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175 Chapter 174, Pepsi Music Billboard Is Here (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

At that time.

     Yang Xue is preparing her graduation thesis. This summer, he will enter his father's Peacebird women's clothing factory as a sales assistant.

      This period of time, except for the recording of the big names, she stayed and studied at school.

     I had a good rest in the dormitory.

     She was pulled up by the sisters in the dormitory and saw the vote of Luo Yiming CP initiated by an unknown comic on the Internet.


     How could there be me?

     When Yang Xue saw her name, she was unbelievable.

     "Yang Xue, it's not just you. Your votes are not low. Right now, only Liu Yifei and Yang Xiaomi are in front of you. You are already third."

     "Moreover, you can blow up Yang Xiaomi right away, Liu Yifei's fart...stock is right in front."


     The sisters are not surprised.

     The power of netizens is very powerful.

     Now on the Internet, all netizens support Yang Xue.

     Yang Xue's occupation of the first position is only a matter of time for everyone.

     Yang Xue didn't know that her baby mother was making trouble here, but the current situation is that netizens are supporting her and want to put her in the first place.

     Yang Xue and Luo Yiming are just ordinary... ordinary friends.

     If you really get the first place, it will be awkward to meet Luo Yiming when you are recording a show.

     "Who made this vote, can you complain?"

     "Can you turn off this activity."


     Yang Xue blushed, but she was really naive.The network is a Virtual World.

     Netizens fluently saying all one wants on the virtual network, wanting to tracing back to origins and canceling the event is basically impossible.

     "Luo Yiming will see this. Will he think that our Yang Xue is really showing his love to him."

     "Netizens think so. Yang Xue, it's mainly up to you..." The sisters teased, and Yang Xue's face became even hotter.

     Covering her cheek, Yang Xue was extremely embarrassed.

     "How can it be like this? It seems I can only explain to Luo Yiming."

     In the middle of the night, Yang Xue went to call a boy, and Yang Xue felt it inappropriate.

     But this is better than Luo Yiming would think more after seeing the vote the next day.

     When Yang Xue called, Luo Yiming was playing with Wu Xin.

     It is not that the two are also discussing this cp vote.

     "Hush, Yang Xue's call, don't say anything, otherwise Yang Xue thought we had secret activities in the middle of the night." Luo Yiming shut up.

     "Fuck you, and took advantage of me." Wu Xin pushed Luo Yiming a hand, indicating that she would not speak.

     Luo Yiming slapped Wu Xin back, that means, I really take advantage of you.

     "Yiming, did you see the poll on the Internet? That poll I don't know either what's going on, I called you to tell you, don't affect you because of this..."

     Luo Yiming smiled heartily: "This... won't affect me. I'm afraid that you will be affected. Wu Xin asked me to talk to me today, saying that it was just the wishes of netizens. She only meant my buddies to me and told me not to Think more."

     "You call me so late, I think that's what I mean?""..." Yang Xue has not replied.

     In fact, in her heart, she regarded Luo Yiming as an idol.

     Saying that you don't like idols is a lie.

     It can be said that calling so late and admitting that he likes Luo Yiming, Yang Xue has no courage.

     "Yang Xue, you don't have to worry, if you are a netizen, let me take a look and just have a good time. I won't be so stupid that you really like me."

     "I..." Yang Xue hesitated and said: "You, haven't slept yet, so late, what are you doing?"


     Wu Xin would point out her finger at Luo Yiming, which means you are so late and still in a girl's boudoir. Is it really appropriate?

     Luo Yiming smiled and said: "I'm... I'm doing show planning."

     "So late, do it tomorrow, and rest early."

     "Ah, yes, I'll do it tomorrow. You go to bed earlier too."

     Toot toot.

     After hanging up the phone, Wu Xin gave Luo Yiming a blank look, and said sarcastically: "Hehe, it's a lie. It's clear that I'm staying in my room, and I'm planning, what is your plan?"

     Luo Yiming was in a hurry, Wu Xin was too damned if he didn't reveal the shortcomings.

     "My plan is to strategize you. Seeing you laugh at me, I have to give you some color."

     Luo Yiming grabbed Wu Xin's hand when he started.

     Then he stretched out his big palm and patted Wu Xin's ass.


     Very crisp.

     It's like teaching one's own children.

     "You hit me?"

     "Yes, dissatisfied?" After the beating ended, Luo Yiming laughed heartily twice, and then escape without trace."You're so stinky, you're so bad, you spank me, you wait for me, my old lady, I must Counter if I have a chance."

     Luo Yiming had already escaped by then.

     Although it is said that men and women are not married, Luo Yiming really only regards Wu Xin as a girlfriend and a buddy. The latter is also true.

     Tonight, I not only talked about voting with Wu Xin, but Luo Yiming also told her how to enhance her presence in Kuaiben.

     Although Wu Xin successfully entered the Happy Family.

     But afterwards, Wu Xin did not continue to be surprised.

     On the contrary, after Xie Na's funny style became more and more powerful, she slowly became a wall covering.

     Luo Yiming's idea for Wu Xin was to take the amazing route in the future.

     Whenever the show invites male guests, you can use your own "beauty" to successfully group CP.

     At least, Wu Xin is still very shiny in Kuaiben.

     The CP gameplay of Luo Yiming and female guests also applies to Wu Xin.

     In the fast books of the previous life, Wu Xin also played this kind of game later, but Wu Xin's aesthetic and self-confidence at that time were all diluted by the show, which seemed not enough.

     The presence is weakened.

     The observability of the show is much inferior.

     If Wu Xin took this path now, it would have formed her style.

     Go back to the room.

     Lying in bed.

     In the quiet night, Luo Yiming couldn't sleep at all.

     Although online voting is only something made by netizens, it is possible to select eight actresses and their own cp, the one and only, netizens also have prizes to give away.

     This activity, to a certain extent, showed that Luo Yiming was really hot.In the circle of variety show hosts, Mr. He Jiong and Mr. Wang Han are very qualified.

     The former is the leader of variety shows.

     But Teacher He's height is bad, so he has very few scandals with female stars. In his previous life, he had only had one time with Zhao Xiaodao, but the effect was awkward.

     The reason is that the two do not match well.

     There are few messages about hiding the sky and covering the earth on the Internet. Few people question why they deserve these girls. They all say they are talented, inspirational, humorous, and full of positive energy.

     Even some extreme netizens forced themselves to talk about their girlfriends after the voting results were released.

     This phenomenon is really scary.

     However, no matter who the eight daughters end up in, Luo Yiming hasn't thought about falling in love yet, let alone a girlfriend he feels suitable.

      fell asleep unconsciously.

     The following week, Luo Yiming finished recording the last four episodes of the big names.

     On April 27th, Luo Yiming also rushed to Beijing to prepare for Pepsi Music Billboard.
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