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176 Chapter 175, The Music Feast Of Big Coffee (first More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The 6th Pepsi Music Billboard was held on the 3rd of May for the awards ceremony, and the entire selection activity was held in April.

     At this time, Pepsi Music Billboard has officially entered the final selection stage.

     Candidate songs and singers for major awards have also been produced.

     With the support of the Pepsi organizer, Luo Yiming and Mei Baojiu's new Peking opera song New Drunken Beauty was finally shortlisted, and the rest of the songs were screened out by the judges.

     For PepsiCo, it is natural that it hopes its brand spokespersons can win awards, but as the organizer of the broadcast media, it also has a strict evaluation system for songs, and no one can single hand covers the Heavens.

     Taking Pepsi's opinions into consideration, in the end, Luo Yiming's songs can win prizes, it still depends on the final comprehensive comparison results.

     In the past two weeks, the song "New Drunken Beauty" has been ranked in the top ten on the Music Billboard, and two days later, the song entered was third.

     But the top two positions have been occupied by the other two songs.

     Although it did not make it to the top of the chart, the songs on the top of the charts are generally operated by someone, and being able to stay in the third position for two days also shows that New Drunken Beauty still has many fans who like to listen to it.

     As for the presiding matter, Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan should meet and face one day in advance.

     When he arrived in Beijing, Luo Yiming went to see Teacher Mei Baojiu.

     Follow him to continue to temper his Peking Opera singing.

     For Peking Opera, although Luo Yiming handed the promotion to Chu Lanlan, he did not let it go. When he was okay, when he shouted and sang a few words, Luo Yiming felt quite comfortable.The organizer has already notified the shortlisted song players, and invites you to participate in the Pepsi Music Billboard Awards Ceremony on the evening of May 3.

     Mr. Mei Baojiu is not very interested in this kind of music festival, and, for mainstream music awards, Mr. Mei Baojiu's presence will make the scene more or less a bit embarrassing.

     Therefore, he said that Luo Yiming would be fine.

     Although Luo Yiming knows that his chances of winning are very low, in a pop music Gluttonous Grand Feast, there is not much soil for the survival of the new Peking Opera.

     But for the sake of that front line, Luo Yiming spent the remaining four days studying drama with Teacher Mei Baojiu.

     As the host, Luo Yiming knows that the winners usually perform live.

     If the organizer arranges for his own performance, Luo Yiming will be ready to sing the song New Drunken Beauty.

     In this New Drunken Beauty of Peking Opera, Luo Yiming feels that he sings better than the previous one in every practice.

     Joining teacher Hu Yulin's erhu and other musical instruments, Luo Yiming is confident that the new Peking Opera can perform proudly in this battle of Pepsi Music Billboard.

     Although knowing that Peking Opera has a small audience, many people cannot appreciate it and may encounter cold reception, but Luo Yiming must do his part for traditional culture.

     On April 29th, Luo Yiming followed his teacher to finish the singing of this section of Peking Opera, and he received a call from a stranger.

     Actually, I called Luo Yiming before, but Luo Yiming forgot to save it.

     "Liu Yanyan?"

     It turned out that the call was Liu Yanyan, a contract signed by Guangxian Media.Luo Yiming didn't pay attention to his show on Music Billboard, but after this show was broadcast in Beijing, the response was very enthusiastic.

     Beijing is the base camp of Peking Opera. Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan introduced new Peking Opera on the show, which has infected many old opera fans.

     The co-hosts of Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan were humorous and added a lot to the current show.

     Liu Yanyan wants to learn from Luo Yiming and will soon be on the Pepsi Music Billboard. She hopes to host the party with Luo Yiming.

     "Yi Ming, there will be the 6th Pepsi Music Billboard in two days, haven't you come to Beijing yet?"

     This year's Music Billboard was held at the Beizhan Theater in Beijing. Liu Yanyan was curious why Luo Yiming hadn't reported yet.

     "Oh, I didn't tell you. I have already communicated with the director of the Guangxian line. I'm in Beijing, and I'm learning drama with my master in Guanyuan.

     "You already arrived? That's good. But learning drama? Is it New Drunken Beauty that was shortlisted for the best mainland song in 2005-06?"

     Frankly speaking, Liu Yanyan likes this song quite a bit.

     But this song is that Mr. Mei Baojiu sang Peking Opera and Luo Yiming sang popular, so where did you learn opera.

     "Yes. If this song wins an award, it will be invited to sing on stage at that time. Mr. Mei Baojiu can't come. I have to learn the Peking Opera sings first. If I get on stage, I will also prepare averts peril."

     "Yes, or you are considerate. I think your song is likely to win an award." Liu Yanyan said.

     "Thank you. However, I am satisfied if I can win the award. After all, it is not easy to be nominated and reveal one's talent among many works.""Yi Ming, on our company's side, the director has given me the list of invited award-giving guests. You have time at what time, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, let's check it out. I hope we can host the party well."

     "Yes, then I will come to see you tomorrow."

      Music Billboard awards ceremony, in fact, it is impossible to be absolutely confidential before the awards.

     There are some notebooks, after the host gets it, he can chasing the wind and clutching at shadows to guess who will get the prize.

     This is unavoidably.

     The host wants to host an award-giving ceremony with a wonderful scene, which is also a necessary condition for the prophet of the winner.

     Although Yiming is not a member of the music industry, Luo Yiming is also quite curious about who can win the 2006 Billboard.

     Luo Yiming can know.

     After the Super Voice Girls became popular in the summer of 2005, every summer after that, there will be music auditions.

     In 2006, Mango Terrace continued to create Super Voice Girls.

     Dragon TV this time is moving out of my type me show.

     Music auditions and music variety shows are also a very popular form of variety shows. The big names are coming to an end. The gravity-created mango station will definitely be a music show.

     Putting aside Super Voice Girls, whether happy male voices can continue to be discussed.

     Luo Yiming is also more interested in creating a music variety show that surpasses supergirls, fast men, and top music feasts.

     Supergirl is now the myth of Mango Channel. Her own big name has come and Kuaiben has run neck and neck, and it will be broadcast in later episodes. Beyond Kuaiben is not a system problem.Therefore, the only place Dashan placed in front of Luo Yiming is Super Voice Girls.

     Defeat her with a music variety show and become the first producer of fully deserving, without any reservations. This is Luo Yiming's best choice.

     In previous lives, top music variety shows, whether it is the good voice of China, King of Mask Singer, the battle of nature, or the voice of dreams, are inseparable from their instructors and powerful singers.

     At the 6th Pepsi Music Billboard, it is impossible for Luo Yiming to miss the opportunity to get together with these big names.
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