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174 Chapter 173, Fierce Competition, The Woman Who Supports You Behind
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Eight girls, netizens initiated voting activities, and on the Internet, there were over a hundred people participating in the voting.

      After half an hour, the number of voting participants has exceeded 10,000.

     The online voting activities quickly spread across the country with lightning speed.

     These votes are all voluntary.

     After half an hour, Deity Elder Sister Liu Yifei was far ahead.

     This may have a lot to do with Happy Camp that was just broadcast.

     Behind Deity Elder Sister Liu Yifei is Yang Xiaomi who quarreled with Luo Yiming in the show.

     The votes of the remaining five girls are not much different. Among the eight girls, only last has a poor number of votes.

     It is Yang Xue who is ranked last.

     Xingzhou of Zhejiang Province.

     A luxurious villa.

     On the sofa in front of the French windows, Su Mei and Yang Taiping watched Luo Yiming's program as usual.

     But Su Mei occasionally flipped the phone and saw a link pushed by her friend.

     Opening the link is a voting interaction initiated by online netizens.

     The title is, "Which celebrity has a more cp sense and a better match with Luo Yiming".

     Pulling to the voting interface below, Su Mei laughed, this laugh more or less a bit embarrassing.

     Because my daughter is also in this voting activity.

     Moreover, only a few hundred votes were supported, ranking last among the eight women.

     Su Mei can know that Yang Xue's personality is very similar to her father, and she is a competitive girl. She must have seen this online poll.

     Daughters until now are excellent.But in the entertainment circle, compared with the seven female stars above, her popularity is too low.

     Such a vote is inherently unfair.

     Su Mei didn't think about anything else, she was just very upset about the status quo of her daughter being compared by those stars.

     As a mother, she has to do something.

     The reputation is not enough, the hype comes to collect.

     Su Mei has recently been responsible for the online promotion of Peacebird Clothing.

     She has a lot of navy resources in her hands.

     After going to the room and making a few phone calls, Su Mei came back with peace of mind to continue watching TV with her husband.

     Online voting activities continue.

      Deity Elder Sister Liu Yifei took the lead, winning 30 percent approval.

      At the same time, in a hotel in Beijing, Yun Hong, Liu Yifei's agent, was smoking a lady's cigarette, smiling and vomiting mist.

     Her first-hand speculation materials have not been released yet.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as Happy Camp was broadcast, netizens would act first.

     Use eight girls to match Luo Yiming to set off his talent.

     It must have been made by fans who love him.

     As an agent, Yun Hong has a very keen eye.

     Why did Liu Yifei go to the Mango Terrace in the first place, instead of breaking the image of a lady in Liu Yifei's play, and teaming up with Luo Yiming to CP

     In fact, before then, Yun Hong investigated all the information of Luo Yiming.

     He is not only a popular host of Mango Channel, but also a new producer of Mango Channel.In addition to these identities, although Luo Yiming has only two songs in the music scene, he has already revealed his talent for music creation.

     If these are events that took place in a few years, then there's nothing about it great.

     However, it took Luo Yiming less than half a year to transform from a host, a singer, to a producer.

     Five months.

     Luo Yiming already has tens of millions of fan sandwich support groups.

     Has become a variety show host of burn your hand, feel the heat.

     He also served as the producer of two ace variety shows.

     Luo Yiming's future is of course limitless.

     As a popular floret, Liu Yifei and Luo Yiming's CP can definitely win people's attention.

     And the existence of uncommon material chasing the wind and clutching at shadows that he hyped up.

     Released, fermented for a few days, enough exposure in entertainment headlines.

     She gave another explanation, explaining that it was only the day of the recording of the show, and Luo Yiming sent Liu Yifei to the airport.

     Liu Yifei's personal design will not collapse, and she will not suffer any loss.

     Fang Hong is a good chess player.

     She was in a hearty mood at this time.

     I also think that netizens helped her.

     There is no need to reach the end of this month, and Liu Yifei will win this vote soon.

     This will provide support for her hype and public opinion.

     In the next time, Fang Hong went to the web page to check some information she needed, and finally switched to the voting interface to see if Liu Yifei's approval rate was higher.

     But this refresh of one hour later, Fang Hong was stunned.

     Oh buy it.

     This how can it be!Rubbing his eyes, Fang Hong saw the situation: Liu Yifei's approval rate was only 20 percent.

     Five points lower than before.

     Looking at other celebrities, their approval ratings have also shrunk more or less.

      There is only one person, but her approval rate has gone from the initial 1% point of five to 10 percent.

     The rising posture is as fierce as a tiger.

     "Yang Xue?"

     "Who is this Yang Xue? How can I don't know at all?" Fang Hong was stunned. One was the change in the number of votes, and the other was that she didn't even know who Yang Xue was.

     Immediately shaking the mouse, Fang Hong also searched for Yang Xue on the Internet.

     Those who have the same questions as Fang Hong are also friends.

     Yang Xue, they didn't know each other, so they didn't vote for her.

     But with Yang Xue's votes, he went all the way and killed Zuo Yan, Wu Xin, and Ni Xinjie. Everyone started paying attention to this girl named Yang Xue.

     Online, there is no celebrity introduction for Yang Xue.

     What can be found is probably that Yang Xue has come to the big name, one of the few speeches in the first three sessions.

     You can watch Yang Xue's performance in the show.

     She is elegant and elegant, dignified and decent, and her figure is all excel the common. Netizens are not calm at once.

     "There are materials, not only the looks and figures, but there are materials inside."

     "Good-looking and intelligent."

     "No wonder Yang Xue can emerge as a new force to be reckoned with. She is really a girl with content. I like it, and so do I."

     On the Internet, there are still many people who did not vote. Seeing Yang Xue's "grassroots" counterattack, many netizens voted for her."Yang Xue is Cinderella. I really want to see Cinderella and the prince together and help me put Yang Xue on it."

     "Yes, I think Yang Xue's temperament is not worse than those stars. I look forward to the moment when Yang Xue reaches the top."

     In a well-known forum.

     A senior networm revealed something about Yang Xue.

     "Do you still do not know? Yang Xue is actually the head of the Sandwich Support Team. She has done a lot for Luo Yiming."

     "Why, the fans who have her in this voting list and are also sandwiches hope that Yang Xue can be with the idol. Yang Xue has acted as a fan representative."

     "So that's how it is!"

     Following this person's revelation, Yang Xue added a note from the head of Luo Yiming's fan group.

     "What do I say, why is there a Yang Xue who no one knows in the end. Dare to love, Yang Xue is secretly in love with Luo Yiming, through this voting activity, show love to the idol?

     "Liu Yifei, Yang Xiaomi are all clouds. I think Yang Xue is good. Push her up and let Luo Yiming see that Yang Xue is the woman who silently supports him behind her back."
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