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173 Chapter 172, Eight Girls And Luo Yiming's New CP (please Subscribe, See How Many Subscriptions There Are)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Yi Ming, your method, I have been exploring and advancing in the past few years, and it has proved that it is not that simple. The big stars are all pretentious. This remuneration is not what they think is money, what they think is their own. Status, worth."

     "I know……"

     "But Director Luo, the big names are coming and Happy Camp is not the same variety show. The big names are coming to the vitality of this show. I always think it is positive energy and spreading correct values.

     "This is also the feature of the show."

     "If celebrities come to my show just to get paid, then obviously it's not appropriate for them to come."

     "The big names I invited can really spread the positive energy."

     "The first four episodes of the show, the big names have come, the brands, public praise, have not yet made it. Let the big names come to participate, pay compensation, this is not altogether inexcusable. But now, the big names have come and have become a popular variety show now ."

     "Big names are exposed in the show, no matter whether it is to himself or his company, his personal image is good. We have the confidence to raise the threshold of coming big names, and participation without compensation is one of the manifestations. ."

     It is definitely a good thing for the station to allow guests to participate in the show without compensation.

     But the next second, Luo Xin was also thinking about why Luo Yiming would do this.

     This actually increased the difficulty of his show.

     This is not an act of flattery.

     Luo Yiming said in the next second: "Director Luo, if the appearance fee of each guest can be saved, I hope I can take a part from here as a reward for our team.""The big names are here. I already have my own production team. Operation and solidarity require a little reward. This is an important incentive system for mobilizing their enthusiasm and improving the quality of the program."

     "You don't know, the little guy under my hand is envious of the red envelopes sent by other producers."

     Luo Xin had already guessed what Luo Yiming said.

     Otherwise, Luo Yiming would never want to save this part of the cost.

     Can save this part of the cost, Luo Xin is worried about whether the quality of the invited big-name celebrities will decline.

     If the show sacrifices quality, this is the gains do not make up for the losses.

     "Director Luo, these are the big names I want to invite in the next few issues. Take a look. You can rest assured that we will not invite some fake big names because we are not paid. If you think which one is not suitable, we can still replace it."

     Hand over a document.

     In the list of catalogs, the next eight issues are indicated by the big names that Luo Yiming will invite.

     Regardless of the specific plan, only these eight people were targeted.

     Luo Xin was already shocked.

     These eight people are even better than the guests in the previous four sessions.

     They are all big coffees who are active in front of them.

     They are strong men in various fields.

     Ma Yun?

     This is the Internet "women's clothing" boss, director of the Women's Federation.

     Liu Qiangdong, this is the creator of the top app of the online mall.

     Yao Ming, the best Chinese basketball player who played in the NBA.

     Yang Liwei, China's first manned spaceflight.



     Of these eight, all of them are the best in their field.Let them participate in the show without compensation.

     If Luo Yiming really does it, the cost saved for Taili will be more than a little bit.

     A smile appeared on Luo Xin's face.

     It can be said that the success of the eight guests participating in the performance will only increase the degree of excitement of the show, not decrease.

     After speculating on Luo Xin's inner drama, Luo Yiming said: "Director Luo, now the ratings of the big names are steadily increasing. It is already a variety show on the station that can compete with Happy Camp."

     "However, our team's sense of honor is very poor. To put it bluntly, the members have not received any substantial rewards. My leading brother, when asked, was also very embarrassed."

     "I came up with this plan. I don't think I will lose the interests of the station. It should not be difficult to save money from my own programs and give it to my members."

     Luo Yiming signed at Mango Taiwan in November last year to April now.

     In five months, Luo Yiming was studying and charging.

     I didn't pay attention to how much money I got.

     How much has one's worth increased.

     Because, Mango Terrace has to pay for its own platform growth, exposure for itself, and increase in value.

     To be a well-behaved and obedient employee and not to miss the edge can we get better resources from the station.

     For Luo Yiming, who was growing up, he certainly understood this truth.

     But the newcomers on his team need a little nutrition.

     If you blindly to allay one's hunger using a picture of a cake, it will also affect the quality of the later stage of the program."You can come up with this method, which will not harm the interests of the station, but also reduce expenditures for the station. If you have a heart, you know. Okay, I will help you with this matter. However, you want to take it out from here. How many come?"

     "Ten o'clock."

     Luo Yiming didn't want much.

     He just wants to put a little hard work on own hand.

     From the invitation fee originally belonged to the guests, ten points were taken out as a reward.

     Luo Xin felt that this requirement was not high.

     "Well, Yiming, if you can invite these eight guests, the quality of the show does not decrease, and after the 12th episode of the show is completed, I will give your team a ten-point reward."

     "If at the end of the 12th episode of the program, your ratings can get the first place on the station, exceeding my Happy Camp ratings share, I will give out five extra points as your personal reward."

     Luo Xin is about to ride to take up an official appointment as the center director of the program innovation office.

     The investment promotion department and the program operation department under her jurisdiction have funds for program activities.

     Luo Yiming saves money for inviting big-name celebrities, and part of the money will actually be transferred to Luo Xinhe's pocketbook.

     Of course Luo Xin was happy. It was nothing at all to be able to contribute to this incident and to reward Luo Yiming with five points.

     Every industry has its hidden rules.

     The station has set up a program and has paid out the invitation fee of the big star.

     Luo Yiming was able to save this amount of money, which naturally became the grey income of the center.

     Coming out of Luo Xin's office, Luo Yiming also asked the team members to send formal invitations to several guests.Luo Yiming had contacted these eight people long before.

     The other party was willing to come, so Luo Yiming went to find Luo Xin.

     For those celebrity artists, they may care about their figures and want to pay for appearances.

     But economic predators, sports stars, and tech tycoons don’t care about the appearance fees of the program group, but the quality of the program.

     Therefore, the advancement of this job did not encounter any major resistance.

     In the next five days, Luo Yiming and his team invited guests from the next four phases to the Mango Channel, and completed the four phases of filming in the 1200 studio.

      come to a place on account of its reputation, there are still many big coffees who signed up for the big names.

     But those greedy agents and big stars who wanted to get paid were all rejected by Luo Yiming.

     On Saturday night, the Happy Camp of the Return of the Condor Heroes episode met with the audience. The show was full of laughs. Luo Yiming and Liu Yifei's pair of cps is also the most eye-catching cp for the audience since these episodes.

     Because Luo Yiming always appears as a CP man in the show.

     After this episode of the show, the forefront of entertainment gave Luo Yiming the title of a national boyfriend.

     The national boyfriend is the boyfriend of all girls.

     After this title came out, articles on the forefront of entertainment were also reprinted by multiple websites.

     On the Internet, there has been a campaign to discuss the merits of Luo Yiming as a national boyfriend.For a while, handsome, talented, humorous, inspirational, positive energy, goddess harvester, well, Luo Yiming always teases female guests in the show, giving people the illusion of being ambiguous with the goddess, so some Netizens who did not know the truth gave the impression of Goddess Harvester.

     The discussion continued, and then, Luo Yiming and who was the best match to vote went online.

     The female celebrities who had crossed with Luo Yiming were all pushed out.

     Netizens voted for activities on the Internet. As of the end of April, which female celebrity has the most votes, the netizens will reward that female celebrity with a compilation of all Luo Yiming's programs that they have compiled.

     Well, netizens are too good at playing, they don't want to, other female guests are willing.

     There are always so many netizens in Funny.

     And this time, the female stars who were sent to vote include Deity Elder Sister Liu Yifei, Guo Xiang who cut off Yang Guo's arm, Yang Xiaomi, and Li Xiaoran and Wang Likun from the crew of Seven Swords Descend From Tian Mountain.

     There is also Ni Xinjie from the Wulin Legendary crew.

     Among the heroes, Luo Yiming's host couple partner Zuo Yan.

      Happy Camp’s partner Wu Xin.

     Finally, I don't know who the prank was.

     Even Yang Taiping's daughter, Yang Xue, who was good-looking and intelligent, was sent to the polling area on the show.
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