in."

     "At the scene, there must be many people already know, but I have to give a grand introduction."

     Luo Yiming would say this: "When he was proud of the screen as Condor Hero, when the stars suddenly appeared, he was white and elegant, and his affectionate and romantic. He was hailed as the standard and model of beautiful men."

     "And a few years later, he took on a new lease of life, with the masculinity and cold determination of the "Prince Dark Horse", stunned the movie world and won infinite glory.""Between black and white, the transition from beautiful men to handsome men, he travels through the past and the present, and even through the vicissitudes of time and the vicissitudes of mind."

     "The life course of men's transformation and leaping is written as a legend of the years that has been loaded into the vast galaxy."

     "In this issue, we invited Gu Tianle, a Hong Kong artist who has completely transformed from a beautiful man to a handsome man."


     "Gu Tianle sat down and told us his story."

     Under Luo Yiming's introduction, this issue of Gutian Le was exposed.

     However, the audience also heard it. In the end, Luo Yiming did not say that Gu Tianle was warmly speaking, but that he sat down and spoke slowly.

     Gu Tianle walked slowly onto the stage. He greeted the audience as he walked, his face was full of shyness.

     Unlike the free and unrestrained characters portrayed on the screen, Gu Tsai has not participated in this kind of variety show.

     When Luo Yiming invited him to sit down on the sofa, he felt something was wrong.

     This kind of error is not just Gu Tianle himself.

     The audience also felt that something was missing.

     In the first three episodes of the program, the big-name guests all have to talk about the last paragraph.

     Everyone is not comfortable with this kind of start, so the scene is a bit awkward.

     When the atmosphere is awkward, the role of the host is much more important.

     Luo Yiming was the master of the microphone on the court. Seeing Gu Tianle sitting down, Luo Yiming also sat down.

     "Gu Zai, have you known about our program before?"

     The fourth issue of the big name is coming. It is launched in a new format without a speech, which is also a new challenge for Luo Yiming.This needs to be under the control of his host, and tell the growth story of a generation of sportsmen with him.

     Not an empty chat.

     Can talk to the heart.

     It is possible for Gu Tsai to express some life views from the bottom of his heart, and finally to express a little positive social energy, whether it is charity or other spiritual exploration, this is the difficulty of this issue of the big names.

     Obviously Gu Tsai is not used to such a program, he hesitated for two seconds, and said: "I watched it. I think your program is very good, and the teachers' speeches are also very thoughtful. But I can't speak, so I can Sit here."

     "No." Luo Yiming said with a smile: "In our program, not every guest of the program has to give a speech."

     "In fact, if I called you in the first issue, like this, let's sit here together and share our stories. The big-name guest coming later may have given a speech, and he will feel that sitting and sharing the story behind it is also very it is good."

     Luo Yiming wanted Gu Tianle to be less nervous.

     He such a saying, Gu Zai smiled as expected.

     "Gu Zai, from Prince Charming to Dark Horse Prince, from beautiful men to handsome men, you have gone through the transformation of your life along the way. Our program group collected a photo, let's take a look first."

     Gu Tian was very reluctant to speak, and wanted to advance the program, Luo Yiming thought of using some pictures to get him into the state quickly.

     A shape appeared on the big screen at this time.

     On this shape, Gu Tianle has a beard all over his face.

     Not only the underside of the nose, but also the sides of the cheeks are covered with beards.

     This photo came out.The audience was in an uproar.

     "Destroy the eyeballs."

     "Where did the show team find such an ugly picture."

     "Yiming is really ruthless. Gu Tsai is so handsome. He just found such a photo to start recording. Isn't this a pure heart?"

     "I also said sitting down and telling the story behind it. This is simply sitting down and sarcastic."

     "Bull the honest person, I want to protest for Gu Zai."

     The audience became lively.

     Luo Yiming never played cards according to the routine.

     This photo of him, just like the rules of a certain group of newcomers, aroused crowds.

     When Gu Tianle saw this photo, he didn't think anything, he even smiled.

     "This look was taken when my parents and I were traveling, because I wanted to relax a little bit, so I didn't shave."

     "Wow, this look is...really cool...I can't imagine it."

     "This look, when you are not filming, in private, you just like this look, it's very casual?"

     Gu Tianle shook his head: "Actually, the only time I didn't shave this long beard."

     "I don't know at all how did you find this picture."

     Luo Yiming said: "We take the show very seriously. The big name of our show, we just want the audience to see all aspects of him. Because, in the audience's impression of Gu Zai, that's it is colorful."

     "Guzai, in the roles you play, ancient costumes, modern, handsome, and villains. Various sorts and varieties have different roles."

     "The first thing that allows you to enter everyone's field of vision, I think it is Return of the Condor Heroes, right?"Return of the Condor Heroes is the beginning of Gutian Le’s fame.

     This is also a turning point in Gutian Music's career.

     Luo Yiming asked, Gu Zai said: "Yes, I signed a contract with Wireless. Less than two years after joining the industry, I held hands with Li Ruotong and took a picture of Return of the Condor Heroes."

     "You play Yang Guo in the play, handsome and elegant, wild and unruly in ancient costume and also good, also evil, romantic and infatuated interpretation. Let Yang Guo become a classic image of martial arts drama, crazy about love."

     "After you finished filming this scene for a long period of time, people were saying that Gutian Le was born for Yang Guo, and this is the real Condor Hero. What did you feel when you heard this?"

     "I think the audience's evaluation is too high...I dare not take it."

     Luo Yiming said: "It seems that you haven't played an important role before then?"

     "Yes, this is my first play in which I play the male number one."

     "I there is a question I want to ask, where is your hand after you shot that Yang Guo's arm was chopped off?"

     The broken arm Yang Guo created by Gutianle, in the film and television series, really wants to be broken.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming was curious.

     "Put it back." Gu Tsai said lightly.

     "Put it behind? Isn't it uncomfortable to shoot for a day like this?"

     "Of course it's a little uncomfortable."

     "But one difficulty when putting it behind is that it's very troublesome when filming. There is no way to keep balance."

     Luo Yiming said: "Indeed, there are still many scenes in the state of Diaoweiya, even with the back of the hand behind, it will be very difficult."Recalling the scenes in the filming, Gu Zai said: "Because you must ensure that your arms cannot be seen by the audience, so in fact, it is very difficult."

     "I remember a few scenes where I tied my arm behind with a rope and tightened it abruptly. In this way, after a day of shooting, I achieved satisfactory results. When I went back to my room to rest, my arms were red. of."

     "But this is the beginning. Looking back now, what do you think Return of the Condor Heroes means to you."

     "It's the beginning."

     "A good start? Or?" Luo Yiming said.

     "At the time, I didn't think about whether it was good or not, but I just wanted to do the play well."

     In the front, it was casual chatting. After seeing Gu Tsai's chat box opened and people had adapted to the interview-like program, Luo Yiming decided to slowly zoom in.
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