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170 Chapter 169, Charity Should Not Be Low-key (fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"When people are in danger, they think bad things, if whats the matter really happens. There really is no chance."

     "So, you can think of taking dad and mom to travel."

     "In fact, Gu Zai is a very delicate person."

     "I have a text taken from his blog."

     Luo Yiming picked up a small notebook, took it seriously, and said: "I really realize now that when my parents get bigger and bigger, they spend less and less time with them."

     "I don't want to have, the trees long for peace but the wind will never cease, the regret that the child wants to be raised but the relative is not there, so I will cherish this moment."

     "After two strokes, my father is now like a kid who recovers one's youthful vigor. Sometimes he loses his memory and sometimes he doesn't recognize people."

     "Sometimes, even me hard to understand."

     "But whatever the case."

     "At this stage, I and this man who watched me grow up are indeed closer than before."

     When Luo Yiming spoke, Gu Tianle's eyes began to turn red.

     That memory is the scar that I don't want to be touched.

     My dream of being an actor has come true.

     But my father was because of oneself negligence at work, two strokes, physical...

     Luo Yiming put down the little book after reading. He looked at Gu Tianle and showed sincerity: "After I finish reading, I am also very touched. I think that people whatever happens must not wait until they lose to know to cherish."

     "Sometimes, after you have done a lot of things, you will find that in your family, the man who watched you grow up, the woman who watched you grow up, the two of them are your most important people."Gu Tianle raised his eyes. He didn't want to cry on the show, he was a man: "Yes, now there's nothing about it is more important than them."

     "If you want me to choose, I choose them, my family is the first."

     "Always will be!"

     Luo Yiming asked: "Do you have any directors you want to work with, such as Spielberg. Now he wants to invite you to film, but my father will tell you, son, I want you to take me on a trip tomorrow."

     "How would you choose?"

     Luo Yiming would really ask.

      This problem, obviously, is a dilemma for Gu Zai who is watching drama.

     "Go traveling." Gu Zi still made his decision.

     "I think you still have time in filming, and this opportunity may still exist in the future."

     "But with Dad..."

     His voice choked suddenly, perhaps because he thought of his father's status quo, Gu Tianle choked, and his heart burst into soreness.

     Luo Yiming hurriedly pulled out the tissue and handed it to the former. Gu Tsai pushed his hand and said, "I will...satisfy dad and mom's request."

     Luo Yiming said: "But I think dad and mom are the most valuable. The greatest thing is that they will never make such a request."

     Luo Yiming said, Gu Tsai couldn't hold back the tears that Gu Zai was about to swallow.

     Jin Douzi fell unconvincingly, no matter how hard it was for Gu Tsai in filming, he was overwhelmed, but in this sentence, his parents would not make such a request, so he could no longer control...

     "Parents can only think, my son is so busy, I can't trouble him."

     "This is the parents, right?"

     "There will always be children in the eyes.""So, sometimes, we have to think more for them. Their requirements are not high at all." Luo Yiming's ability to incite emotions is very powerful.

     But in this issue, when it comes to his parents, he is sincere, and he doesn't have the slightest false display of affection.

     Gu Zai agreed: "I feel most moved that after I go back every day, my mother will ask me, what time do I get up tomorrow?"

     "For example, I said to get up at five or six."

     "She will get up and call me."

     "Each day is like this!"

     Luo Yiming nodded said: "For 365 days, she must wake up at least half an hour earlier than you, and then quietly prepared breakfast for you."


     The audience was moved.

     "From the TV station to the present. So many years, she is all the same."

     "So, my mother is Gu Tianle's alarm clock. Every day is earlier than you. I wake you up every day and prepare breakfast for you every day. All the same every day!"

     The eyes of the audience turned red.

     Thinking of my mother.

     Then I thought about my attitude towards my mother.

     That was a sudden turn.

     "Sometimes when I see her, he is afraid that he can't get up, so he will watch TV at night.

     "She will watch all night and wake me up before going to bed."

     "This World, adults, I think is the most important. Their love is selfless."

     Gu Tianle said, on the big screen behind, this will show a picture.

     In the photo, my mother and Gu Tianle are sitting on a stone step.Mother's hands firmly supported Gutianle, for fear that he would fall, facing the camera, mother's peripheral light was still leaning against Gutianle.

     The sweet smile shows the mother's love for her son.

     Seeing this scene, the tears of the audience slid down unable to control.

     Time flies, that year, Gu's mother was still so young and attractive.

     But now, she is old.

     She has no youth.

     But there is always the heart that loves his son.

     "Guzai, your mother must have played a very important role in your growth experience."

     "I know that you like children very much. It may be because of the love your mother has for you. When you see your children lacking love, you will want to help them."

     "Yes. I like it very much kids, I think I can feel happy when I lead them."

     "Moreover, I am also a child by nature. With them, they are all playing with me. They treat me as a toy."

     "For example, when I watch cartoons with them, I don't think it is funny at all, but they can sit next to me and laugh all day."

     "A lot of children have bad home conditions. You want them to be happy. I remember that after you left the TV station, you built a toy library yourself. Actually, they would also go to play, right?"

     "They will come to play."

     "I hope they can study and have knowledge, so you also built a school?"

     Luo Yiming still asked the question.

     Charity, Gutian Le doesn't want to talk about it.

     But Luo Yiming's dialogue with him caused his psychological defense to slowly fall."I also like children very much. If I have the ability, I also want the children from poor families in remote mountainous areas to have books and schools."

     Luo Yiming raised his voice and said, "I think it’s very honorable to do this kind of thing. We can speak it out, we can speak it out loud. What we don’t want is how others see us doing this thing. What we want is ourselves look into one's heart, no shame, we can see the smiles on the faces of the children. That's enough!"

     Gutian Le also has not replied.

     The audience at the scene already shouted in excitement.


     Yes, Luo Yiming was talking about charity.

     Charity is not a shame.

     If everyone is afraid of doing charity, worry that others will question the hype.

     That really is the sadness of an era.

     Luo Yiming continued: "Charity may not be suitable for high-profile."

     "But philanthropy can't be low-key."

     "Charity requires us to promote it."

     "Need the participation of all sectors of society."

     "Everyone who does charity deserves our respect."

     "Gu Zi, I know that you are a low-key charity artist. You don't want to express any views of charity you have done at this stage. I respect you."

     "However, at this moment, I also take this opportunity to say thank you to those who are committed to charity."

     Gutianle still has not replied.

     However, in the next second, he stood up, applauded Luo Yiming personally, nodding his head frequently, he recognized Luo Yiming's words.It's not that he doesn't say it, but he really doesn't know how to express it.

     But his applause was enough.

     Enough cheers from the audience!
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